South Park cucked

>shoehorn awfully written progressive angle into show
>ratings plummet
Hollywood jews BTFO

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South Park has been going downhill for a while.

Trey and Matt need to call it quits but it looks like they're going the way of the Simpsons

The show's been garbage for 10 years now man

>Man who quite literally personifies the "wife's son" meme talking about satire becoming reality.


>mfw wife's son is a niglet.

Cuckpark has been shit for the past 5 seasons

It's literally become the Trey Parker opinion show

I remember when the preachyness used to be satirical.

The new angle of fucking with the reigning majority isn't going over, and they've written themselves into a corner. People hate the boys, and like Cartman, because there's been a cultural shift they never noticed.

Ultimately, admitting this is admitting they are old, and they refuse to see themselves as old.

People want to see cartman win, but doing so would validate something they are against, since kyle and stan are supposed to be self inserts, and cartman the strawman. Instead, Cartman has turned into an actual character, kyle is known as a progressive (read:SJW) icon, and stan is the guy who throws people down the river for pussy/money/what have you. Cartman is driven by his relationships, his desire for power, and actually has a fucking character. Its their worst fucking nightmares.

It was pretty good last year when they stated mocking the PC culture.

They fucked last season up by assuming Hillary was going to win. They had no plan for what to do after Trump won and the show was unwatchably bad. Worse than the worst zombie Simpsons.

Just think of how miserable all these constantly ironic people must be lol

They really need to just focus on movies/theatre at this point.

Book of Mormon was 10/10, and will end up making well over a billion $ in it's lifetime.

Meanwhile the show had been awful and unwatchable for like a decade.

They went to a cohesive season to compete with nuTV where people watch it all at once. Now the stand alone episodes don't hold up. Then they made Canadian Trump, then made a tranny drunk into the new Trump and failed miserably.

Game over faggots. BASEketball was funny, when I was 12.

'member when south park was good?

I actually don't

Was Make Love, not Warcraft the last good episode of the show?

They do mock the stereotypical Clinton voters a whole lot though, much more than they mock 'Trump' in their latest season

I genuily like their latest seasons.. Bar the last season, it was badly written, no jokes, Cartman became a cuck, the 'bad guy' "DID IT FOR THE LULZ XD", edgy outdated memes.. Felt like they -had- to make a certain amount of episodes, felt so forced
Trey is a cuck IRL too though, so that statement doesn't surprise

Annoying, I'm fed up with shit like Family Guy or American dad, found South Park to be unique
Fkn Randy Marsh RIP

I thought their attack on PC culture was golden. It was obvious they shat the bed this season with the "trolls" plot.
Cartman managed to be the only interesting character. Stan and Kyle are pussy whipped libs.


Remember when South Park was about kids with foul mouths?
>20 years ago


Yeah the episode the day after the election had a bunch of bill Clinton in it that made no sense

I feel like they just don't have the kids doing "kid stuff" anymore. Like that lord of the rings episode was absolutely perfect.

>20 years ago

I'm getting so fucking old.

>tfw closer to 30 than 20

I was convinced they'd end it after you're getting old, wish they had desu

They made up a retarded name for hillary too.

They're backing off cause they're retarded and didn't have even enough foresight to imagine there would be another president. They'd be backing off if Hillary had won, too.

retards ruined south park.

>It was obvious they shat the bed this season with the "trolls" plot.

that ching chong loo song was catchy though.

Agree with this. What's the point of funny kid characters when it's just gonna be 10 minutes of Cartman being a cuck and 10 minutes of le ebin internet troll lulz xD

No it wasn't, it was tame as fuck. They could have done so much with the subject but they only took some minor jabs.

They took a gamble with a season-long arc of Hillary winning and lost.


