Brit/pol/ - The Absolute STATE of Libertarianism Edition

>Nigel is live

>The EU are already beginning to offer Britain a 'meet-in-the-middle' deal that will lead to a Soft Brexit

>NUTTALL is the candidate for the Stoke by-election in what will be UKIP's Last Stand

>Setting up landmines for Eurosceptics - Theresa May's speech examined

>The PM's Brexit Speech in Full

>Shadow Brexit Secretary: "If Theresa May gets everything she wants, it won't be a hard Brexit"

>NI Government is dissolved - Urgent election announced on 02/03/17 as the DUP fall to pieces in the polls

>The Copeland by-election and why it matters

>Traffic warden swarmed by flock of kikes in savage anti-British attack by the Jewish community

>David Irving is doing well for himself - Five-figure donations to the great historian pour in, including a 40-room mansion and Rolls Royce

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>"People didn't vote for Brexit because they hate immigrants, they just wanted sovereignty!"

We all know the real reason is because we hate immigrants though
Sovereignty was a factor but it's mostly a front so we don't look too racist





May needs to make a post-Brexit 5 year plan desu, where we improve Britain's military, infrastructure, and industry and set up more international military bases and cut down the welfare state.

Who's in?

Not the reeeeing idiot from last thread, but what economic school of thought do you belong to? He had a point in saying that you don't have to embrace Keynes just because you're against Ancaps

We don't even fucking have that anymore

The new Government line is "People didn't vote for Brexit or to take back control from globalist finance, they voted Leave because - far from hating the EU - they love globalism so much they want to be fucked by EVERYONE"

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I'll wait to see if you're being honest about not being the Carswellposter before giving a proper reply

>this fucking paki

>this Muslim

What am I doing here


speak for yourself lmao my parents are immigrants and i voted leave

>cocky little poo trying to lecture us on our own history whilst having a go at us
>gets cut off

The Tories are the biggest slashers of the Armed Forces we've ever seen in office, it's absolutely ludicrous to believe that they would improve our military, or, come to think of it, invest in infrastructure or industry

>cut down the welfare state
Their Chancellor injected a billion quid into it just to prove he wasn't nasty, you're in dreamland

>implying you have even a shred of economic knowledge anyway




So does Nutty stand a chance? What are the demographics like in stoke?

Is UKIP kill?


>now a cuck

Da fuq is happening

>t. guy who ACTUALLY knows nothing about the trial
The judgment was literally that there was a "convergence" of evidence for the holocaust (protip: this means there was no ACTUAL evidence for the holocaust). And then the judge called David Irving a racist antisemite (not an argument). Case dismissed. How is that btfo out? If anything this INCREASES suspicion about the holocaust; not only about the fact that there is no evidence for such huge claims, but also how dogmatically it is enforced by law despite there being no evidence.

The majority of people did for aforementioned reason

Immigrants from where

He has a good chance, enough for the by-election to be nailbiting

>blustering man tells Farage he felt ashamed to be British
He was already ashamed, he should admit it.

>The judgment was literally that there was a "convergence" of evidence for the holocaust (protip: this means there was no ACTUAL evidence for the holocaust).

that is exactly what it doesnt mean you illiterate baboon, it means there is a large amount of heterogenous evidence that ALL points towards the standard holocaust narrative



>This cuck

Y-you humiliated other European leaders

Did he just say I got booed and cuckold? Kekl'd?

mind your own business you nasty bigot

Just got this summons in the post for blairposting lads

>strength in unity
>"REEEEE millennials stop taking my pension money!"

>David Irving is doing well for himself - Five-figure donations to the great historian pour in, including a 40-room mansion and Rolls Royce
Some people obviously thought he was on to something. Reminds me of pic related.

>strong beautiful woman has to prove to the evil Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter that the holocaust was real
>all she has to do is show evidence and she will instantly win
>doesn't show any evidence
>doesn't even bother taking the stand
>wins anyway because facts are antisemitic
Top wew.

Gee, it would be a shame if this movie were to ironically introduce even more people to revisionist arguments.

>Eric Hunt: Denial Movie (Gas Chambers)

>Eric Hunt: Denial Movie (Intro)

What the FUCK. I just missed this. On the LBC app it says he's on at 8.

>The "Communism was a good idea that went wrong" meme

Yeah because killing priests looks so good on paper

"I feel there is strength in unity"

Communism was unity
Nazism was unity
Fascism was unity

Cat called Hans.


You didnt miss much, I guess.

