Right wing retards! Answer!

Guys, I'm not a commie or anything, but how can Trump lower taxes and expand medicaid? I'm nervous. Isn't that what bush did?


Honestly we're pretty fucked bro. Fortunately we're only in for a maximum of 8 years of conservative faggotry before the country goes "OW! THIS TIME I'LL VOTE DEM." America is a snake eating its tail.

>Right wing retards!

>I'm not a commie or anything

That's an extremely simplistic analysis.

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>Guys, I'm not a commie or anything, but how can Trump lower taxes and expand medicaid? I'm nervous. Isn't that what bush did?

by only taxing the top 5% of earners more which is exactly what we did in previous generations

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Has trump said he will do this?

Hes cutting a lot of other federal spending.

The expense people are already on Medicare/Medicaid

Something like half of all medical spending in the USA runs though those programs, and roughly a third of the country is already using them. And the really expensive ( OLD) people are all included.

Adding the rest won't double the costs.

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Do you right wing retards actually think he will do this?

Have you been awake the last 2 weeks and seen everything else he's already done?

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>Right wing retards!
>I'm not a commie or anything
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all he's gonna do is crash the financial system

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>Has trump said he will do this?

he's going to do that but will get money from legalization from state governments as priority as this also attacks the cartels

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>by only taxing the top 5% of earners more which is exactly what we did in previous generations

I agree this is the solution. You need to do this, close tax havens & ALL loopholes, and return to extremely high estate tax (which were 80% in the 1960's, but 20%ish now)

Unfortunately Trump will never ever do anything that could possibly increase his own taxes. Why do you think he hasn't released his records yet?

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It's not a bad analogy actually mate, corruption and greed is what destroys countries and lowers the quality of life for it's people.
>Look at Russia, they could be a powerful modern nation/superpower if they hadn't been the most corrupt country in history

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>Lowering corporate taxes encourages business to come back to the US.
>Business comes back to US & raises employment.
>Increased employment, increases the tax revenue.

>Tax the RICH!!!
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If the cost of relocating production back the US is higher than what they would save from lessened corporate taxes this is false.
And since the US has been pumping out oil (AKA reducing shipping costs) I kind of doubt it would be enough.

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Yeah it's to be proven ofcourse, it becomes more plausible when we have entities like the EU attempting to retroactively raise taxes on companies, in Apples case 13 billion dollarydoos.

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>expand Medicaid
He'll try, but when the banks fail and the wars start, there's no more Medicaid. Ever. The new American century is work hard with very little taxes. You fail, you're fault. White population boom again.

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Bush did not kill wasteful spending.
You did not stay awake in business 101.