Canadian Nationalism

as a fellow Canadian, can Canadians ever be proud of our values?

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I'm proud of Canada's diversity

What values? Hockey and Tm Hortons?

We don't have values.

What values are those? All I hear is people spouting multicultural propaganda. Meaningless virtue signaling.

Make Canada British Again

What's not to be proud of?

t. Injun

I can imagine quebec and the east coast because they have lots of whites and history but us westerners are fucked.

Canada is dead and you have golbalists and political elites to blame. Why is Canada considered post- national when everything this country is known for was developed by whites?
>English and French. European languages
>Canada was a Christian nation up until recently
>both English and French Canada were Christian
>Anglos Protestant, Frogs Catholic
>European migrants a mix of both
>back bacon
>various regional dishes
>literally every Canadian in WW1, WW2, Korea were white
>even today the military is overwhelmingly white
>never seen an immigrant wear a poppy in November
>every PM and all significant political figures in Canada were white
>national sport is hockey
>Canada renowned for natural beauty and wildlife
>huge outdoors culture
>all outdoorsmen are white
>all fishermen are white
>everyone living in the countryside is white, immigrants stick to dirty cities
>almost everyone who spends time celebrating our natural landscape is white
>every famous or important discovery/invention to come out of Canada was thanks to white scientists
>work on the Manhattan Project
And finally
>Canada was over 90% from colonial days- the early 90s
>multiculturalism was created by communists to quell Quebec nationalism
>it didn't work
>instead it destroyed Canadian identity, culture, and history

fuck you OP, if you cant be proud of Canada, then you are part of the problem...

Because Canada literally only exists because of their ancestors' loyalty to the British monarch. But today, that's not "inclusive" or progressive enough, so Canadians can't actually express it. So that's why you get their cringe-y attempts to build a National Culture around hockey, Tim Horton's, and being Not-Americans.

Greetings fine citizens of the world!
My name is Justin Trudeau and I'm a huge faggot. Some of you might recall me as a part time drama teacher but I'm Prime Minister of Canada now thanks to my family name and my #1 kike, George "I start insurrections" Soros. Now you might be wondering why I've taken time away from finding black bulls to fuck my wife and inhaling muslim cocks. Well, I'll tell you.

As I watched my wife being pleasured by numerous men that were not me the other night I thought of how all white men could get a deep sense of satisfaction if they could just let go of their inhibitions and act as fluffers for the 3rd world, offering up the women we cherish most in an altruistic gift of formerly unexperienced patriotism of not country, but humanity. Wives and daughters the western world over impregnated by strong verile niggers and muslims. I say nigger of course in only the most cuckold fashion.

Well there isn't much more to this. I think I should go check and see if my wife needs a cleaning!

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I'm proud as fuck to be Canadian

Greatest country on this planet by far

Most of the people who bitch about migrants or brown people are mostly talking about toronto

What exactly are you proud of? The leftists have won utterly. We're on track to be the next Sweden.

It'd be better if torontofags would separate with quebecfags

It's called a culture of being a Pioneer, you dipshit.

The idea of migrating westward from the 13 colonies were a treacherous task. To conquer that trek was considered a very manly thing to do. Educate yourself, child.

>her dick
>his pregnancy
>canine lover
>xir's genders
>proud feminist
>carbon tax masochism

We're considering retiring the rake because you Canadians are doing a fantastic job of destroying yourselves.

We are the only country with vallues

We are the only nation with values

They have no history

Americans want to be Canadian so much

I support Israel as well.

USA should annex canada and give them voting status in three generations, after their minds have been remoralized and unsubverted.

Thye are heavily indoctrinated in canada. It is a police state. Speak against immigration or something else so mild and you can lose your job.

You can get fined for not calling it her dick


Actually state what it is you think are Canadian values.

You're already worse than Sweden if you ask me

The only reason you're not getting anally reamed is because you have the fortune to not be in Europe. At least Sweden has a (sort of) nationalist party. All you have is Leitch.

>Gay rights

Don't insult Leitch

we value values, user. Specifically, valuable Canadian values.

xir's many genders


there are mentions of God and religion throughout our constitution and charter of rights user

But it doesn't interfer with anything. We have freedom of religion.

I do hope she becomes Prime Minister, but I'm not counting on it. From what I hear, average Canuckolds love Trudeau for no reason and hate Harper for no reason

I can tell by your statement that what Im proud of are the exact things that you hate about our country.
I like that we strive for a cultural mosaic, that we value peace and dialog, instead of fear and violence. My family came from Europe, and I am proud to live in Canada. I will stand up for this country and everyone who lives here, no matter what their polictal views are or where they were born. Even you

Not anymore, since our "leader" and his (((party))) are actively destroying our values

Trudeau has royally fucked up among the smarter normies though. He promised electoral reform, which was one of the bigger parts of his platform and now he's reneged on that promise.