Last couple of seasons were funny AF. Only Sup Forums hates it because it mocks Trump more than Hillary. Boo hooo

Should have ended it with you're getting older. At the very least the season after.

its been trash post season 7 at a stretch, 1-4 are excellent

haha fart jokes guys haha wow what a show haha

they should return to the episodic format rather than the arcs they've been pushing

hi kek

I stopped watching before this arc because I couldn't stand the formula of the show anymore. It became a cycle of taking the normie flavor of the month (ex. Game of thrones), and exaggerating it. Worse still, these "satires" barely have any jokes. It was either character monologues/opinions, excessively violent scenes in place of humor to take up screen time, or cartman being an annoying character (to me, not to other characters)
really found it unwatchable

I actually thought season 7 - 12 was when the show was at it's peak. It started steadily dropping after and 15 is the last season I recall enjoying and caring if I missed an episode.

oddly enough I thought the last two episodes weren't awful

but yeah, season 20 were fucking horrible

>only Sup Forums hates it
IMDB agrees with Sup Forums apparently


>marry a black chick with a kid
satire has become reality.


nope. they made cartman get raped or something and then it was all down hill. cartman had the thickest plot armor ever and they just shat all over it. faggots ruin everything. also the whole season themed arcs were gay.

Watch season 1-3 then quit. After those it's shite.

this. stand alone episodes is what worked for them. their new shit is gay af.

More like Cuck Park am i right?

>Ratings plummet

Is that true?

What are they saying here? How would paramedics and doctors be illegal immigrants?

No their gamble was creating a strawman trump character with garrison instead of making fun of the real life version of trump.

Also the whole member berry "everyone who fondly remembers the past must be a nazi" implication was just insulting

What is it about kikes that makes them break so fucking bad later on in life? Admittedly, 70-80% of the Jews I have known have been shit but about 20-30% of them have been be okay guys as young dudes.

Matt Stone seemed so normal back in the 90s and the shows back then were on point. What is it in the mind of the Jew that makes them turn so diabolically anti-civilization?

When does it happen?

> this guy gets it he actually a cuckold husband...?


satire becomes reality

this guy is full of fucking shit

>reasonably attractive mom
>God awfully ugly son
Why do they do it, /pol, why do they throw away their heritage?

ahahahahahah white wife with a black son holy shit.

It's an older episode, they just want to go back to Mexico because America sucks. And apparently Mark and Trey found it important to show that there are many Mexican intellectualls in America America relies on like doctors.

>Jakovasaurs is 6.7
Jakovasaurs is kino

Give me the run down?

>Centrist Smuggy Memes, the Show
South Park died fucking ages ago, somewhere before season 10. It's no better than Zombie Simpsons.

>You are black
>Both parents are white
>One parent is famous for being one of the creators of South Park
>Live in the rich part of California
Sounds like the kid got the best end of the stick.

member member member stfu

you forgot
>white dude has a networth of 300 million
>is actually stupid enough to adopt you

seriously, the last few seasons were way to politicized and preachy.

early south park was the best and most unique. someone already said its basically the trey parker opinion show.

reminder they are both for (((diversity)))


Would have been absolutely amazing

They fucked up hard

I didn't even care about them mocking Trump, it just wasn't that funny.
Nothing this season or last was really that funny, and I have a feeling they'll try to blame people not liking them making fun of Trump for it.
They could've not mentioned Trump or the election at all and it still wouldn't have been very funny.

All their jokes and setups kind of went nowhere and never went to the extreme their usual jokes and set ups would go to that made them amusing, and it felt like they were just trying to play it safe for the last few seasons.

Somali genes!

I think the only joke from the recent seasons I laughed about was the one where Caitlyn Jenner runs over someone with their car

It accidentally portrays Mexicans as opportunistic dicks though.

matt and trey hate liberals

Sup Forums is just so far right that moderates are liberals to them

Those pieces of shit have always been controlled opposition
>lel alternative medecine is cherokee hair tampons xD
>lel Starbucks is not bad, small businesses can coexist with ultra huge globalist franchises xD
>lel there was nothing weird with 9/11 xD

Fuck those turds, hope they pay for all the social engineering they peddled

Is this nigger really hoverhanding his own wife?

