Anyone remote viewing yet, Sup Forums?

Anyone remote viewing yet, Sup Forums?

Other urls found in this thread: 1986 suggested Rv training procedure.pdf

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>CIA publication
>DIA logo

Something smells fishy...

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Did user find the moon RV document ?

Posts it here I want more CIA dumps

Anyone found anything about Antartica, ayylmaos, any other conspiracy shit?

I just remote viewed you.

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DIA wanted in because they could use RV to catch drug smuggling operations

Though in the end, good old drone surveillance and people physically looking for shit, worked better

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I have some pdfs downloaded about the psychic shit but I'd be more interested in the ayylmaos if it's there. Any other threads find anything fascinating yet?

Anyone who rv's no higher level. Is my madskillz correct?

Egregor! completly forgot about that!
Vadim zeeland

Never forget them. Egregors are not just beings like picrelated but concepts too. Like "wealth" and "luck".

Training procedures pdf on rv is rather interesting.

I downloaded the training pdf but haven't read it all yet. Is RV the only interesting thing from the 12 million pages of shit they released to sift through?

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I think there should be other dedicated threads when people find something of note.
However you had put the "remote viewing" there.

The interesting thing about the RV pdf, is that they had tried to put this whole thing into terms and measurement.

Any docs on their "weaponized dreams" concept? I've heard multiple references to some kind of system that can not only abduct people's consciousness while the physical body sleeps, but using dreams as reconditioning and training simulations a la Inception.

Frankly I'm worried these documents came out. If this is a distraction, what the fuck could be crazy enough to warrant this as the bait?

Anything released from the CIA is a psyop. This might be meant to distract you from Sup Forums so you go over to .

>Frankly I'm worried these documents came out. If this is a distraction, what the fuck could be crazy enough to warrant this as the bait?

Sometimes its best to just fuck with your enemy and on occasion you tell them the whole truth, which really fucks with them

But are you suggesting they're completely fake or that they may be true but simply a small flake compared to the pile of shit they have in store?

No-one is remote viewing because its not real

>on occasion you tell them the whole truth, which really fucks with them

I'd bet some serious pesos that's the situation with this. But the motivation for releasing these now as simple psytrolling? This feels more like a panic dump, either trying to distract the core audience (us autists) from some imminent leak that's truly batshit insane, or it's related to something they're afraid will happen following to Trump's inauguration.

It's either a hail mary or a rope-a-dope, not sure which is worse.

Not with that attitude.
If you're not convinced go read some of those. This info is too intricate and scientific to be a fake.

They gave up their rook for trade in that case.
RV-ers for example, as is described in the one i'm reading, have to deal with "noise". They define this noise as memories, music that stuck to you. Very close to real situation.

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Pornhub vr link plz?

Do I think this is real? Yeah.

Would I want to know how to do this? No.

Why? Because opening the 3rd eye has been proven to cause madness. There are some things best left in the spirit world.

post training manual link for a lazy fuck?

Numbers are very fuzzy and weird. You have to bring with you a sheet of paper viz numbers written on it. And still, you have to check every number in sequence. Not practical. 1986 suggested Rv training procedure.pdf

Reading this and it sounds a lot less mystical then one would think. It is like they are trying to take advantage of subconscious mind and its pattern recognizing abilities.

I've had my weed laced and been hospitalized. If anything I heard in my head speaking to me was something real... You're right about the 3rd eye opening causing madness.

Our minds create readable signals and we can feel people staring at us from outside our line of sight. Not a doubt in my mind this stuff is based on truth

I remember seeing a thread where someone asked how do you close the 3rd eye after you opened it.

He was told you can't.

He said he was going to kill himself as he couldn't take the images he saw anymore.

Not sure if this was roleplay bullshit or not but that stuck with me as something you need to really think long and hard about doing.

I know this will sound strange.

But I felt something was really bad and wrong before Christmas I could not sleep well.

I just new something was not right.

