Friendship ended with Poroshenko Now Putin is my best friend

Looks like Ukraine's in for some shit.
How do you think this is going to play out?

Any 'Yuke-anons, your info is appreciated.

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Why the fuck is it our job, can't any other European country help Ukraine?


Fuck off, ask for help from the EU.

We get involved and people say we're sticking our nose where it doesn't belong, we let them be and then people say we "abandoned" them. There's no winning.. except in the US.

Actually on US' side on that.

Also, we all know who invested in the Ukraine crisis

wish these slavs would quit fighting each other and unite against the (((marxists)))

they look like snow jews

Yea what's the point of the EU if not to stop things like this?

We are not in the EU and they won't help us really. Too much money in Russia for German corporations.

Looks like the Ucuckrain shouldn't have sided with the globalist jews and soros. You deserve to get buttfucked by the Russians.

Victory to Russia!

>Trump Makes Russia Great Again too
I hope you appreciate this, Ivan Ivanovsky Ivanovich.

We sided with ourselves not anyone else.

Oh I see. God be with you,

What do you figure? Do you think Putin will try and take the entirety of Ukraine?

no, just continue to fuck with us like he does the georgians

You sided with the jews.

Good luck, friend. Hope you get Crimea back.

Finally we can proceed of our plan of ethically cleansing eastern Ukraine

Russians killing Russians = win

I hope Trump helps you tbqh

Guess the Ukraine should have reconciled with the 300lb gorilla next door, rather than rely on fairweather friends on the other side of the world. Lesson in realpolitik.

Join Russia and be a massive snow army. Do good deals with USA and Israel. Become more prosperous while EU goes under. You know it makes sense.

Trump just lifted a lot of sanctions on Russia, he will just let Putin do what he wants.

Maybe you shouldn't overthrow your democratically elected President every time Soros gives you a shiny penny.

No self respecting people should permit a corrupt country to determine its future. Lesson in common sense

Correct. Because it's Nationalists v Globalists.

Yep. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

I'm hoping someone like Pence can change his mind.

Putin is not a nationalist, he is an imperialist.

>shoot at a city for two years
>the people there are given orders not to do anything
>finally they shoot back once
>whine to the international community
This is some real Israel-tier faggotry.

Do you even know why people overthrew him? he was selling the country to Putin in return for cash for himself. he was a national traitor.

>nationalism is ending nationalities
Okay bog

And Israel is Jews, but that's the team we got. You're with us, or you're with China and a clusterfuck of the vilest scum on the planet. Blair, Juncker, Soros, Obama -- you know the score.

you're a retard

Ukraine is in a temperate zone you fucking muppet, it has no more snow than like Indiana.

The only move left to save Ukraine is she should give up Crimea willingly, with great dramatic flair, but you can't because you accepted help from outsiders who financially benefit.


Trump is by no means abandoning Ukraine. He met with one of the leading opposition politicians from Ukraine and said so already.[1] In fact, he may well take a harder stance regarding the conflict soon. But first there needs to be new elections in Ukraine. He hates Poroshenko and his government specifically for trying to interfere in the American elections against him. It's a personal grudge.[2]

>Trump tells Ukrainian politician he won't lift Russia sanctions
>Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire

Ukraine is an important geopolitical chip the U.S. has, they won't abandon it entirely no matter what the case I think.

>keeping one's country intact is faggotry

>No self respecting people
Nothing """honourable""" or """self-respecting""" about plunging your country into civil war you can't win. There's no honour in committing suicide against reality. The reality is the Ukraine is a lesser country against a giant. Accept Russia's yolk or be crushed by it.

And now your new Jewish regime has sold you and your natural resources to America, then left you for the wolves.

If you're going to subordinate yourself to a hegemon (which is unavoidable for a country like Ukraine) then you should pick your similar neighbour and not someone on the other side of the world.

Fair point. Ideally I'd like Ukraine to be left alone. But the lines are drawn and the alliances are already in place. It's not like Ukraine will be genocided. But we will be if Soros wins.

Ukraine, fuck off, join NATO or the EU if you want any help

>just give up
Sounds honorable.

Imperialism is an expression of extreme Nationalism.

Nation-states fighting with other Nation-states is vastly preferable to the globalist alternative of cultural degradation and ethnic replacement.

i hope you remember that when china swallows your island

>pick the country which killed milliosn of us multiple times throughout history
fuck yourself

>globalist alternative of cultural degradation and ethnic replacement.
what do you think happens to us if russia annexes us? they have been trying to wipe us out for hundreds of years

>selling the country to Putin

lol no

he reneged one EU gas deal which would have required completely alienating Russia for no reason.

Then Soros gave you a loaf of bread and you violently overthrew your own president and now you are run by an oligarch.

It was such a transparent shill job and you fell for it.

Trump will gut both to defend America. You guys don't get it -- either America and the West is turned into a third world shithole and China leads this century, OR everything the globalists are doing is rolled back.
ITT that means Putin gets Ukraine.

