CIA declassifies 13 million documents


>About 13 million pages of declassified documents from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been released online.

>The records include UFO sightings and psychic experiments from the Stargate programme, which has long been of interest to conspiracy theorists.

>The move came after lengthy efforts from freedom of information advocates and a lawsuit against the CIA.

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They did this because Trump would do it anyway

>implying they didn't edit out the really important stuff out before releasing the info

Honesty is a paradox

how long until someone finds something spicy in there

>implying your opinion is relevant at all

fuck off finfag

give us the scoop on the juicy ones OP


You know too much

Praise THOTH and KEK

If this is just weak shit for them imagine what huge stuff they are still hiding.

So far all I see is garbage, and sanitized copies of things that might have been otherwise interesting.

>implying the important stuff is written down to a document and stored at the same place as this shit

How much of this would you actually believe goven the fact that the CIA is an inteligence agency that has mastered deception and the cloak and dagger? You may as well trust a jew

That's a shitload of disinformation, tbqh senpai.

From article it sounds like they aren't denying psychics are real. Good for them

Thank you for the new addition to my S T E S H

CIA Website is a shit...

13 million pieces of random disinfo


Ill look at it in 2018

>Believes anything the cia (((declassifies)))

I dunno man, I think it's cool that it might be pausible to say that psychic powers exist.

worthless trash

Uhhh guys?


Im scared...

Technically everything could be a lie. ALl the documents could be a lie. Everything you ever heard could be a lie. You can only test a few things if they are true. Give up on looking for the truth because you can never know if its the truth. However you can pretend the data you have is the truth and go from there always realizing it could all be lies.

>CIA are a bunch of LARPing faggots.

Isn't it TROTH?

>in your dreams Electrode

Y-yeah, its all f-fake r-right g-guys?

the good stuff is buried somewhere in there. it was smart of them to dump 12 million docs at once.


Look up Jacques Vallée.

He is a scientist who worked on these remote viewing projects and has some hypothesis on how it works.

Now that these documents are out, he probably can be more specific on the method used to achieve RV.

Thats pretty fucking wild, I must say


>tfw the two most ridiculed boards in all of Sup Forums got proven supremely correct in the span of 2 years
Sup Forums and /x/ BFFs

yes they are huge faggots

But for real, im freaking out

Oh shit. We X-COM now?

the fuck am I reading

I'm so glad that there are tens of thousands of conspiracy theorists with nothing better to do than digging through all these documents and cutting out the filet pieces for me and everybody else, so I don't have to do the work

downloadable where?

>Remote viewing is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular, extrasensory perception or "sensing with mind".

Here's a quick primer.

Post link you stupid faggot not direct link but link

You can know the Truth. You're just weak minded

Or not believing in anything, the attachment to a belief is what prevents new learning anyways.

Apparently they tested the general population for esp, 3/196 of those tested showed skill in the area.

But its kinda fun to look through these documents. Its like looking through video game lore but its real and less interesting.

They can spy on you with their minds.
Aka Astral projecting.


>we wuz x-men and shiiiiit

the thread

fuck are we ever safe from being spyed on


Looks like Vallee wasn't lying.

Looks like RV works in the same way that computers search information.

This is usually too cover something they don't want you to see.

What if you remote view someone who is remote viewing you?

>There is an episode of Heroes where two mind readers meet
>physic feedback gives them both head aches

Also, remote viewing implies that society lives in a distributed mesh network, we are able to ping nodes and access data. In order to ping nodes we would need an individual identifier, a way to know who is who or route the data. Now this could be acquired via proximity contact, but remote viewing someone based off of facial recognition would be arbitrary. Like me pinging your computer based off of identifying the case.

This looks like its from a fucking video game.
They used mind powers to track down hostages, wtf.

Looks like ZPE.

