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Fake News

I bet CNN feel so proud that they're mentioned shoulder-on-shoulder with Buzzfeed

He'll be sworn in 46 hours from now.

oh shit O'keef will finally drop the Hillary nigger tape

literal fake news

I heard he called Amarosa a mediocre neuro.

more fake news.

if it was real, it would have been brought out during election.

So what happens if he said a bad word?

This faggot PJW will litterally do anything for clicks even if it might hurt the god emperor

infowars has been with trump this whole election, not sure why they decided to post that (knowing paul watson he could be posting this to """"troll""""" left wing media)

WTF? I'm with her now.

If they had anything they'd drop it months ago

mass riots maybe impeachment

Saying nigger isn't a crime, you clearly don't know what impeachment implies.

too little too late (about 2 months)

they will just call it a hate crime and give him the boot. It wouldnt be hard since the establishment doesnt like him.

you are a retard and make us look like retards please end your own life

They would have dropped anything real in October. The idea that Hillary's literal billion dollar campaign wouldn't have flushed out a video like this to be paid for handsomely is a joke.

>a rumor about Buzzfeed posted on InfoWars, signed Paul Joseph Watson

Oh boy

>the apprentice
Haha, yu gotem liberals. He'll regret it now!!

>Tape releases
>Trump still gets into office
>White people now think its ok to call black people niggers

wtf I would vote for him again nao

I hope is not true. I really want to see military parades on 4th of july

It's fake.

hopefully it is of him calling Obama a nigger

Are you fucking retarded? Why do you even talk?

From a strategic standpoint that's perfectly fine for the democrats. Hillary lost, therefore anything damaging about her doesn't really matter. Trump won, therefore anything damaging about him hurts his office.


Didnt this already come out & it was Trump calling some rapper "my nigga" or some shit, then said rapper took 0 offense to it.

hoping for the N-word hoping for the N-word!

LoL nobody is going to care, let him scream nigger for 20mins


Top kek

>Trump said nigger
>W-what do you mean we can't impeach him reeeeeeeeeeeee

Kek keep that saltmine rolling donnie!

>"THIS WILL END TRUMP´S CAMPAIGN" says increasingly nervous man more than two months after Trump's win


>believing anything MAELSTROM METEOR writes

I wouldn't say fake. They aren't as bad as CNN/Buzzfeed. I would call Infowars maniacs though.

>> 24 hours before inauguration
>> Still nothing bad about Trump released


"This is it. This is the end of Trump's campaign."

-Liberals, 18 years after Trump was first sworn in as the Eternal President of the United States of Earth

>Trumps inauguration to become president takes place at noon local time (5pm GMT) on Friday 20th January.

Haven't checked my work rota til now

Kek gave me the day off Friday

I'm going to have a drink. Maybe even hit the town. Left my couterfit Trump hat in yankland though - sad!

>mass riots maybe impeachment

Obama has admitted to doing multiple drugs. He's on video shitting on white people. If anything happens to Trump then it's just because kikes be scared and shit.

>We'll release it now that it's too late!
why tho?

Obama said Nigger, I don't know why this is such a big deal anymore.
Some jew on cnn full on said nigger and made some black guy raise his eyebrows and the host tear up.
Not saying nigger in this day and age is practically impossible. Because there are niggers everywhere

they really should just do a merger

It's a win/win

>Paul Joseph Watson
>the same guy who claimed that Trump was a Hillary plant
>the same guy who attacked anyone who supported Trump
>the same guy who said that Trump had no chance of winning
>the same guy who said that [insert literally who] could easily defeat Hillary if only it wasn't for Trump




>48 hours before inauguration

So, now?

>waiting two months after the election to release "damning" video evidence of a candidate using a racial slur, intending to ruin his campaign

Truly, this is 66d transymphonic underwater non-polarizing Jenga.

Alex always supported Trump, why was Watson against him?

Probably Paul Watson telling Alex about his "sources"


CNN must feel really proud to have soared so high

1) Good chance no tape, even if exists they need a big roller to finance the law suits.. hundreds of millions, BuzzFeed will go the way of Gawker

2) I am told he says the N word off camera while doing a sound check. 123.. N.. Hello.. hello.. If he says the N word just as a word alone, and not directed at a black person in any anger, then this will be less of a impact.

3) The left are already bat-shit crazy, this will only keep them burning brite

4) Will INFURIATE the right. They will see as a direct attack against their valid hard fought win.


6) THis gives Trump an actual bridge for him to triple down on fixing black communities, may even give him more focus or move the time line up even more.

Will only help KEK

Catering to every audience. Gotta get them clicks somehow.

45.5 hours now.

>Left my couterfit Trump hat in yankland though - sad!

Many such cases

One last desperate attempt from these faggots. It doesn't exist and we'd have already seen it if it did.

paul joseph watson is a (((civic nationalist))) goy

>nigger tapes

If they existed, they would have come out during the election.

They didn't, thus they don't exist, and even if by some chance they DO exist what the fuck does it matter at this point?

Um why didn't they do this before the election?

Where was this shit 3 months ago?


I miss the clankening :'^(

The only thing missing from that title is
>And here's how Bernie can still win

It came frm ebay and I sperged at it not being official so I left it

Are you from...... the FUTURE?

>stalling for 48 hours for (((dramatic effect)))

If this were true (it's not) it would literally cause massive riots and assassination attempts. If CNN were to release this, it's because they want Trump straight up dead.

They've been calling him racist for two years now, do you think anyone cares if actually is one anymore?

Can I say n**ger?
I heart it was a bad word
Doesn't it hurt people?

I could be wrong but I think they're still selling them. And it wouldn't be a campaign donation anymore so foreigners would be okay to buy it.

The way niggers haven been acting lately it might actually help him.

>looks at flag

InfoWars is fake news. I only watch to enjoy LeAnn's gorgeous tits.

Where are they dumping it?

Lol didnt they say this like 4 days ago?


You're going to jail

They've been talking about these Apprentice outtakes for months now, and some leftard even offered a $5 million bounty to cover legal expenses after the leaker gets assraped by Mark Burnett's attorneys.

Nobody produced them during the election (when they might have mattered) and nobody is going to produce them now, if they even exist.

My guess is that there are probably outtakes of Trump using bad language, but done so obviously jokingly that nobody actually thinks they'll damage him anyway. The way they've been described by people who've supposedly seen them is that Trump was joking around with cast and crew between takes. My guess is that they'll come off as funny and stupid more than damaging.

Lügenpresse, discarded.

It's never too late for an October surprise!


first result

>literally nowhere
Fuck off PJW shill.

Who has the name on the label

is it


I don't feel like masturbating right now


Infowars is fake news.

>niggers, faggots, and chicks for anchors
Now they are getting sued by their own pet niggers for 'discrimination', they won't exist in another year

>inb4 kikebriet, the story was everywhere

It's fake that's why. It's not real.

Less fake than CNN and Buzzfeed.

Holy fuck.

Fuck that postage

I'll just get this. Only need to celebrate afterall. I'll buy a silver eagle sometime to help Trumps america

>Let's wait till AFTER he's elected guise! It'll have the most impact on the election that way

It's fucking nothing. If it was anything they'd have spunked their load already.

>get this

>Less fake than CNN and Buzzfeed.
If Alex Jones would just let people talk without interrupting every 5 seconds I might watch infowars more

Buzzfeed: We have this report, we don't know if it's legit but we dump it online.

Infowars: Obama and Hillary smell like sulfer, the army is about to take over Texas, everybody will be soon in FEMA camps. Buy our DNA pills.


Public executions for journalists soon.