Then my mum called me after Christmas and told me my dad had cancer few months to live.

But I new the call was gone be bad news.

My girlfriend was shocked as I told her all this before call and reason I was not sleeping etc.

Even now when my dad does not sleep I do not sleep.

I feel deep connection with him,

It hurts

00 confirms the 3rd eye can see scary things

I think it would help to be around others who can see what you can. An open 3rd eye with others who are awakened may be more tolerable. Are they trying to wake more people up to finally allow us to advance and evolve mentally?

None of that is proof of the supernatural. It can be explained by your mind collecting the data and your subconscious being able to formulate an hypothesis, the sick father, while your conscious mind can not.

Jung talked about this and it is why he and Freud stressed dream interpretation. Jung hypothesized in dreams your subconscious mind was speaking to your symbolically.

Well he probably said it in a much more eloquent way but you get the idea.

does not sound strange at all, made me tear up a bit because I love my father too. God bless you both

>That gif
Wtf, background on that? How deep is it, and is he kill?

About 6 years ago I dropped my girl off at the train station and then cried and was extremely sad that she had gone, like I did something wrong. I later found out She got raped not to long after I dropped her off

You joke but that technology exists.

there are some declassified documents online if you dig around, I can't be arsed to find them right now because I'm being a degerate cuck tonight just to chill out a little. But the documents are titled something like 'military remote viewing manual' go search for it. You can find the actual template they use and correct procedures for a remote viewing session.

I wish I could add more input here but I'm getting drunk while shit posting, keep this topic active because I believe Sup Forums can gather a lot of intel utilising remote viewing.

remote viewing and other phenomena are easy pursuits for those slightly in the autistic spectrum due to the way we process information in our brains.

1. meditation helps one acquire the state of mind, or no mind.
2. conscious mind is your enemy
3. subconscious sees everything
4. space and time is divided into reference points

google 'remote viewing matrix'

I am remote viewing your anus
all of you
and there is nothing any of you can do to stop me

Why did you have to say no.4

I can see a sphere/circel around any object and instantly visualise what that point of view would look like

>I believe Sup Forums can gather a lot of intel utilising remote viewing

There is is, the purpose behind the leak. The CIA knows remote viewing is real but they don't have the capacity to make use of it, to few people. They are going to weaponize Sup Forums as an intelligence asset by using an army of autistic children to remove view.

They know, and have already show, they can force memes and control the argument to get the autists to work in the desire direction.

Damn you CIA, that is impressive. I wish I thought of it first.

When the documents say that the remote viewers can see things regardless of TIME I get chills. Like these people can see the past and future?

With the knowledge of the studies of time I have, I've already theorized that all time exists simultaneously so viewing the past or future isn't outside the realm of reality

And from any object i can jump from perspective to the next objects perspective

I said point 4 because we are somewhere in that 4D matrix and when we remote view, we are separating from mind into an subconscious state that sees everything, from that state we are then tuning into another place and time in the matrix. But we remain here while viewing another location, that's why its called remote viewing, we aren't (physically) going to that time and place but we are able to bring back data from it.

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>Damn you CIA, that is impressive. I wish I thought of it first.

I believe the last time Sup Forums talked a length about this subject I did try to provoke study but no takers, it was laughed at

>hurrr durr take this to /x/

remote viewing is very real, as is being able to achieve total body separation, I know this because I've done it. Now when I try their are barriers like feeling like I'm dying, however and this does spook me out, a few weeks ago I had my first OOBE in over 5 years... It was a spontaneous one, it lasted a matter of seconds but the experience was very familiar and unmistakable , i put it down to external influence, like perhaps from god himself...

but don't let this worry you, its an awesome gift to use, we are after all just cogs in a machine.


Weaponized autism is one of the most dangerous weapons.

Like event predicting.

Animals know when an Earthquake is about to happen before it does. We have advanced brains compared to most animals.

