Do you think Trump is smart?

Do you think Trump is smart?

He's smarter than you

Is this the "college educated" muh big vocabulary poster again?

Smart enough

No, I rarely post here.

He's smart for a Baby Boomer.

>got himself elected president of the United States

What the fuck do you think?

Guy is probably 'smarter' than 99% of his detractors.

The way he has manipulated the media is genius.

Well, he does have the best brain. A very tremendously Very Good brain.

i think yes.
but he is different from the usual politicans, what reflects his weird speaches.

>president of the most powerful country in the world
>most powerful person in the world
>not smart
What does this say about the rest of us?

he's a trustfund baby who never worked a day in his life.

It doesn't matter. He has the best advisors. Truly incredible people, the best of the best. And Barron will be handling the cyber bigly. Believe me.

He might be but english is not his strong suit

obviously, he just beat one of the biggest political machines ever despite everyone saying he'd lose

Extremely. Perhaps more importantly, he forms his opinions with little regard to the current consensus opinion.

Very. The man has achieved everything he set goals for.

>Do you think Trump is smart?
He seemed really smart on Saturday Night Live, but in real life, no.


I know this is drumpfbait but just in case you aren't pretending to be retarded, did you even see the madman on the campaign trail? The guy was doing rallies non-fucking-stop. That's some tiring shit.


Dis nigga became a billionaire and the leader of the most powerful country on Earth.

Yes he's smart

This. The cyber is a very important issue, you know. Amazing what they can do with the computers, these kids. My son, he's 9 years old.

We will see. He still posts childish tweets 2 days before the inauguration. The backlash might be big if he doesn't grow up soon.

He is incredibly smart.
Smarter than the vast majority of people on Sup Forums.

I still remember how Sup Forums was freaking out over how Trump was withdrawing his ads and not spending money on ads.
Nope. He knew he was going to win. Pretty much no one caught on what he was doing.
When he was complaining about rigged polls he wasn't whining. Everyone misjudged him. He was taunting you, because he had his own internal polls and he knew he was winning. He saw it as an opportunity to make concrete statements like ''the polls are rigged'' that would be validated after the election. Now more and more people are doubting what the media says. Now when Trump says that his approval polls are rigged people put 2 and 2 together and figure that he might be telling the truth.
He ran the perfect campaign and won easily.

Pretty much everything he does is strategically sound.
Things that would kill other politicians don't even phase the guy. He knows what to say, how to act, even without teleprompters.
The people he talks to in private end up liking him - he is a masterful persuader/manipulator.

He went from ''lol, what is this clown doing running for president'' to winning and becoming the president. Only a genius can do that.

Obviously not but americans don't know the difference between smart and successful so it doesnt matter to them

>Took a small loan of a million dollars to turn his big family business into a billion dollar empire spanning the world
>So much money that he didn't bother with his father's inheritance, as he already had more than enough money
>Pretty much had the money to make lots of stuff with his name on it
>Ran for president
>Fooled the media
>Pissed off SJWs
>Ended up beating Hillary Fucking Clinton, a candidate who had everything shilling for her
>Pissed off celebrities and all of hollywood
>Made establishment shills literally shaking
>The media made him, and he played the media like a fiddle
>A couple who used to respect him, went into hating him, but now they fear him

He was pretty damn smart when you really think about it, more than most people would give him credit for.

Ofcourse he is.
But leftists and journalists here keep saying he bought his degree at Wharton, owes everything to his dad and that is dumb because of the things he said.

Lmao at so much willful disbelief

Is this fucking bait? Everyone said once he became the nominee he would have to change to win the presidency and look what a crock of shit that was. The last thing we want is for Trump to turn into just another politician.

Hillary was smarter

At the very least he is way more in-the-know than most people give him credit for

We will see the backlash quite soon. Even though I like the direction, I think and dare say I know, that Trump is a complete idiot. It will be a shitshow

Trump only makes himself appear stupid to make liberals underestimate him. That's how he won the election. In reality he's a genius with an IQ of 160+ and a master of 5D space chess.

>Do you think Trump is smart?
He's a prodigy at bullshitting and manipulating certain types of people.

In terms of general abstract thinking? I don't know.

You are braindead

>We will see. He still posts childish tweets 2 days before the inauguration. The backlash might be big if he doesn't grow up soon.

Haha, true.

he's a genius, I consider him more intelligent than 99% of all people ever

Consider the number of other people, some even richer and more politically powerful than him he's beaten in Real Estate and Politics.

I mean in the campaign, he was outspent by 10X in parts of the primary, had the party mainstream against him the whole way.

If there's one thing he's best in the world at, it's that.

Even if I believed that, it means he's smart enough to pick smarter workers than his competitors.

Maybe. Richer too. She outspent him. But she lost.