>occasionally will get a song i haven't heard in ages stuck in my head
>always feels weird compared to the usual 'song in my head' shit i get from hearing something catchy
>will almost always hear said song within an hour or two
>be it in the car listening to the radio, music playing in a store, etc., i'll hear it
>start to jot down when i get the bug in my ear and when i hear the song
>find that over 75% of the time i hear the song not long after
>spooked but convinced it's all coincidence
>go to mexico for a vacation
>all spanish music and shakira on the loudspeaker
>get 'with arms wide open' stuck in my head outta nowhere
>humming it and my wife says 'there's a song i haven't heard in a while'
>five seconds after she says that the next song comes on, it's that fucking song
>the only full-english song they played all afternoon
>wife tells me to 'fucking stop doing that'
>super freaked out but still able to convince myself that the song is on the playlist (even though we only heard it the once over a 3-day span), someone else hummed it and i subconsciously heard, and it's just a cycle
>this morning i'm singing 'magic' by the cars to myself
>start car, sit down, song that was playing ends and magic starts up
>now you post this shit

this week has been too much and we still have the fucking inauguration to deal with

its real

yes, if you torch your phone, pc and everything else that can connect to the internet

men who talk to goats?

t. Someone who never watched "Men who stare at goats"

CIA used "Astral Projection" to make your spirit leave your body so you can remote view

What the hell is this timeline?!

How did we shift into the /x/ /tg/ Sup Forums fan fiction universe?!

So tinfoil hats literally have a purpose?

still wouldnt work if they can read my mind from a distance

Astral projection send you in the astral plan, you can't interact with the material plan while you are in there. If you want to spy, you have to go in the ethereal plan.

>Sup Forums reawakens an ancient Egyptian god of Chaos
>/x/ is proven right when the CIA releases documents revealing psychics are real.

What is fucking happening.

>nearly 13k documents related to stargate
wtf, and apparently they had more than a dozen names for various esp programs, not just stargate.

all the other universes are devoid of human life due to catastrophic war

immortality is an absurdity, thus absurdity must bring about immortality

born to die
world is a fuck

Watch "Men who stare at goats" with Fucking good movie I liked it. It's about remote viewing.

gee, what strange coincidental timing.

Its almost like they know that there are only a few hundred/thousand autists who actually spend their time combing through leaked documents so theyre trying to keep them busy or something. its almost like theyve realised that these same autists disseminate the information in a condensed format which then gets picked up by imageboards and chans and then lazy journalists just grab that and report on it.

CIA what a bunch of cunts. theyre trying to distract the weapons-grade autists. i bet theyve left the docs completely as they were written too


Did they take it down again?

He is the one who wrote the scenario of Lain?

someone try this

fuck, what is happening? is the siote down? why are shills in here sliding? was this releas an accident?

all the anime shonen fags with superpowers reached critical mass and altered humanities "reality", this will over time create superpowers, superheroes and villains.

they can't

The Truth is obtainable...His name is Yeshua Mashiach Nagid

>not realizing this info was released in 2006




Sup Forums would hate that movie though since it's left-wing.

"All is well. I am in good mental and physical shape"
They can send messages with their minds now too?!
The more I read the more I feel I am losing my sanity

>hur dur why hasn;t the CIA entered James Randi's 1m dollar contest LOL
>psi phenomena BTFO!!!

Can you guys explain what RV (remove viewing) means?

Same here bud. There was a period a few years back that I'd be humming some song, turn on the radio, and it's on right then and there.

And why do we accept that the high pitch buzzing noise in our heads are natural? Nothing in nature produces it, and it is electronic sounding as hell.

but isn't there new documents released now? and what about the timing? as pizzagate investigations are back on and even normies have seen the info, this seems like a calculated release

God dammit I want to have remote viewing.

It's probably bullshit they made up to secure funding for black budgets.

You can see through other people's eyes.

What is electromagnetic wave propagation and how does it relate to esp?

thats what they want people to be doing. they know there are only so many of these people and they want them wasting their time on this larp-tier garbage


>You want to know about the pedo rings?
>How we toppled government?
>Killed a shit tone of people?
>Look! Aliens!!

oh fuck, were any of you in one of the antarctica threads were several anons including me felt a high pitched noise in our left ears?????

It's a ruse to get people to go their site so they can track you. You bite


the great deception is coming