Should we cut EBT/food stamps?

Should we cut EBT/food stamps?

I get some may need it but the abuse by degenerates must be addressed

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Niggers and spics use EBT cash to buy alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. Drug test all welfare recipients and gradually cut spending until we bring back all our jobs.

EBT cash. There is no EBT cash.

Criminalizing the poor. Florida tried it. Good luck.

You can withdraw cash from EBT cards or use cash back.

In addition to this retarded niggers buy junk food and kool aid for their 10 children with EBT money instead of healthy food choices, causing healthcare costs to rise and more strain on social services.


The solution is simple: limit EBT purchases to essencial and simple foods, like vegetables, fruit, beans, rice and the occasional meat.

Most EBT purchases are soft drinks


saw a 10 year old niggerbuy cheetos with an EBT card yesterday.
can confirm.

People on the state should under no circumstances ever given currency.
They should be issued rations for a balanced diet.

>Drug test all welfare recipients
Who is paying for those millions of monthly drug tests?

thats fucking stupid who wouldn't take the 1 million in EBT, you can buy subway and KFC with EBT and all types of different stuff like snacks at gas stations, not just the basic groceries like people think EBT is used for. Keep an eye out for places that have signs which say "EBT ok" or EBT accepted here" it might surprise you.

You can buy any non-taxable food and nothing else with the card
Used to work at grocery store in nj I don't know how it works anywhere else

ebt card
>sell food stamps for half price real cash
>make $500,000
may be illegal, but its still doable.

That's true everywhere only dumb faggots like OP have a problem with them.

Why don't you read the whole thread for fucks sakes, theres people spoonfeeding links and you still are misinformed

E.B.T : Every-Bodies Taxes

We should drug test all welfare recipients. And if you are able-bodied and on welfare you must work or volunteer 20 hours a week.

im a neet that's been fired from 7 jobs in 4 years. i dont even care to try anymore. i essentially use EBT as rent and buy the groceries for my dad and myself. i wouldn't complain if they cut it but at the same time its the only reason i'm not homeless. i feel like a housepet and im going to kill myself. i tried to be valuable but i'm just deffective.

The gov? You do realize 30 bucks a month vs 500 a month is a great deal?


We shouldn't cut them, we should overhaul them. Mandatory drug tests to receive any gibs, require proof of citizenship, issue all gibs on the EBT card which can only be used at grocery stores for certain approved staples. Only chain grocery stores, no convenience stores where they'll use tricks like ringing up rice and beans but giving the guy a six pack and cigs.

way ahead of you senpai.

Not defective just fucking lazy.

Start working out and get a job. Its amazing what exercise does for every other part of your life.

Just go back to the old system and watch them chimp out.

>The program operated by permitting people on relief to buy orange stamps equal to their normal food expenditures; for every $1 worth of orange stamps purchased, 50 cents worth of blue stamps were received. Orange stamps could be used to buy any food; blue stamps could only be used to buy food determined by the Department to be surplus.

Go talk to a priest or rabbi. You don't even have to be religious. They can most likely help.
What do you have to lose?

Remove all welfare, let social darwinism solve the problem of poverty

You have to catch enough people failing the drug test to make it work.

Florida tried and it cost 3 million more than it saved.

Yes there is. Most of them don't get it, but there is EBT cash for nigresses with many keeds.


If user is a white goy, the rabbi would encourage him.

EBT sounds good on paper, but is executed poorly. My mother got by on them when dad was deployed for me and my siblings. When we needed foodstamps, we ate cheap and healthy.

We need to heavily restrict them down to the point where it's like bulk food only and only foods like beans, veggies, and cheap meats.

Otherwise you have wagequeens (usually idiot women) buying shrimp and lobster platters, Oreos and Pizzas thinking they can get by on just that for them and their ten kids, only to run out of money a week in and then lobby for more money per foodstamp and less restriction on what they can get.

>go to grocery store
>can't afford luxury food like shrimp
>luxury shrimp platter has "EBT eligible" sticker

>work at grocery store
>some nigger trys to buy alcohol with his EBT cash
>refuse his purchase

Is $20 worth of shrimp really a luxury?

Man it sucks to be a poorfag

I think there needs to be more questions/interviewing in the application process.
Drug testing, etc. Check ups every 3-6 months to make sure they still NEED the benefits

My wife and I just applied for food stamps.
We always had such pride over the fact that we didn't need any form of assistance.
But she was just laid off for taking an unexcused day off (one too many, even she admits. But she is 9 months pregnant, due in two weeks and needed a rest)

I only make about 2600 before taxes (with 40 hours) but my hours have been getting cut to 30. And our rent was just raised $200, with 70$ increase in utilities for the new baby (not including power which we pay separate)
So it was a really hard blow on us.

I'm hoping that we qualify. I'm really hoping.

$20 for a kilogram of shrimp is overpriced, from my point of view. They are charging you too much.

She should fight for UI or something more than SNAP

People will just sell the cards for 80% of face value and spend the cash on drugs.

That's why we need

Universal basic income?

Honestly? Sure, why the fuck not. I worked in a grocery for about 3 years during high school and grew to hate it.

>Warm foods are not allowed to be purchased, so we took already prepared meals and refrigerated them so they would be eligible.
>Would watch people everyday buying all their food items with EBT and only buying alcohol and cigarettes off of EBT
>People who owned small restaurants would have their employees with EBT buy them supplies and would be paid a part of that in cash "Why are you spending 3 months of rolled over EBT on beef tenderloin?"
>Also, soda. Tons of soda.

Fuck the entire system, just give people a negative tax.

EBT shouldn't exist. Government should provide food directly. Rice, beans, bread, and bottom-tier meats. That's all you deserve.

Better yet: soylent.

Trump is going to BAN all the gibs. If you can work,get a job faggot.

The only way to MAGA is to get the niggers working. Us whites can't pay for everything forever.

my sister and brother in-law needed assistance badly at one point.

Her husband lost his job and had major medical/psychiatric issues at the time.

Their rent was like 1,100$ alone. She worked as an aide at a hospital making around $20 an hour fulltime, and they were denied. She was too prideful to tell any of us at first and literally went to pawn shop to pawn off her clothes, and jewelry that was given to her as a child. They barely got by for a couple months until she got her RN liscence and her husband got better. Its horrible too I'm way bc they are both hard working people. I see complete lazy losers all the time getting assistance at my work (Psych). I see depressed people in their '20's on disability. It's crazy...oh and don't get me started on foster kids....

Cut welfare and all forms of public aid.
Institute $35,000 universal basic income.
Save hundreds of billions.

That's actually a reaaaallly good idea.

I use to work at Whole Foods market and I would see people with EBT cards buying all this expensive shit all the time. Most of the time they where black or Hispanic, or obviously retarded....A girl (spic) from the bakery would use her ebt to buy fancy cookies and cupcakes literally every time she worked. She had no shame for her co-workers to see.....

Yes there is.

You can use it for anything, but only at a store that accepts it. This of course varies by state.

Meh. Don't think they should cut school funding. I know soooo many people $10,000's in debt.

No, they should definitely cut subsidized loans for education.

Hair follicle test, fail and get a lifetime welfare ban.

>I know soooo many people $10,000's in debt
So what?

Federal funding of colleges is what caused tuition prices to rise so rapidly. Students managed to pay $X before so when the government gave the colleges $Y to subsidize the cost, colleges raised the tuition price to $X + $Y.

Why should we give free money to niggers? How about beans and rice. Fuck off to reddit faggot.

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