Hey user. Are you wondering why ANTIFA seemed to crop up overnight? Why are shills constantly trying to instigate violence? How can 100+ masked rioters simply escape from Berkeley "unidentified"? Why do protests always seem to happen around sanctuary cities? Remember the Arab Spring?

You should take a look at this thread. Shills nuked it, and I'm pretty sure we're on to something.


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Nope. Antifa didn't "pop into existence". American Antifa/ARA/Black Bloc have been active since the late Eighties, and became most visible during the WTO Seattle round. You're just a child, with no historical perspective, or a disruptor shill.

Moreover, the work done by what could be termed in broad shorthand as "global liberalism", the stuff that Soros funds, all of that is in service to a global capitalist elite, the very thing Antifa ultimately plans to destroy. They simply have a few common short-term goals related to diversity, migration, and the like.

Each thinks that it's going to use the other, but there simply isn't any coordinated strategy, as should've been obvious from the behavior of Antifa after they shut the Milo event down: they set their sights on symbols of global capitalism. They don't have a common purpose.

You fucking conspiraqueers fucking ruin everything by trying to tie it all together in one cohesive "Illuminati" conspiracy. It's not, and it's so obvious that it's not, you're either mentally retarded, or you're trying to disrupt anyone from understanding the basic threat from Antifa, how it's organized, its strategy, and its relationship with other radical leftwing actors like IWW, and the fact that IT HAS NOTHING TO FUCKING DO WITH GEORGE SOROS AND THE FUCKING DEMOCRATS, YOU FUCKING STUPID MONKIES.


considering the entire last thread was about the things that link these altogether...

I have no doubt they all think they're using each other, but them being connected is something we can play on and use against them.

OP - you better start collecting the goods off the last thread so we can start a proper /ANTIFAIL/ - General with all the relevant info

They's been around for ages but are suddenly greater in number and have professional funding and organization all of a sudden. Almost like sleeper cells. Sort of odd, isn't it?

AND grab the stuff at this thread

If you're just joining us, hop on WikiLeaks and read about the 2 radical dudes that head up CANVAS aka OTPOR.


They all know this. Nothign wrong with digging into the web of NGOs and shit, but there is no grand conspiracy, just different groups trying to use each other.

It is like the US supplying bin laden with weapons int he 80's. No one was hoping to help him wage global jihad, but at the time he was a useful idiot in the fight against the soviets.

There's about 200 "professional" antifa protestors. They each get paid ~$50k/year and are flown all over the country from event to event to stir shit up by Soros. Soros's own son currently attends UC-Berkeley and is already deep down in the propaganda machine. This was Soros's "handing-off" of the American disruption front to him while he focuses meanwhile on Europe.

These "professional" paid protestors are sent in to these conservative events (Inguration, the subsequent balls, Milo, & Gavin, etc.) to cause violence, disruption, and mayhem. They are also trained at encouraging peaceful-meaning protestors to join in to incite and commit acts of violence too.

Alex Soros is the enemy.

Look at this antifa faggot trying to gaslight. Soros and the democrats has everything to do with this, they have been funding the arab spring and the Ukraine riots.

CANVAS itself is in the business of covert regime changes.

don't be a fucking shill and repost shit from the other thread....

Yes, I heard for Femen in the media. You seem to have good knowledge Amerbro and you are right. Most of these NGO activist spend the most time by parasiting from the money of their donor.

It is only when the government became very "naughty" that they begin to do something on the request of their chefs. They are making basically a coup d`etat without an army.

This Kristina girl seems to be a high ranked person among the croatian political elite, I guess?

Currently, the most active NGO in Croatia is Centar za mirovne studije (Center for peace studies) who are shiling for the refugees. Although nobody cares for their opinion the News stations need to always invited them as somekind relevant experts.

You're a fucking retard. How much money does it cost to break shit? If they draw any direct funding from anyone, it's parasitism by subterfuge, AND THEY ARE NOT FUCKING SUDDEN, YOU DUMB FAGGOT. As well, the only place they've done any real damage is in Berkeley. You know, fucking Berkeley?

And the numbers that they're putting up are no fucking larger than those they did in Seattle '99, or at the Chicago NATO conference, or anywhere else. It's a few hundred fags in masks.

>hurr durr muh conspiracy
>i have found another coinky-dink that actually doesn't even exist and is obvious to anyone not a retard
>let me pin some yarn from the picture of this vegan metal band direcctly to george soros
>because i'm a fucking dumb fag or a disruptor shill


>There's about 200 "professional" antifa protestors.
I want names and I want them now.

Antifa has been memeing secession and civil war on Sup Forums. They are trying to start one. Keep an eye out for this.

Look at this dumb shit who could be spending his time with National Action to organize an effective rebuttal against Antifa but is instead playing Alex Jones online and trying to illuminate the hidden connection between Area 51 and the German Left.

You're either a fucking retard, or a disruptor shill.



>civil war

Your posts would carry much more weight if you didn't translate your frustration in to your writing. People will actually listen to you if you take it easy and lay it out in a convincing fashion. You already write well.