The images go away after a month or so. When I first "opened my 3rd eye" I had the most gruesome, absolutely nightmarish visions. Really the kind of shit that can make you not want to live or sleep.

But if you accept them and approach them with curiosity instead of fear and (very important not to do this) denial, they fade away. It's like a security measure or something.

After that it's pretty much back to normal, except for the ability to tweak probability in your favor, which comes in pretty handy.

However the think I'm most grateful for is the perspective on life this has given me. The universe truly is much more than we think. You can only get here by personal experience. So get salty.

when i was a little boy, i use to dream of my future and weeks later when it played out I remembered it down to precise detail. People laughed at me, also when I was that young I couldn't prevent myself from exiting my body during my sleep and that would have me screaming till my parents came to my room.

One day I told my mother what was happening and she mentioned out of body experience. From their I researched it on the net aged 14 back in the 90's and found a wealth of information, i learned to control it at will for a few years, till ((they)) stopped me. They would send my worst fears like black shadow people etc. I would then try to shield my self using my mind to project yellow light around me or call for help from my so called spirit guides, that worked for a while till they started inducing pains in my chest when ever i tried, shit sucks...

Now I stay clear of it.

There is no "supernatural". Everything are natural processes that simply haven't been explained yet.

I guess spirit science isn't completely full of shit

Who were you sending your fears at?

Show me one credible piece of evidence Trump didn't say nigger. Port tip: you can't.

You internalized OBEs as bad when you were a child and eventually those feelings resurfaced.

There is no (((they))) (use three parentheses). You are literally the most powerful being in the universe.

There's a spelling mistake on the first page. "fist" instead of "first".

Fake and gay

He is the universe. You are the universe. I am the universe

This is probably true sadly. I bet clinton / podesta leaks were a trial run to see what an anonymous body of autists could do. I bet this is also a trial run; but probably the 'real deal'.

CIA im talking directly to you. When you comb over the evidence for research and find this post; remember what I am about to type:

The outcome you seek can only exist when this; no longer does.

Is it possible I tapped into the mind of tesla?

You can find all this fake and gay stuff here

Most likely old gods (Egyptian, Greek - whatever) and their oracles. Which is why those who "open up" and tell prophecies usually are deeply religious.
You have to know physics for that though. Again, to understand information from a "spirit" and use it you have to know how to translate it to your language.

You really think the CIA "combs" Sup Forums, don't you?
As in, you really believe this website has any political relevance whatsoever.

Wtf dude

If you don't have the vocabulary to explain something an entity tells you (if you are evoking) you simply won't be able to express it or understand it logically. However if you are channeling, you will use whatever words there are available. That's probably how you get religious mumbo jumbo, because they didn't have the appropriate technological mumbo jumbo (and perhaps we still don't).

The alphabet agencies for sure analysis this place. There have already been analysis performed in public universities which show the effect a place like Sup Forums has on other websites. Meme generation has a measurable affect on how people view the world.

Nothing magical but yes this place is looked at and people are trying to force things left and right to help sway public opinion.

That is how the Book of Revelations was written. And then retranslated a bunch of times literally.

Hopefully science in future will provide a proper version of the Bible.

He asked me to build this:

> put a mirror in front of you. Now build a construction of mirror reflections that lets you see trough the mirror and magnifies the view

I've been doing it for 15 years. It's just focused, localized astral projection.

Well? Why don't you do it? Make a thread at /x/ or /diy/ (or both)

fuckin' Jews.

I'd be willing to put my money down that the whole program was a front for funding for a completely different program.

Was trying to open you up to the base knowledge of perspective itself.

Already working on it. Getting some spherical mirrors is taking some time

Maybe mk ultra?

None of your business.

I can't imagine what that construction would look like.
Might involve some sort of diffraction.

Good idea. But start the thread with "Is it possible..."

Oh please, they already released it for us to find.