I believe it is not illegal to question the holocaust in the uk - yet

Profile: Stoke-on-Trent is actually an amalgamation of six towns, heavily associated with the industrial pottery industry. The most famous British pottery brands such as Wedgwood and Spode are all based in or around Stoke. This is also a former coal mining area, with the last coal mine in Stoke closing in the 1990s. Stoke-on-Trent Central covers the middle two of the six towns, Stoke and Hanley, which forms the city centre and main retail centre for Stoke as a whole.
Politics: Stoke is a city that is solidly Labour and Stoke-on-Trent Central has been held by Labour since its creation in 1950. Tristram Hunt`s select as Labour candidate here in 2010 was controversial, his (even more well-heeled) predecessor Mark Fisher stood down at a late stage due to ill-health meaning a shortlist for the Stoke Central seat was imposed by the national Labour party and did not feature any local candidates. Hunt was returned with a comfortable 17% majority but it is a sign of just how safe this seat was that this was the lowest ever Labour majority here. In 2015 Hunt's majority remained stable, but UKIP replaced the Liberal Democrats in second place.

Same on Nige's twitter as well, he must have only been on for an early half an hour or something

>how dogmatically it is enforced by law despite there being no evidence.
I never understood the logic behind this. It seems like this to me. Maybe they're making the calculation that more people will be put off by its illegality and taboo status than will be made suspicious by it.

That's why I didn't put it in the OP until now when an user just happened to mention it, I thought it was at 8 as well. Maybe he'll be back

Yes it is, they made it law a few weeks ago

>that is exactly what it doesnt mean you illiterate baboon, it means there is a large amount of heterogenous evidence that ALL points towards the standard holocaust narrative
Let's see it then. If there's a large amount of it, surely you should be able to post something. Just one small thing to convince us all that the holocaust happened. Then you win. Forever.
>government conspiracy
>gas chambers
>6 million
Let's see what you've got.

Oh ok.

This, what the hell. It said the show starts at 8 on twitter too.

>80% White
>10% Asian

He's so fucked

Says the lefty

Aye lol

You are that "Reeeeeing idiot" from the last thread, aren't you?
What on earth made you think you could get away with it?

>I now drive a Rolls-Royce. A beautiful car. Though money is completely unimportant to me.


So you guys got cucked in the end?
Sharia May is gonna turn it over to what is (apparently?) a globalist parliament (I have no idea what kind of people run your parliaments) and they are gonna keep you guys in the EU?
That sucks.
So in the end the Brexit referendum accomplished nothing other then some news stories and then the British Government casually cancelling it after perhaps wringing a few completely meaningless & irrelevent concessions from that faggot Juncker.

people send love letters to the moors murderer doesnt mean he "had a point". is this what you are reduced to? david irving gets donations therefore his completely ahistorical retard belief system simply MUST be true

to describe you as "clutching at straws" is an insult to hard working straw clutchers, you are lying awake in bed at night with a feverish desire to get within a hundred miles of a straw. you would pay good money to have a blind retarded mute draw a picture of a straw for you using his own faeces. you would remortgage your house so that you could travel to a camel veterinarian in the hope of meeting an animal that had recently had its back broken by a straw. THAT is how fucking desperate you sound every time you come into these threads and post your ridiculous, tinfoil, utterly discredited pathetic excuses for serious history, whether it be some crackpot on youtube or the equally ridiculous Irving

>sister and husband are getting divorced as part of her art degree
>he is changing his name to have the initials EU (her name is becoming Britney)

I hate this fucking country. My dad tried to talk them out of it and they printed off loads of fake EU Referendum voting slips and poured them over his bed saying 'sleep on our divorce certificates'.

he just relies on his lefty/pol/ friend to 'help him out!'

This is the same man that was terrified of having nowhere to live only a few years ago, now he lives in a 40-room mansion

It's like a rap story

Stoke is a post-industrial shithole that's 88% white.

In 2015, Labour won 12,000 votes and UKIP came 2nd with 7,100 votes and the Tories were just behind.

>He's so fucked
Nah he's bald, their big brown hands won't be able to get a solid grip on his head

wew - the lady protesteth too much


Probably very vaguely interesting to anyone but me. I don't expect anything was particularly novel, though it was to me at the time.

I can't wait to see the working class voters who voted against the EU based on problems caused solely by previous Labour and Tory governments get absolutely fucked in the Brexit deal - further NHS privatisation, further reduction of workers rights, further immigration from the commonwealth. Hammond's talk about the UK becoming a tax haven in the likely outcome that the UK will get a bad deal is welcome news. Will be fun watching from the sidelines when I leave this shit-hole of a country.


Mate. Determining whether a historical event did or did not happen should be a matter of looking at the historical record. What possible justification is there for making holocaust denial illegal? Say I wanted to go around saying there were no such thing as concentration camps at all. Say I wanted to say that they were holiday camps with fairground rides and every mealtime was a medieval feast. Why the fuck should that be illegal? When has talking about a historical event ever been illegal? The fact that it is should make you ask some very serious questions about what kind of world you're living in.

How do you reconcile the fact that your "Keynesian" butt buddy is actually a Stirner fucking socialist that's only promoting Keynesianism to ease you into Marxism


>art degree
In what way is any of that art?

