What did he mean by this?

What did he mean by this?

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hes going after pizzagate, kek be praised

Evil preaches tolerance until they are dominant, then it tries to silence good


evil is already inside m8



>tfw too good brain to believe in objective morality



recently trump constantly uses weird quotation mark
actually makes a lot of sense if you replace them with ((()))

Hes naming the cabal


>What did he mean by this?


Numbers confirm.

wtf does he really write like that

Muslims obviously.

hes talking about isis tranny agents looking to cash in on the gray area of islamic transgenderism and americas petering out LGBT fad

Connect the dots. Evil won WWII according to Trump.

Whoa, this universe is shifting so rapidly

Is Trump literally Hitler reincarnated?


You think I'm saying it like it's a bad thing.
I'm not.


wtf i hate bad dudes now

praise kek

woowee. I guess we are the good goys since we are winning. But all humans are ebil donald. ALL

Trump is president now so he can't shitpost too hard. Whenever he says something unpresidential, he uses quote marks to soften the blow of his words. Remember when he said only "stupid people" opposed peace with Russia?


>t. Reptilian subversive

Bend over and show me your cloaca, lizardfaggot


first thing I thought of too.

Basement dwellers useless shit.

Degenerates who supports any kind of drugs

Most important Weebs

praise kek

>What did he mean by this?

Hitlery will be thrown out of the country, duh

Hi Steve, how is teaching english in Japan?


Seek the Christ

>tfw Jews were so autistic about not being named as the primary targets that they missed this gem

Kek confirms

>I was 1 off

Don't be silly.


The forces of Moloch will be destroyed within your lifetime.

pedophiles are going down starting monday


Trump is Jews best friend, try again. he is even going to repeal dodd-frank so they can fuck you in the ass again.