I think so

I think you know what this is already, but I thought it is somehow related to your project

Were you tasked with using only straight mirrors?
Also, using 'mirrors' could be not exactly for light but for electromagnetic waves. But mirrors were necessary to learn the effect of focusing on a far away impulse without expensive equipment.

You could be correct in what you're saying but do not discount that certain people or groups know more than we do, and could seek to hinder the old souls on earth from ever getting information through to those trapped here.

Take vaccinations, the multi vitamin tablet, big pharma, fluoridated water, gluten and lactose for instance.

Be my guest though, play with it and you shall see (((they))) {I used three this time} are more powerful than you can ever imagine here on this plain. On the astral its a whole different story though, I can level entire cities, throw people through concrete, I remember one time they had this thing under my bed that was hitting me from under it and I had already fully exited, I rose out of my pit and spun around and I just fucking blasted it with the loudest scream imaginable, it fled rather quickly. At that point I was probably the most miserable human being I'd ever been and just wanted them to fucking stop and let me sleep.

I'm not Larping either, they can and will fuck with you this way, they can also do some horrible shit which I won't go into.

What do they mean by this?

It kinda looked like camera obscura projected on a sphere inside a sphere. All spheres mirrored

>ghosts encounters were actually living people
>schizophrenics were sabotaged
>multiple governments have seen you masturbate

>Most likely old gods (Egyptian, Greek - whatever) and their oracles. Which is why those who "open up" and tell prophecies usually are deeply religious.

I only just returned to religion, I pray to god again because I know the power of prayer.

As the saying goes, if you pray for something and you believe you will receive it then you have already received it. I have never had one of prayers unanswered since I understood this basic principle, I use it very wisely though and in an unbiased way, I never wish harm upon anyone for instance.

An example of my brexit prayer the day before the vote count.

"Dear god in heaven........ (long pause establishing my connection) Please give the people the courage and strength to make the right decision in this referendum, (following some expressions of personal guilt and love for all) ending with amen. That evening I look out my window and saw a rainbow sundog, i noted it and smiled. The following morning (I stayed up all night watching the result) I looked out the same window with the sun coming up on the other side of the building, it was raining and there was a rainbow in the exact same place and the result had already been announced.

God had answered my prayer, we won.

Everyone has the power of god within them if they are willing to use it for good.

>>multiple governments have seen you masturbate

I really hope it turned them on, I try to put on a good show just in case someone's watching me.

From the email leaks before, I'm sure many of them were very turned on

So the idea is roughly sounds like that:
both spheres are trasparent mirrors
outside sphere is a concave lens from inside and convex from outside
inside sphere acts like a magnifying lens
1) project a small FOV image onto top level of the sphere.
2)cause feedback inside the system, brightening the image
2.5)at the same time inside sphere magnifies the image
3)project to the other side.
Quite similar to how a blackhole acts.

Which is actually why people who ask for wealth typically fail hard.

and I also prayed for the american election in some way, again none biais, so i can only conclude that the result is the correct one.

when have you ever seen one of these libcucks give a shit about god?

god is on our side, we have a power far far greater than any fictitious power here on earth, so I ask you and other anons to take notes because in the coming months and years we might need to use that power to its fullest. Stay away from wickedness and evil, greed is the number one reason for the fall from god grace, if a friend asks for your help and shelter, provide it.

Do not take a bad experience from helping a mate as punishment, it is a life lessson.

Just a question. I can't see that so hopefully you know: it's foretold that a great new religion will come from the east (India of Asian Russia). Do you know what colour their book is? At least how it's perceived.

here you go, try it for yourself

your target is the following coordinates

060102 /170118

what is it

But why would (((CIA))) release this?
(((They))) want to test live the autists of Sup Forums and conspiracy theorists?
Do (((they))) aim for weaponised autism?
Or this is simply disinfo?
If this is disinfo then why?
Something serious is happening?
Want to discredit opposing theorists?
Has it been already leaked to somebody else and we are being used as countermeasures?
How many dimensions does this chess game has?

A stadium?