No, they fucking didn't. Civil society refers to non-state social institutions and actors like the Boy Scouts or the church.

Jesus fucking Christ, you guys are fucking imbeciles. While you could be making a list of all the functions your local Antifa cell is coordianting through Facebook so you can call in bomb threats or throw smoke bombs or whatever you can to disrupt them, you are here acting like fucking mentally retarded children, you stupid fucks. You deserve to fucking lose.

And when somebody finallly does sack up and sock Antifa right in the fucking face, you'll be shrieking
>muh false flag
>muh crisis actor
>muh hurr durr durr

Suddenly all these groups pop up screaming for civil war. Makes no sense. It's organized and has a central control. I'm old enough to remember all these things and this is something new.

antifa isn't calling for civil war. They are aware of their disadvantage in numbers and arms.

No idea who these guys are?
Based Serbanon gives some context.



Did not know that the next county over is a sanctuary county. That explains why it is so infested with Mexicans.

>when your state has no sanctuary cities

>screaming for civil war
No, they're already out in the streets waging it. They've been doing it since the Chicago rally. They are tolerated by the liberal left because of a common enemy. That wasn't the case for the NATO summit or WTO-Seattle.

>Makes no sense
It does; you're just stupid.

>It's organized and has a central control
No, it isn't any of those things. If it were, why can no other Antifa than Ian Miller be identified, while all of Soros' connections are otherwise entirely visible? It's because they are two different and unaffiliated structures and organizations.

>I'm old enough to remember all these things and this is something new.
Yeah, but you're also a fucking moron, so that's why you're fucking this all up.

They want to remove Trump from power, they want to start a Bolshevik revolution, so maybe they aren't calling it civil war but that is what they want to happen.

Theyre not white or nazi enough

Now that you know who CANVAS is, allow me to direct you back to this post so you can learn how they operate.

We are not the first country they have tried this on, but we can sure as hell be the last.

Guys.... should we be worried?

You are getting pretty steamed and giving me a lot of flack, that's probably because I'm on target. The antifa of the past were just a bunch of punks on drugs causing mayhem. Now it's smooth, streamlined and efficient. Looks like there's a nigger in the woodpile.

That's what the low-level Antifa pawns are told. The objective of their proprietors is to destabilize the US.

>antifascism.org/ is a honeypot to harvest your IPs. It was created 2 days ago along with the twitter handle. It was never hacked. Stop visiting and spread the word on Sup Forums. I suggest shilling it on leddit and youtube to make it more difficult to distinguish whose IP's belongs to Sup Forums.

Guys..... seriously....

Goddamn you're butthurt OP.

Another important point I should bring up are sanctuary cities (OP pic).

These cities allow undocumented "immigrants" to come in at will. It is no coincidence that protests happen in these cities. It is also no coincidence that the local politicians seem to be allowing it.

You may start to understand why these people fear Trump coming into office and "DRAINING THE SWAMP".

No, it's because you're a stupid fuck who's wrong, or you're a disruptor shill. You're making this problem seem like it's too large to handle, when it's just a few thousand street thugs who would fold like fucking bitches if we could ever trap them where there are no cops around. You're trying to make this difficult by pretending it's some massive fucking galactic conspiracy involving Soros, chemtrails, DMT, and your mom.

see all of
Plenty of other threads, user.

>Bolshevik revolution

How much do you actually know about them or anarchism in general? The majority of these anarchists hate the bolsheviks. They do not want a socialist state, they want anarcho-communism. These people are ideologically the same as the people who fought the bolsheviks at Krostadt.

To examine this further, you should look at the (((common benefactors))) of the various """progressive""" politicians supporting SCs.

I started jumping on twitter, facebook, and instagram with fake lefty accounts, trying to come off as a genuine radical leftist AFTER getting moderate leftist followers.

The plan is to have moderate left/liberal friend tied to your fake social network account, then become radicalized, further splitting the left. The moderates will think you're nuts, and in time will start questioning their beliefs in liberalism due to the bad behavior of the leftists. Its happening already but we can speed up the fracturing.

Make a genuine fake looking lefty social media account and infiltrate!

God damn it Obama

Oh fiddlefaddle. You are obviously off your rocker now, especially in light of all the info presented in this thread. Jews organizing mobs to so they can create chaos and get away with muder has been going on since Biblical times hint hint. Also, I recognize your writing style.

That image sounds exactly like how Arab Spring started.

So, how does an organization like CANVAS orchestrate these activities without getting its hands dirty? That's where NGOs come in. Notice a common theme of all six associated with CANVAS.

McCarthy was right. Commies have been in the government since just after World War I. They have completely taken over the Democrat party. Schumer is working to stage a coup. Antifa are the shock troops. Screencap this.

Why is the antifags saying the same thing?

I don't know whats going on....

Your quads convey truth, user. This is not a disorganized rabble of dissidents - it is carefully organized and planned out over months/years. The creators quite literally majored in Regime Change. And they aren't the only people to benefit from these takeovers.

