Brit/pol/ - Papers edition

>Michael Fallon: Britain needs to engage "military to military" with Russia

>High Court appeal arguing that Britain cannot leave the Single Market without a vote from MPs is rejected

>Are Nutt under police investigation for alleged election fraud in Stoke

>THINGS - Government's ultra-optimistic Brexit plan is published

>Jeremy Corbyn expects an even bigger rebellion from his MPs over the actual triggering of Article 50

>John McDonnell: "I respect Article 50 rebels"

>They won't vote to stop their kids being raped, but they WILL vote for the Milkman - Lib Dems score landslide council victory in Rotherham, increasing their vote share by over 50%

>'The most pro-Brexit town in Britain' - An analysis of Boston, Lincs.

>Britain "could carry out cyber attacks on Russia"

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They were JEWS!










crazy night out returned home early. paki on my course that is deffo involved with organised crime choke slammed a rich saudi's bf and then said something to her that amde her start screaming and crying. This was like 20m from the club. When he walked past me he acknowledged me and said how am I so he recognised me which has me shitting bricks.

And when I say organised crime i dont mean poor paki thugs, i mean crazy irish cunts.


I always knew Beckham was a bit of a cunt, no body these days seems to want to act truly altruisticly these days, there always needs to be some kind of reward.

Reminder that based Celts have the Anglos on the backfoot

That Meghan though, damn nice job Harry,


Boy we've really stopped giving a shit about terrorist attacks in France haven't we.

>ex-crush likes my profile pic
>find out the next day her boyfriend cheated on her and she's dumped him



All the immigrants live in England that's why.

Have Brexit procedures started yet?

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now you've done it

>scared of pakis
>white man

pick one you useless cunt

Dennis Skinner is /oldlabour/ and backed Leave. He's our guy.


I feel it has to some extent been normalised, just 2 years ago this would have been huge news, but after the murder of over 130 people it just isn't.

Even Andrew Neil laughed about it.

I'm pretty sure he is as cucked as most of them.

Oslander Raus!

In an interview about why he's backing Leave he couldn't even give a coherent answer as to why he was, he is a complete senile dinosaur


Do you buy print newspapers or just read it online for free?

>watch hello kiniro mosaic
>finish the entire season
>realise it's the second season. the first season is just called kiniro mosaic

Well that was stupid. Fuck karen posters

Only paper I buy is the local.


I have finish only fools and horses, someone recommend me another comfy british tv comedy series to watch that isn't one foot in the grave or father ted.

The Inbetweeners :^)

The Wire

Saxondale was ok
Chelmsford 123 from way back in the 80s if you can find it


Haven't seen saxondale in a few years, might do that.

Still Game is bretty good.

>support may

>not a may shill
Are you new here?


Who remembers this absolute howler? AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Blackadder is the obvious choice

Full list:

Fawlty Towers
Open All Hours
Royle Family

My parents had GOAT taste in British comedy when I was young

>are you new here
>posts a green rubber inflatable frog
Hi! Welcome to Sup Forums would you like your "First time visitor!" Wristband?



toppests of keks


I'll just leave this here

>Sweden's deputy PM warns UK of Brexit 'consequences'

>Margot Wallstrom, also the country’s Foreign Minister, refused to confirm if the rumoured amount of £50billion was one the UK should expect despite being repeatedly asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

>Presenter Justin Webb asked the politician, who said she was “very worried and concerned about Brexit”, if the figure was reasonable.

>“Well that’s for the people in the UK to decide,” she replied, and when asked “why” she added: “Well it’s your decision to leave and you will have to take the consequences I guess.


Oh look its the LARPing attention whore

kill yourself

I used to binge the dvd box sets of porridge and open all hours back before piracy was an option, them were' days.

Fawlty Towers is grossly overrated


>complains about people who post for attention
>proceeds to give them the attention they desire anyways
Top stuff.


What IRA? The IRA never existed it was a lie created by the jews to cause disharmony in the North... Or something.