Dont forget the Zimmerman Episode

I was pretty disappointed with South Park this season.

Usually they have their own unique take on things, but these season they were just spouting tired liberal memes.

They killed it by making it a season long story arc.

It was at its best when every episode was individual from each other. Very little carried over from one week to the next.

Member berries was a perfect example. They were funny for a week or 2, then got old real quick. Then they got funny for one more episode before being dropped completely.

I don't necessarily think it was the progressive part, I think that everyone just got so tired of politics that they didn't want to see it on SP anymore. I still thought the last two seasons were funny at times, but this last one seemed way too serious.

No it was just that bad. Politics or not.

I mean the whole story on why Cartman was so cucked was because he sent butters an email saying Ghostbusters sucked.

The entire troll trace story line was fucking retarded.

Butters having his dick out all the time was funny once, and he did it in like every episode.

Garrison as trump during the election was the best part of the whole season, post election garrison was only funny because of that super cereal presidential face he would make.

what the hell is going on in that clip?


It's not an accident, its true to an extent. This is how SP has always been. Why does this have to be some conspiracy?

I loved south park since i was young and this was the first season I stopped watching.

I mean the whole story on why Cartman was so cucked was because he sent butters an email saying Ghostbusters sucked.
Cartman was literally just doing it because he thought it's what girls wanted to hear, and it got him a gf so he kept doing it. He said in the first season that PC Principal had won, and according to Cartman's character, he will find a way to make it benefit him, and he did. He started getting caught out when Butters was an example of someone who does actually believe all of that stuff. It made Cartman nervous that he was going to blow his cover.

>The entire troll trace story line was so fucking retarded
It was satire about the government using villains to get people to give up their privacy.

>Butters having his dick out all the time was funny once, and he did it in like every episode.
Ok, I'll give you that. I still laughed at it every once in a while, but yeah it was overdone.

>Garrison as trump
Yeah, they did a great job on his "stank face"


It's a deep redpill, they were an allegory for blacks

It's well known they are heavy drug users, my guess is Hollywood gave them these wives as a front and that these 2 (((individuals))) are part of the inner pedo circle.

This. The continuity bullshit needs to go.

Seeing how bad the show has gotten really stings. I remember watching it for the first time when it came out, I was in the 4th grade. I dont think Ive enjoyed a season fully since season 8

I've disliked it the past 3 years or so. Granted I did find this season ok in terms of humor, what kills it for me is the continuity bullshit.

because jews are more liekly to develop mental illnesses and most go nuts as they age

it doesn't help they naturally have a high analytical intelligence, it turns them into paranoid nut jobs

the only elite intellectual jews I have ever seen not fall in this trap have been mel brooks, and henrey kissinger

(Kissinger out jewed all the jews)

They really dropped the ball hard by not making fun of the press. The comedy wrote itself, and they go and portray the media as honest and unbiased.

This was the most frustating

>they were an allegory for blacks
no in reality they were one for jar jar binks and the star wars prequels

>in a state were you gotta pay child support if you father a kid that isn't yours

No it wasn't, PC principal was shit.

i bet they got all sorts of insane death threats because of that season

its the only explanation for why the one right after was straight up left wing propaganda, not just the election but because they bit the hand that fed them

>watching south park in 2017


The season before was great because making of social justice freaks was well on point.

The trump shit didnt work because like the rest of the lefties they dont address his points and go off with their idiotic strawmans.

If anything they should have continued to focus on lefties with the overall point that they are the ones creating the legit racists/sexist/homophobes and forcing people to go with over the top business man

>The season before was great
German humour.

>It's the controversial adult cartoon that once garnered backlash over an episode that depicted Donald Trump being raped and murdered.

I've not watched SP in years, what episode was this?

maybe one day you will get chinese subs for it and get it

Yeah that's what I said

it's a real danish song. has something to do with xmas or something