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Is she another one of those 30 year old (((child))) refugees?

Why should I give shit what a random sandnigger has to say on Twitter?

Yes, they just met someday and decided to switch, so boring were American politics back then.

>the parties switched platforms in the '60s
No they didn't.

I hate this myth.

None of the politicians switched. None of the ideologies switched. SOME voters switched (blacks because they are stupid, whites because they hated communism more than niggers).

The entire "switch" myth is based on the (alleged) words of Lee Atwater. A man who was thirteen when the alleged "switch" was occurring. How a thirteen-year old was supposed to be intimately aware of Nixonian political strategy is never explained by any of these fucking retards who purport the "switch".


>Parties switched
>Democrats think Blacks are fucking retards that need their hand held and deserve to be treated like animals

No they haven't


'I guess they switched again :D'

what did she mean by this expression?

or was it just yet another excuse for a woman to post a selfie


Oi Nige, what's goin' on you wanker?

>it's this thread again
If only I could post this without bumping!

but she's just reaffirming they were for slavery, not disproving it.

Furthermore they're still for slavery; they just realized gibs are better than chains.

She looks like the Ape chick from Planet of The Apes

"Platform" sure is a big word for a cockroach!

>democrat majority voted against civil right bill
wtf I love democrats now

Did you know there's still slavery in Africa?



Itt: right-wing(jewish) shills.

The republicans are pro slavery? Here I am thinking their cucks and there more hardcore than me

I didn't think that's how it worked, Nige, but I trust you.



Even if that were true (It's not), groups of people and organizations are still held responsible for their past positions and actions. That is, if those groups of people or organizations are conservative.

dems switched once they realized if they could no longer enslave blacks physically they could economically. republicans stayed the same.

Then they can admit that the democrats policies that controlled all parts of the government created the great recession in the 20's.

Yeah my grandpa told me how in the 60s the parties agreed to switch, he was one of few that suggested the idea.

also, what the fuck does she think happened like they both woke up one day and called each other
>"hey lets switch"
>"right on! cheerio!" fucking retards man i swear

How do we know?

Put it in an image with archive addresses

>doesn't understand population movements
>or voting patterns



Dumb brown trash.

She's a Muslims whore, didn't she know that Islam runs the world slave market.

g... good afternoon
praise keek

I like how I read this in his voice in my head.

Our /nige/

Can someone redpill me on this "switch" that democrats and liberals keep mentioning. Did democrats and republicans switch at some point or not? Was never taught or mentioned at my school.

>Switched platforms

Except they didn't.

Please fuck me big daddy

>Lyndon Johnson
Literally said Niggers will be voting Democrat for the next hundred years
>Jimmy Carter
Kicked Iranians out of the country and imposed a travel ban on them
>Bill Clinton
Increased the prison population and gutted welfare
Brought race relations to an all time low

They really were on the right side of history

No party had slavery as a platform in the 60s.

basically they switched but they had no say in it

Holy shit read a fucking book. You are an embarrassment.

that's not a selfie

>typical swede

get over it already and accept the fact that there is 1/3 women on this board

wakey wakey

They did switch when they both pissed in the same fountain. It was in the 80s


>reading political history books

t. Virgin

There was no switch. Democrats changed their platform to seem less racist. But many of their policies have lead to the destruction of the black family. Democrats have always been racist. I was 12 when I realized this.

>SOME voters switched (blacks because they are stupid, whites because they hated communism more than niggers)
Blacks were already voting Democrat by 1932 by a 2-to-1 margin. Yes, 1932, when the Klan was still an active part of the Democratic Party and the majority of Democrats still supported Jim Crow. They did so because Marxists had gone into urban black neighborhoods in the North for the previous two decades to convince them it was in their economic interests to vote Democrat. The Depression gave them the extra push they needed.

On the other hand, Democrats held the South until approximately 1994. For the most part, the people who voted Democrat in 1960 kept voting Democrat until the day they died. Eventually, enough of them died for the South to go Republican as a new generation of Southerners no longer considered race and integration their primary issue.

At no point did the Republican Party shift in any significant way. It gradually accepted the "New Deal", gradually accepted the "Great Society", but the principles remained virtually the same. The Democratic Party shifted and shifted hard out of necessity because they could no longer rely on racial divis- Oh wait they're also still the same.

Which voting "pattern" caused the states to switch colors in the 30's, then?

>No sources

um, ok

Does that mean Republicans get to claim John Kennedy?


>still taking duckface photos


holy shit this woman is a FUCKING GENIUS




le ebin bait :_DDD

>get over it already and accept the fact that there is 1/3 women on this board
ahahahahahhaha no.

Here's some demographics from a Sup Forums related youtube channel.
It's a total sausagefest in here because 99% of women can't into discussion.

Kek. This is pathetic.


>3,6% female
Should be 0% because women can't be redpilled.

Ye you are.


They didn't switch, but Democrats started trying to get black and urban votes around the same time Republicans tried to get southern votes. The platforms of both parties have changed so much over their histories as the issues have changed, there's no way to say that their platforms switched. But in the big picture philosophy of the parties, Republicans have always been more about the expression of American values while Democrats have always been more concerned with social welfare and management. It's not like the New Deal was a Republican scheme.

>what is an aphorism
Sometimes, one can just apply common sense to an expression, especially if it's said by a twelve year old.

what am I missing here, apart from the stupidity?

Is she famous or something? How did this get so many responses?

>some nigger posts screens of literally who's twitter
>"Sup Forums BTFO XDD"
>300 replies

They just switched again in the last 4 years, so this point is moot

Because the leftist egalitarianism loves to think that kids are small geniuses, and they can't get enough of the "wisdom", from this borderline retarded adult.

>FDR was a hardcore conservative

You're claiming a switch with nothing but
>muh colors
Also they didn't switch, Rs never had pro slavery policies and no, not wanting tp give free welfare and guilty by association fallacies don't count.

I'm talking about the responses on twitter