Catherine Tate
Gimme, gimme, gimme
Keeping up appearances

Actually funny, unlike Office shit comedy for vegetables


Mates what is the deal with this "courgette shortage"?

Who even eats them? What are they used in? Why would anyone care if you couldn't get one?

The courgette is an absolute shit tier vegetable.

>berates The Office
>suggests Catherine Tate

Gimme Gimme Gimme is the most bizarre blend of sophisticated and gutter comedy I've ever seen

Required viewing for Brit/pol/ at 3:06

>can't handle it
Are you gonna go hide in your bathroom and pretend you've been doxxed?

>muh globalism
we should go back to eating what is actually in season


Fucking hell how did this one fly by me

The perception of greatness evolves with time


It's sketch comedy but Harry and Paul is Brit/pol/ approved



What Hitchens perceives as the long, lost great Britain is different to what his own father would have, and so would his father. Greatness can take many forms, and resigning all hope because a specific moment of greatness in a country cannot be reclaimed does not mean a country cannot once more become great.

Been out of the loop on whats going on with our politics for a while boys can anybody give me a quick rundown?

if we want a ww3 britain is going to have to start it...send some boats into finland and fire a few shots at moscow

This. Hitchens is so fixated on one time that he doesn't realise that hard times make strong men, which in turn create good times.

Well, since you brought up Hitchens
There is a difference between changing traditions - a new chapter in a long tapestry - and the total abolition of shared heritage and culture, as has happened to us since the 1960s

>tfw in an incredibly short time, we have been turned into a nation without heroes, without pride in our past or knowledge of either our past triumphs or our past follies and disasters
>tfw we are like an amnesia patient, waking up in the hospital ward, with both past and future great blank spaces stretching behind and before us, doomed to repeat mistakes we do not even know we have already made


>tfw he fell for the global Britain meme
Sure Britain could be great once again but realistically what are the chances of that happening?


Buncha rapist commie that's all they are. Stop shitting up /Brit/pol

>Michael Fallon: Britain needs to engage "military to military" with Russia

Have been inpressed with the MoD's shilling for tax gimmes recently. The right wants big stonk military, the left doesn't but they've also bought the Russia meme so will happily comply.

Also, on the stock buying of vegetables... I've been tell everyone, we are no in another mini ice. It's real and you need to stock up because food production globally is fooked. Seriously, millions, hundreds of million even are going to starve.

I'm out.


Fuckn hell im drunk

>hundreds of million even are going to starve.
Is that all?

Yes Minister

It's not about turning back the clock to 1950
It's mourning the future we've chosen

>Phoenix Nights
>Toast Of London
>Fawlty Towers
>Yes Minister/PM
>Keeping Up Appearnces
>Red Dwarf
>Royle Family
>It Crowd
>Black Books
>Till Death Us Do Part
>Allo Allo
>League Of Gentlemen
>The Thick of It
>Dad's Army
>Rising Damp
>The Good Life

And that's just some sitcoms. Does anyone do comedy better than us?





> a nation without heroes, without pride in our past or knowledge of either our past triumphs or our past follies and disasters

These are all things which can be true of a nation's people without being restricted to a single form. Whilst a lack of education of our cultural past largely prohibits the succession of habits and behaviours which made our country great, it is not the KNOWLEDGE of those qualities existing in the past but the ADOPTION of those qualities. Think of it like this: the 'cultural revolution' wiped the slate clean with regards the British people's past, supposedly so that the new powers that be could start again and lead the people in a new direction.

That isn't to say that with a new change of direction, the people can no longer adhere to the same principles as were taught in, say, the late 19th century, but the principles must be communicated and learned simply in a different form. The core values taught by the Church do not cease to be core values because of the diminishment of the Church. They simply must be instilled within the people in a different format in which they will believe.

Could be more, alot more. Some even believe we are about to come out of the interglacial period entirely.
Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers. You buy a fuck tonne of coffe now and stock you're guaranteed to make bank on it. Green coffee keeps longer.

Opinion discarded