Sup Forums and Sup Forums merge

>Sup Forums and Sup Forums merge
>it ain't me starts playing

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>Sup Forums and Sup Forums merge
>Barely notice a difference in shitposting

This desu

So how many boards merge?
besides the ones in the morning I'm only seeing /spa/ & /mtv/

i didnt even notice until like half an hour after i came on
can we keep it like this
music and film just go together

fit/lit earlier, as well as pol/mlp

/outsoc/ but is ded now

The difference is that I don't see cunny spam as much

>Sup Forums and Sup Forums look at each other suggestively
>I've Been Really Trying, Baby starts playing

Those were made in the morning, there was bunch back then than don't work anymore, like /can/

Hey Sup Forums pals, how pleb am I for enjoying 80's pop songs?

they all still exist

I hate u Sup Forums faggots so much

Scratch that

Sorry I meant that I'm a Sup Forums user who wants our new friends to rate my taste in music.

Poor /out/


why could they merge us with Sup Forums so it could be /vtv/ you know like palindrome poetry

>Sup Forums and Sup Forums merge
>Sup Forums and Sup Forums merge
God damn it.

>Sup Forums and Sup Forums merge
>still somehow more on topic than Sup Forums normally is

I hate you too, not as much as our new friends tho

All the threads I was in got deleted. Just for the sake of some """"""""""""funny""""""""""""" april fools joke.

When the staff should be doing things to improve the site like ban spammers, add originality and word filters, clarify rules, fire corrupt mods etc. they don't fucking do anything, but they'll still go through the effort for shit like this. Fucking subhumans.


relax, they're still there. the boards are just frozen. you can go to Sup Forums and see all the posts from morning

Sup Forums has like 10x the number of posters

Is this kino?

Honestly, it's an improvement so far.
Less pedophilia, roughly the same amount of shitposting.
Hell, there's more actual discussion than usual.

> He's actually mad

lmao I bet your from mu friend

They clearly dont know anything about the traditiom of april fools day either. If you do a 'prank' after midday it turns back on you making the pranker the fool not the prankee. Should have done this hours ago or not at all.

Its always midday somewhere faggot

found the Sup Forums poster, fucking cancer, no one gives a fuck about your shitty music tastes that you pretend are above all others. I HATE Sup Forums

>they merged fit and lit
Hahahahahahaha, ok well done mods, that's pretty fucking funny

>all the threads I was in got deleted
Welcome to Sup Forums mufgt


/fitlit/ the two most diametricly opposed boards on this Columbian basket weaving site, /mlpol/ and /cock/ were also pretty damn funny

>leave Sup Forums years ago since it essentially became Sup Forums but less funny
>suddenly see all that kpop cancer and shit again that made me leave

>tfw no ├žunnybro to teach me how to play guitar

>>Sup Forums and Sup Forums merge
it was supposed to be Sup Forums and Sup Forums for maximum upset

>checked out /out/ a few times
>never been on /soc/
>out of curiosity check out /outsoc/
>dick dick dick Utah dick
kek those poor souls