We may have gotten lucky. Crushing the populist uprising in America was scheduled for 2020, once the proper surveillance and control systems were in place. Trump shot that plan to shit. What we are seeing now is a premature activation of their astroturfed revolution.

One need only look at the NGOs to see what their "legal" fronts are doing to buy as much time as possible.

To those of us that recognize the dog-whistles, they are hardly hiding it at all.

antifags protesting live in DC now - youtube.com/watch?v=5kqv90OlyPw

>sanctuary city
What is this?

There's something poetic about this aborted coup.

Cities that refuse to deport illegals.

It's a place where illegal aliens are herded in to so as to completely destroy the country.

and then search the term for yourself. They exist outside the realm of immigration law due to obstruction from their associated politicians. These cities then act like open wounds, letting all manner of "professional instigators" be brought in unchecked.

You are exactly correct by the way. It's interesting to notice that this same organized destabilization has already been showing up globally -- they are going, after all, for a global government in the end. That goal has never changed and it won't change.

Like any terrorist organization, CANVAS vets a small number of personal contacts who then form antifa cells once they reach America. It is ironic that the most recent drumbeat from the STOP TRUMP song accused him of trying to make the "Islamic States of America."
>attack your enemies on your own weaknesses, it's the Karl Rove way

Guys I think I stumbled upon a redpill. Something might have just clicked. Tell me if this checks out.

>Globalism = Communism = Bolshevism = ((Merchants))

>Antifa is a goon squad

Reminder that it's extremely important for us to stay calm and not do anything for a while longer. Only encourage them to do more and escelate

CTR is slamming us hard and they are winning. They're tearing us apart

is indeed a honeypot. It is a temporary forwarding address that sends you to what I imagine is an IP-logger.

If you want to see what the real """grassroots""" antifa looks like, this site offers a good perspective.

It should be noted that the site was completely overhauled and started posting at warp 10 in Summer of 2015.

It checks out but it's important to note that a lot of current elites are capitalist who will be the elite under a communist world order as well.

Wut? No they aren't.

What are you talking about? Nothing at all has changed.

Alt-Right infiltrators are corrupting the organization.

Yeah they are


Look at the catalog

what is the worst they can do?

Should we be scared?

It's full of shill shit? Like I said, nothing at all has changed.

So the redpill is basically that the "Cold War" could be framed as the Soviets infiltrating our government and subverting our culture until such time as they could attempt a takeover? In other words, the Cold War wasn't a matter of America containing communism, but communism playing the long game and slowly subverting America, leading us to where we are today?

tl;dr Communists won the Cold War

As you may recall from the Arab Spring (and countless other insurrections) the strategy is to paint the antifa forces as SAVIORS FROM A CORRUPT AND HITLER-ESQUE REGIME. The media is then coerced into hammering away this point, doing everything it can to erode public confidence in government the same way fatigue and starvation can wear down your immune system.

You can guess what happens when the defenses reach a low-enough point.

You are so fucking dumb it's hilarious.

Christ. Soros posters need to be gutted.

They are swarming us. Mods arent doing shit. We need to counter them hard. They have much more funding now and are more organized

Its shilling but we get that constantly. It's nothing new

Recruiting is very simple, if you can reach the right market. The OTPOR founders began as college students, and that remains their preferred pool of applicants to this day.

Are you new to Sup Forums or something? They're pissing in an ocean of piss. You're acting like the kind of people we like to target and raid because they think the interenet is SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS and have hilarious reactions to shitposting.

I'd amend that last line to winning the Cold War

However they've had some set backs recently

They are whiter and nazier than we are and we are chock full of FBI.

Not this badly

air force targets


>Antifa is in Iowa near me
>Family moved out of Commiefornia to get away from shit like this

Bah, they are in their dying throes. Gonna be a shitload of "lashouts". It always gets worse before better. Sit back and watch em fall apart.

With 6+ NGOs at their disposal to "launder" recruits, they can hand-select the most qualified candidates under the guise of various workshops, fellowships, and seminars.

Yes this bad. Not all the time. But we've experienced shilling like this, hell much worse than this in the last 6 months multiple times.

>We've got FBI pouring out of the cracks in the wall!
>Agent slips out of crack in the wall like a lubed up deaf guy before running off

Its the frankfurt school. Marxism + Capitalism =Soros love baby.

Thanks, I think I see what's actually going on now. Let's hope Trump has the balls to purge the entire Democrat party.

More or less, but it is important to realize that there was a fifth column invited in as refugees (eastern European commie jews) decades before the cold war started.

The leftist insanity that we've been seeing did not develop in a vacuum. You will find the same few (((players))) offering encouragement and opportunities to radicalize every step of the way.

Honestly. I think Trump is bluepilled on a lot of stuff. He'll definitely do some good though. I just don't think he fully realizes what's going on

There is nothing to this. You think there could be 200+ "professional protestors" without one of them spilling the beans?

Why don't these protestors just go and torch financial centres and crash the economy?

Frankfurt School is babby-tier redpill. What really just clicked for me is that half of our government is literally the Communist party. Also another slightly related redpill

>Communism is what communists tell you Nazism was