I believe he tries to appear no where near as smart as he actually is.

Prepare for the first time in history that the US won't be taken seriously. It will be the shitshow of the century. Or however old your country is.

we don't care if you take us seriously. you are a meme.

A meme take can cause 2 world wars and still be here to speak about it. Prepare for the worst you mexican monkey.

She wasn't smart in this election, she couldn't secure an email server to save her life, she kept bitching about "RUSSIAN HACKERS!" even beyond the end, she kept bitching about how she wasn't a couple points ahead, she pretty much destroyed the Democratic party and outright embraced most of the stuff that was destroying it, and even with the whole media and an army of shills shilling for her, she still fucking lost to Donald Trump, some one with barely any political background. All the billions spent on her campaign were all for nothing.

She was the biggest fucking loser ever.
>B-but popular vote!
Literally means nothing, she's not going to be president this term.

He's got old man smarts so he knows his shit but comes off as a bit of a simpleton. My dad's the same way.

He is using the classic fox in lion's clothing that Machiavelli said to do. Appear boastful and blowhearted, but always make sure the odds are in your favor behind the scenes.

The real reason why people hate Trump is because no matter how many times he 'looks' like an idiot, he never truly faces the consequences, and it is because he makes sure he doesn't. Trump is a smart man

lol. stay mad poorfag

Fucking /thread right here.

The main reason he's gotten this far is because so few people could take him seriously. The establishment had their heads SO far up their asses, they were SO arrogant, that they wouldn't even entertain the POSSIBILITY of this guy succeeding.

And lo and behold.

A small loan of million shekels is a smart brain.

You have no control. I'm not mad.

the Frog Lord gives him his power

Can you name any dumb billionaires?

>Did the man who completely changed the political climate of the United States and embarrassed practically every career politician in the country smart?

I dunno. Is a guy who flies around in his own private 767 with two Rolls Royce engines and custom gold lined interior rich?

No. A guy that calls himself smart and great over and over is usually compensating.

I think he's just a businessman that made a great (but not genius) investment whuch allows him to both stay afloat and deal with failed projects. I mean, buying and selling buildings isnt hard if you have the money and a bit of a businessmans haggle.


He is utterly brilliant. He's played and beaten the Jews at their own game. He tricked them into a sense of security by pandering at AIPAC and having jews in his family and inner circle. He acted like a complete moron at times to get attention and make himself seem less threatening to the powerful establishment. He has kept them all off his trail and true intentions all the way until he was too popular to stop; and only now are they really starting to realize what he's planning to do vis-a-vie their "greater Israel" plots etc. Pic definitely related.


you know that guy who posts the stupidest comment on social media but somehow gets over 10000000 likes? it's kinda like this.

I honestly can't tell. I think he's particularly inarticulate and brash, which aren't typically signs of intelligence.

>a useful idiot is smart
>american flag
color me surprised.

I think he's uniquely smart, he has a way of speaking that seems dumb to some people because it's out of the ordinary and not the typical straight edge proffesional way of speaking. But really it's a really effective way to communicate a message, theme and a emotion at the same time. The people who keep saying he's dumb have to wonder why the guy keeps winning all the time? And why it always turns out he said the right things afterhand.

I am very impressed by this guy.

>tfw to smart to be president

Not a genius or anything, but much smarter than people give him credit for

Then do it faggot, become a billionaire with a massive empire, also don't forget to buy up an entire corner of NYC, put skyscrapers on it, and have your last name on them.

Stop talking out of your ass about how easy it is to do shit

He's very smart. Maybe not genius level smart, but smarter than most. His biggest strength is that he's a builder. He needs to get shit done, unlike your run of the mill politician

Couldn't tell you, He tricked Sup Forums What's pol's average IQ?

How many of you were fooled by Trump pretending to be the exact opposite of what makes him who he is? Rich, Globalist, Jew cuck, welfare queen, and profiteer from illegal immigration?

Explain to me why you actually believe he's telling the truth when he says he sympathizes with you wagecucks?

Liberal tears is not a answer, liberals will cry no matter what.

I like him, but worry that he may practice sorcery.


Even KeK himself thinks you're a faggot

Financial and Media genius.

He's undoubtedly clever and knows how to win.

>become a billionaire with a massive empire
First he'd need a small loan of a million dollars. Or his father to drop $3mil on one of his casinos when it was struggling. Or just generally being born wealthy through extension of his parentage.

he won because hillary was bad not because he is good. he offered change while hillary offered nothing. you know this

I 100% agree with you. There is no way this presidency will not be a complete shitshow, likely ending in his impeachment at some point. Morons elect morons.

Being born rich doesn't mean you will become "Last name on the side of a skyscraper" rich you fag. Their are plenty of celebrity kids and rich people kids who do nothing despite having all the opportunities in the world

Smart enough to pander to rednecks to get him elected.