>buhbuhbuhbuh m-m-most c-c-c-canadians uhh uhh uhh d-d-d-d-d-don't w-w-w-want it

he's smoked so much weed his brain is addled.

>Gay Rights

Kill yourself

Canadians think imposing a Carbon tax on themselves is virtuous. They think they are saving the world. everyone else silently laughs.

Canadians spend hundreds of dollars to heat their home every month. The gov't banned wood stoved in their largest province. They cannot afford dental care. sad.

I literally eat at time hortons once a day. I'm going to there now actually

Half of those aren't Canadian values at all. Canada is a white Christian country. We were over 90% white up until the 90s and homosexuality was outlawed until the 70s. Half our national holidays are religious ones.

what values are being destroyed?

>hate harper for no reason
There are many many many reasons to hate that fascist dick. He said if you believe the police should need a warrant to read your internet history or check your phone then you are a pedo-sympathizer. He invited the DEA into Canada to arrest people and take them back to the U.S. He slid a law through the Senate that made it illegal to criticize Israel.

now you are 70 percent white.

sad. I hate when a cult gets control of overnment.

This, or we can be a colony again.

>Canadians think

No, Trudeau thinks that, nobody thinks the carbon tax is a good idea except far left idiots.

If you post a flyer in canada that says white people exist you'll get investigated for A HATE CRIME




Several of those are mutually incompatible. Do I have the freedom to not hire a tranny if I don't want to? What about the freedom to criticize Islam? Why is Israel given special status if Canada is a secular state? If Canada is a secular state why can I criticize some religions but not others?

You don't even understand what you're writing. You're just parroting this shit because you think it'll win you social brownie points. Babby's first political thought. I can smell the undergrad on you.

You aren't even worth a reaction image.

please have cacner

Before the 70s it wasn't really Canada, it was a British-North-America bullshit pseudo state. Trudeau is what formed true Canada when he wrote the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

There's no way to stop it either. The globalist agenda has been forced upon us for years now. We don't have any nationalist parties or movements except in Quebec. The only option for escaping the brown and yellow horde is by going innawoods and even then urban sprawl will destroy any small town or wilderness in its way.

>No, Trudeau thinks that, nobody thinks the carbon tax is a good idea except far left idiots.

On r/canada everyone loves it. It's like a relifion. They really think they are saving the planet and that the world sees them as an example. People pity canadians. We can tell the diff between you and how your government and media portray you. canadians are a demoralized and broken people. It hurts to see.


This country is dead, electing dude weed man was just the last nail in the coffin

So all the men who fought and died for this country were not Canadian? Fuck off liberal shill.

Everybody thinks the carbon tax is good except far-right nazi nutjobs who don't believe in climate change

>Do I have the freedom to not hire a tranny if I don't want to

>What about the freedom to criticize Islam

> Why is Israel given special status if Canada is a secular state
Because they are the only country in danger

> If Canada is a secular state why can I criticize some religions but not others
You can criticize what you want. Those hate speech laws were created and justified in the House of Commons with preventing hate crime attacks. Back in the 70s when the constitution was written there was so much tension even criticizing French in public could trigger hate crimes and vise versa.

>if i can't do whatever i want its not free
awww babbies first statement

Populism is not likely to gain much steam in Canada. The reason is subtle yet prevalent: while US citizenship was founded on the very ideas of liberty and rebellion against government, Canadian citizenship is just a codification for being royal subjects. That the monarch has only symbolic power isn't relevant to this; the point is that this is a foundational block of the edifice defining what it is to be a Canadian. You can't avoid it even if you're an abolitionist, because the very slowly rising abolitionist sentiment is evolutionary, whereas breaking the weight of this historical background would require something revolutionary -- literally. Not gonna happen in the near- to mid-term future.

>So all the men who fought and died for this country were not Canadian? Fuck off liberal shi

Your the shill, shill.

Actually no my great uncle fought for this country under the British-Scottish regiment and in world war 1 they were recruited into the British army.

We also have anti blasphemy laws...

Mfw my great great grandfather was one of those men, and my family still owns the land that he was given to settle the west.

Is truedeu a homo or does he just act like a fag?

Yeah but it was passed through the house of commons democratically.

This. We're fucked. The only thing left to do is make a lot of money and then emigrate.

Jump the US border before the second wall gets built.

The only reason I'm still here is that I haven't found a lawful path to US citizenship. I even work for an American company. They won't sponsor me because doing so would basically double their cost of employing me. Hopefully repealing Obamacare and fixing the immigration laws to reward economic potential instead of 'muh diversity' will change that.

They were still Canadians. Our military was separate from the UK's in World War II and the Korean War.

As a fellow muslim, I'm proud of the islamic values represented by Canada.
I'm excited for your introduction of sharia law, inshallah brothers.