>Tfw Rommel isn't hear to strategically wipe out the shitskins

He could have prevented this


I'll ask again - You are that "Reeeeeing idiot" from the last thread, aren't you?
What on earth made you think you could get away with it?

He's always had a Rolls-Royce, at least I remember him talking about one 5 years ago

Answer this post please.

Reminder that this man will be the next Speaker of the House

o fuck

One doesn't really need an economic school of thought at all. Once you set aside Libertarian or Socialist dogma, the primary questions become more political than economic.

As mentioned a while ago, the primary support for Keynes here is built on many points that are more ideological than economic.

Independent of any primary Keynesian ideas like fiscal stimulus, let's quote keynes:
>I sympathize, therefore, with those who would minimize, rather than with those who would maximize, economic entanglement among nations. Ideas, knowledge, science, hospitality, travel--these are the things which should of their nature be international. But let goods be homespun whenever it is reasonably and conveniently possible, and, above all, let finance be primarily national. Yet, at the same time, those who seek to disembarrass a country of its entanglements should be very slow and wary. It should not be a matter of tearing up roots but of slowly training a plant to grow in a different direction.
>But I am not persuaded that the economic advantages of the international division of labor to-day are at all comparable with what they were. I must not be understood to carry my argument beyond a certain point. A considerable degree of international specialization is necessary in a rational world in all cases where it is dictated by wide differences of climate, natural resources, native aptitudes, level of culture and density of population. But over an increasingly wide range of industrial products, and perhaps of agricultural products also, I have become doubtful whether the economic loss of national self-sufficiency is great enough to outweigh the other advantages of gradually bringing the product and the consumer within the ambit of the same national, economic, and financial organization. Experience accumulates to prove that most modem processes of mass production can be performed in most countries and climates with almost equal efficiency.

>40-room mansion

Christ. That's a bit, if you will, decadent for the holocaust


I have almost every serious historian on the planet on my side

you have infographics you saved from Sup Forums

but yes, i am of course the one who cant face facts, your patchwork quilt of youtube videos and infographics is a lot more compelling than the metric fuckton of academic history and decades of work that have demonstrated the truth of one of the best documented events in human history

Yes i am the autist- now answer me about the Stirner socialist that's pulled the wool over your eyes

anons that leonne weeks girl who was murdered in rotherham
some bloke was arrested a day or so ago. he's 18
bbc called him a teenager
sky news called him a man
no name or picture has been released
that basically means it's a wog

So you admit you lied?

You're sure to get a place on a BBC panel show with incisive comedy like that.


Why are the Yurocucks getting buttblasted over BoJo making a literal non-comment.

>Boris Johnson sparks uproar as he compares French president Francois Hollande to PoW guard in Brexit row

It's hilarious to watch. He merely referenced the great escape. Such utter hyperbole.

I bet you watch mainstream media too and believe your Governments are full of honest men/women full of integrity
well... I can't blame you.
Ignorance is bliss.

>implying he wants a proper job
He just wants to sit on his arse as a backbencher, whilst his nanny raises his kids and his butler does all the housework

>one of the best documented events in human history
Come on lad
They won't even let people excavate

She'll be inviting homeless refugees round next.

Absolute twaddle. The reduction in EU immigrants is just a secondary benefit, and isn't immediately beneficial but certainly will be considering the new EU citizens-in-the-making spilling into France, Germany and Sweden who will grant them full EU citizenship and freedom of movement after 4 years. Whatever party in government - Tory or Labour - still happily take in non-EU economic refugees from non-EU states.

You don't speak for me you slimy bollock.

The tank commander who saved Europe.

Alright, which of you has been drawing Carswell fanart?

>is actually a Stirner fucking socialist
He was taking the piss out of you.
And he had a point: Stirner did selfishness much better than Rand. If you're going to cast aside the family and the nation, you might as well cast away everything, tell everyone who believes in anything whatsoever that they're spooked, live in a barrel and masturbate in the streets.

(Author meme note: two of those weren't Stirner.)

Ahahahhh JIDF. That's not how it works on Sup Forums. You have to pick one thing from your conspiracy theory hoax site and post it here so we can all look at it.


I agree with you it shouldn't be I'm just trying to put myself in the position of people who want to discourage others from looking in to it themselves and how making it illegal helps that aim. I find that compels my curiosity but I was just suggesting that maybe for a greater majority it doesn't and they're counting on that.

She already went to Calais to hand out food last year. Whilst she was there she apparently 'handed out petitions to the refugees to have the 'jungle' name changed to 'the forest of potential'. I am guessing she spent time with them.

Answer honestly lads: why did you vote Brexit?

Me, in descending order of importance:

>Hope to cause a market crash and be able to afford a house
>Less low-skilled immigration driving up property prices

Diogenes? Wasn't it a pot?