>Brainiac corroborates Madman's big league intellect.

>being born a millionare babby whose daddy is well connected doesn't mean you'll become rich

only a retard with pure burger education would ever believe this shit.

Paris Hilton, a dumb whore that has partied her entire life and done pretty much nothing, now has her own company and is worth 100 million.

Smart? Yes. Articulate? No. There is a difference.

I consider myself pretty smart, but I'm not witty or creative in my speech. I generally speak in common, down to earth terms. I spruce it up a bit when I write because I have more time to consider my words.

We will see. Based on his ego, his foreign policy will harder on the world than GWs. There will be many more conflicts just based on that.

Not even close. That's why Hilary lost, she was too smart

>Completely misread what i say
>implying "Last name on the side of a skyscraper" rich is the same as have millions of dollars rich

Trump has POWER, money and fame. Paris only has money and fame, it is her parents that have the power and are ultimately the reason why she has her power.

The term "Fuck you" money describes Trump while Paris is simply rich.

over you? nah, that's merkel's job. have fun watching europe sink

You're just as dumb as Trump in my personal opinion. idiot.

>Y-Your stupid!

Hey man don't you know that Pepe is a racist symbol? The ADL said so

What the hell are you on about? Idiot.

There it is again with the white supremacist pictures, very sad!

paris has power, money and fame as well burgerboy.

>14.2 million twitter followers
>family ties to the Rothschilds
>hugely successful fragrance line
>owns apartment complexes and several stores in her name
>gets paid $300,000 just to make public appearances

Paris is not simply rich you dumb faggot

I tried to keep it simply so that idiot understood, and he still doesn't get it. He has low IQ shouldn't be judged for his immutable traits imo.

>American calling an American Burgerboy

At least try to get a better proxy. also

>Implying "ties" are hard to get
>Implying famous people don't have a lot of twitter followers
>muh fragrance
>getting paid to make appearances

Europe sinking :p right

He is smart, but he is not a genius. He made very well timed decisions. But, to be honest his victory is a reflection on how gullible people can be.

I feel bad for him, because I don't believe he wanted to actually become the president; he just wanted to come close.

South Park pretty much explains what I think Trump's victory is.

We can determine whether Trump is establishment or with us quite easily:

you might actually be autistic.

>outmanouvers the entire republican and democratic establishment and the mainstream media using a mobile phone

yeah he must be dumb as shit m8, thats the only possible explanation

Yes he's smart. Smarter than most people. But to be fair his opposition are literal retards incapable of behaving tactically. They takeTrumps bait every time and are making fools of themselves.

Seriously name one time in the past year where the Jews did anything right? It blows my mind that they have so much power.


You should be sterilized. Clearly cognitive ability is beyond you.

The simpler explanation is that America grew to hate political machine that didn"t bring them better jobs because washington really doesn't give a fuck until voting season and learned to hate people with some schooling for making them feel bad about being stupid for both bible thumping and/or culturally/environmentally backasswards.

Trump is just a decent enough conman to wow and dazzle his marks. Americans (hell most people) are really stupid , for the most part they can be kind but these past two decades have asked humans as a whole to take ownership in how their actions affect one another. It was too much and too fast for average person to take without feeling like they were being personally attacked.

>banned foreign lobbying for life for members of his administration
>banned domestic lobbying for 5 years for members of his administration
>obamacare repealed

youre just mad that he might actually be doing what he said he would, not what your precious media told you he would. instead of gas chambers and jackbooted thugs, youre going to get your roads fixed. there havent been violent attacks except from the left wing. you cant handle the fact that youve talked so much shit about him but youre secretly already impressed, youre like a guy that sees a trannie and thinks theyre cute, but that enrages them. you feel like you cant back out now, so youre going to cling to this narrative for the next 4 years.

heres an interesting fact:

did you know that when people get scammed out of money by nigerian scammer types, they very rarely report it, and often the victim of one scam will fall victim all over again?

want to know why?

it's because people invest themselves in their ideas so much that they become incapable of admitting to others and to themselves that they got outsmarted, and people have a very very difficult time admitting to themselves that they could have been so wrong.

did you also know that when people pay money to see a movie they dont enjoy, they actually end up giving it a far better review than when they pirated it and watched it?

again, it's because they invested money and their ego won't allow them to admit that they invested in something stupid.

not saying im not guilty of this, its a very human trait. this time i just happen to be on the right side and youre in the wrong, its not because im smarter its because i believe its not immoral to engage in "rational self interest".

Stay mad, m8, but youre only mad because deep down you actually like Trump and it makes you guilty. why the fuck else would you be here?

Smarter than the average businessman and probably the average politician.

lets see her run for president and win faggot