At least we're not as bad as the US.

We don't have cities like Detroit and Chicago full of chimps. Canada is basically the civilized version of the US.

it's illegal for you to post that.

unless you sexually identify as a nazi-kin, then it;s ok beause you were born that way

No they weren't, they fought under the British army

I believe you mean numale

Simply incorrect

You have about a sixth of our population and livable land space, and yet someone ITT mentioned that Toronto is shit anyway

And from what I've heard, Vancouver is full of gooks, which is nearly as bad

You're wrong

>Canadian values

In the 90s we would have said he was faggy.but then the thught police took that word from us. You can't even say it in canada.


Being proud of your values is called patriotism, you fuck. Canadians by definition can't be nationalistic as there is no Canadian nation as there is no common characteristic between all Canadians.


You do realize hockey is almost directly how you should live your life right

>Based on team work, every man contributes what he can to the teams success
>High emphasis on self defense and defense of your team mates
>High emphasis on taking responsibility for your misdeeds
>Many different types of skill sets coming together to be successful

Find me a black hockey player who isn't completely white in mentality

>And from what I've heard, Vancouver is full of gooks, which is nearly as bad

Between gooks and niggers/spics, I'd choose gooks every time. Gooks are subservient cucks with modest birthrates, their women don't even want them. Meanwhile chimps and spics breed like rats, and will outbreed whites in the US in the coming decades, making you a minority in your own country.

The US is quite literally 100x more cucked than Canada will ever be. Self-hating Canadian traitors need to be hanged, betraying your country over politics is degenerate-tier.

Whites are a minority in Toronto and Vancouver. And you're right, Arabs and chinks are just as bad as negroes and often times even worse.

why? they are pretty fucked too

Gooks are dangerous. They bribe politicians, launder money, and set up huge enclaves. They're behind the housing crisis too.

Us Canadians are lower than animals, we might as well kill ourselves

>will outbreed whites in the US in the coming decades
Actually not true. They do have more children than us, but birth rates are falling for all demographics, and niggers and spics kill each other more than whites do anyway. The real thing making us a minority is immigration, but Trump is presenting us with an alternate future on that front

>American values

America is shit

>Accusing others of not being nationalistic
Dutch have no culture, no values, no nation, you are literally lost in gengraphy

PK is a nigger

>gay rights
Come on man make it believable.

This countrey was fucking founded on Britbongs wanting fashionable and waterproof hats. That's it.

The God damn totem and igloo niggers have stronger claims to culture, it's why our Olympics shilled them 24/7.

He's also well spoken and doesn't start shit. The only nigger in hockey is Evander Kane.

You fear them because they are competitive (Highly educated, rich, smart). That's still better than fearing chimps and spics because they will rape your women and revert your country to Africa-tier.

Fuck off shill, you will become a minority no matter what. I don't even understand how Americans delude themselves into believing otherwise. Did electing the orangutan make you think Spic birthrates will stop exceeding white ones?

>one of the most well spoken athletes in the world
>a nigger

I guess as an American you wouldn't understand what a white mentality is though.

Im proud to not be the U.S.A.


>al jazeera
>huff post


How many genders does canada recognize.

How many wives can I have there?

Given enough time, yes. As I said, they're all falling.

If I want to do fgm on my daughter in canada, what are the odds i will get in trouble?

Can you hunt dogs without a licence?

>For the third year in a row, deaths of non-Hispanic whites outnumbered births, according to detailed population estimates for states and counties released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

>“This is without historical precedent,” said Kenneth Johnson, the senior demographer at the University of New Hampshire’s Carsey School of Public Policy. “The minority population is growing, and the non-Hispanic white population is not.”

>Whites currently account for 62 percent of the population but 78 percent of deaths, according to Johnson’s analysis.

>Non-Hispanic whites were the only group with a higher death rate than birthrate. As a result, their numbers grew the slowest: up 0.5 percent from 2013 to 2014, compared with 2.1 percent for Hispanics, 1.3 percent for black people, 3.2 percent for Asians, 1.4 percent for American Indians and Alaska Natives, and 2.3 percent for native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders.

This triggers the cucked Americans. Their country will become a shithole in the coming century and they don't even realize it. Kek, the American empire (post ww2) will have barely lasted a century and a half. Will go down as the most pathetic super power in history.

Any monkey can speak well, look how he acts on the ice

You're shitting on America but the truth is Canada isn't much better. We're 70% white and falling and our immigration rate is much higher than the states.

He's using a fallacy called tu qouque. The 'YOU TOO!!' fallacy. he's a fag,


god DAMN that flag is so much better, just look at that fucking beauty I LOVE IT

>Be Canadian
>Have a debt crisis right around the corner
>Country tries to stave this off by importing immigrants to balance the debt load
We're fucked. Can't delay this bubble from popping forever.