Good, we aren't done plundering Ukraine (:

he was pushing to join the eurasian union, which is just putin's soviet union 2.0

>WAAAAAAA why is the US getting involved!!??!
>WAAAAAAA why is the US not getting involved!!??!

T. The World

Nobody knows what the climate in Indiana is like, idiot. What a pointless comparison

we don't complain about the us getting involved though, that is all the western europeans

eastern europe loves the usa

Ukrainians are just Russians in denial.

I would be more worried about Belarus

What the fuck is going on between them and Russia? No way Belarus can withstand negative relations with Russia

The Eurasian Union is not a political union. It's not even comparable to the USSR.

it is obvious what it is going to morph into

Crimea is the only part we care about.
Those wonderful people gave us tartar sauce.

Not is West Ukrainians

We're polish and well aware of it, we're just getting pay back to Russia for lumping us into the Soviet Union when they stole us from Poland during ww2

Fuck them, we barely share a border with them and it's the worst part. Keep in my mind that half our border is with romania.

Even the serbs?

the one exception because they suck russian dick

So much this,

ukraine seens to be a meme state at this point not worth even being a puppet. Kinda sad.

we aren't in the fucking eu! stop lumping us in with them.

member 2008, when the American left, and also the entire world was saying that we should stop being the world police? Member?

I mean, anybody who says we need to stop Putin but that Saddam wasn't bad enough to stop is a fucking nutjob

If Putin reaaly would want Drum'n'Bass and Lugansk he would snatch it without any problems. But honeslty nobody give a flying fuck about them.

Source needed.

I read some newspapers recently and they say he didn't lift jack shit yet.

Kokols' entire history is about losing miserably in all ways and forms imaginable, have you really expected something else?

FUCK ukraine. They deserve what's coming.

so why is the russian army there?

to keep fools aroused.

>Eurasian Union

If you hate economic Unions so much why do you want to join the EU? Have you ever heard of Greece?

Also a jew was literally behind the rebellion so stop pretending you are "cool nazis"


>Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs “Toria” Nuland was the “mastermind” behind the Feb. 22, 2014 “regime change” in Ukraine, plotting the overthrow of the democratically elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych while convincing the ever-gullible U.S. mainstream media that the coup wasn’t really a coup but a victory for “democracy.”

> the russian army there
God damn it there is always this stupid ass bitch that spew god damn nonsens.
Go die.

You have a EU special status and currently receive millions from the EU and Billions from IMF. How the FUCK do you rationalize not being able to get your shit together and find a diplomatic end to this quagmire you've created? And yes, I say you because although there were many outside forces at work escalating the situation in your country-robbing its wealth and institutions; it's ultimately YOU fucking dipshits who triumphantly ousted the "CORRUPT RUSSIA BACKED OLIGARCHY" for a corrupt Jewish backed oligarchy.

You fell for the memes. You chimped out. You voted. You lose.

So don't sob over this and blame Russia or other countries. You made your bed, now fucking lie in it

did you ever find out why russian soldiers keep dieing on "training exercises" right next to the ukrainian border? seems like a coincidence

Fuck ukraine

Why Ukrainian army attacks Donbass?
Because there's Russian army!
Why Ukrainian army doesn't attack Crimea?
Because there's Russian army!

Neither Saddam nor Putin have ever done anything wrong

executed insane Sunni muslim terrorists
kicked out jewish billionaire oligarchs

>keep dieing on "training exercises" right next to the ukrainian border?
Do you ever find out why you ecnonmy literally colapsed and millions of dollars somehow vanished from your budget?That's some real mystery.


I must go out protesting against our germ.swedecuck government wanting to commit an grave mistake. This is my future.

That article tells me some transactions.
That does not mean they are allowing full trade.

Because Ukraine is not powerful enough to take back Crimea but it can resist in Donbass.

yes because of revlutionary turmoil and then russian invasion fucking up the economy

He didn't say you were. He mocked the EU position on "saving a country on the other side of the world, RIGHT NEXT TO US geographically."

It's almost like Europeans are brainwashed to contort and misquote everything an American says to further the "euhh ze Ameddikinz ah so steupid" meme.

All of that aside, he's got a point.


I had a higher opinion of Ukrainians before I saw high res photos of them.

> because of revlutionary turmoil
But how could a lot of money from EU vanish?That's a big load of money.

if only they were brown muslims liberals would care

what money?

>it can resist in Donbass.
Because there is russian army?

>we big strong europe
>we big strong EU
>we cant do anything, america help!

EU money.

because it is connected to the main body of ukraine so it is logistically much easier

Uchrainos are mixed with kikes and roaches, literal Khazar khanate. And yet they have a nerve to call someone else mongols.

Years after the revolutioin, Ukraine has to both:
1) Clean up their books
2) Clean up their corruption
I feel bad for them, but what are we supposed to when they won't even help themselves?

that just goes to oligarchs and the army

exactly, time and time again the EU is exposed as worthless

>because it is connected to the main body of ukraine
>And Crimea is not
Yeah nigger, you just went full retarded.

Okay, midgetsquat mongol

this one hundred times