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Jews and muslims





Soros gets BTFO

number of the beast

whelp, only one group of people
>willingly blow themselves up every single damn day for a decade just for the chance to kill a few random people,
>drive trucks trucks into crowds just to get a few kills
>actively burn and dismember people for fun
>behead people for fun
>do not discriminate elderly, children, women etc they kill everything they can
>try to be the single most horriffic torturers in human history as much as they can to as many people as they can
>still think gassing os perfectly acceptible to wage war
>attack as many innocent civilians in cities as they can
>and they do it because their invisible friend in the sky said so
...who the fuck do you think?

>Anime and porno

PizzaGate reveal imminent.


Trump is a kike shill who wants to start a war with the only Muslim country who doesn't hate white people while leaving the Saudis who hate the west and did 9/11 alone.


Muslims, Central and South Americans and Africans I hope he means.

Now Trump needs to open the immigration gates to whites from Europe/Aus and NZ. Id move over in an instant if I could.

NZ is finished. It is destined to be ruled by the Asians/Indians.





I'll take "Random things a 6 year old might say" for 200$, Alex.

Anthony Weiner, Podestas etc.



Why couldn't you have been, shot, blown up, or ran over one of those days


5th Column youtube.com/watch?v=y3qkf3bajd4

Kill yourself Ahmed

I love this President


How can one man be so based?