Your Trump Can Not Stop Reconquista

Your Trump Can Not Stop Reconquista

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Arizona here. Good luck getting past Phoenix.

you don't have enough gasoline to fucking drive to the border much less cross it

You can have California.

>mfw mexican fag thinks that their army stands a chance against the U.S army

>mexicans actually think they can take back Texas

Even Chiapas map have a drawing gun in the middle of the county.

It's cute that spics think they would survive a war. Manlieto will bow down. Digits confirm

Wait, you want us to conquer and civilize you again? How masochistic can you get?

Without Spain you're fucking useless.

Please Spain, do something about these foolhardy Mexicans already. And I don't mean fuck their women again.

Remember the alamo

Army? Fuck all that, just let the civi's lock n' load

Honestly, this is why the wall is necessary. Mexicans feel entitled to the Southwest US and yet all they do is move here and fuck it up like their own country. Build the wall, kick them out, kill them if necessary. Keep the savages out.

what did they mean by this?

Just try it and we're going to invade Mexico up to Mexico City and ship out the spics like cattle in train cars.

Phoenix here, let them come. We'll hold the line

spain is going to reconquer mexico?

Pennsylvania here. Good luck getting past Phoenix.

lol california has ten times more guns than you have people in the ghettos lol

>threats about a country who can't control criminals
I bet you don't even see the irony of being in the US screaming about this great nation from which he fled.

You think it's the living who will have the ultimate judgement over you because the dead will have no claim over your soul? You'll be mistaken


DON'T WASTE TIME replying to shill thread and if you must ALWAYS put sage in the Options field.

Shills thread are create to slide important ones (((them))) or they useful idiots don't want discussed.

Keep your shithole where it is or get slaughtered again.

>the U.S army

they don't even stand a chance against the texas national guard.


If that ever happens I bet the Mexicans on the other side will close the gates to Mexico.

Mexican quislings awaiting your arrival amigo

how many more bean burritos will i get to eat if this happens? i'm getting quite tired of burgers desu

do you want to ruin it for everyone? because this is how you get us to throw /all/ hispanics back to mexico.
the smart ones here will not be happy with you.
you'll probably be cooked alive and eaten.
spic 'n' sage

>cal exit happens
>keeps open border policy
>10 years overrun by mexicans
>dominate voting in all counties
>control house and senate
>put ballot to join mexico
>easily passes

This is the nightmare of allowing calexit to happen.

Es "RECUERDEN EL ALAMO". Stick to black history month you dirty fucking chimp.

cartels slaughter californian libtards. we laugh from behind the wall, cut their water, and fling poo over it at them. we conquer it back. i don't honestly see a problem here.


white people in texas, arizona, rural nevada, west colorado and utah, are some of the most insane nationalists on the planet. They regularly stock gun collections and have a personal vendetta against the Mexicans. They're barely tolerating Mexico's rejects now, but one more straw on the camel's back and anyone darker than the sand and grass will be gunned down a mile away.

america will not fall. ever.

oh shit, it's uber mexico. I was with you the whole time.

>thinking Mexico will fight
It's already happening you dummies, Texas and Cali don't even speak English now

I like the build wall and cut water part. I don't like giving away valuable land because

>libtards have feelz

Fuck them. We should keep Cali even if we have to napalm

every time I post something rational in a thread it 404s/archives. how is speaking the truth as efficate as shitposting?

*blocks your path*

could it be that many of the threads here, as easily contributed to by an individual, could be steered by a large group of people, such as a government or corporation?

how many of these threads, topics and posts are flooded with shills and paid propagandists?


Don't let them make it into Vegas or they'll get reinforcements and all the casinos will have no one to clean the hotel rooms.


It was literally a desert when Spain claimed it. Mexico never had claim on these areas, nor did Aztecs.

Mormons will convert all you if you try to take Zion.

LMAO you'd never make it past the Rio Grande let a lone get to Kansas. Do you understand how incredibly hard it would be to maneuver and attack a modern army or even a militia across the Great Plains? You are fucking retarded.

No they can't you defeatest. California used to be the gem of the west. It may mean nothing to rednecks on the east coast, but it means something to those of us with history in the state.

keep your shitty liberal states, build the wall so the liberal filth can't get in my country

> Mexico claimed a regiion but never settled it or even defended it.
> Mormons walked right through during the 1840s and settled an area where one lone AMERICAN fur trapper was lodged up - Jim Bridger
> the other humans in the area were Utes


More like good luck getting a real army together.

Mexico cant re-conquista because Mexico never conquista'd. Spain did. Mexico is mostly their rape babies who should thank Spain for what little Euro blood it has.

It's over man. I say this as an east coaster living in Cali

>Taking SW USA
>Not taking Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica
Hold it right there...