Germany pays refugees to leave

>The German government has budgeted more than €40 million (£35 million) to pay asylum seekers to voluntarily return to their home countries.

>Migrants will be offered financial incentives of up to €1,200 (£1,000) each to leave Germany and withdraw their application for protection, with a lower amount of €800 (£700) if they choose to depart after being refused asylum.

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Money well spent, and cheaper than the alternative.

that's dope, tax money well spent

>implying anyone will take up the offer when they can have the same money by living on welfare

>encourage people to go to your country
>take a load of people in
>pay them to leave
>money well spent


Too late now you morons, you let the horse in now you get the Trojans. Or at least you wish you did, those niggers are going in raw.

Didn't they say this was impossible to do in the past here?

>Take money
>Don't leave
>Can't kick them out


>this is bad

whats wrong with you people?

This won't unrape your women or make your schools safe again.

The damage is done and it's your fault. Choke on it bitch.

As opposed to paying a ton of money to import shitskin labor and then giving your country to them.

"I'm gonna pay you 1200 euro to fuck off."

Exactly. What's to stop these people from making multiple claims per year and not leaving?

European governments who serve their people and national intersts?

>oh wait

Uhhh, what is stopping them from returning for more money?

Now all africa will want its 1200 euros. Well done, Germany.

I think they are shipping them back to their countries.

If they're smart (they're not) they don't give them the €1,200 until they disembark from the plane in whatever shithole they came from.

Holy SHIT these people have no idea how many times ea/ will collect

Why not boot them out for free? The German people obviously don't want them.

Are they doing this because of the elections? Does that trick work in Germany too?

the trick has been working since before this

Sadly this is all lies. They won't get deported after all the effort to bring them to Germany.
You can bet this is just an excuse to funnel money to shady "projects" such as paying antifa salaries.

>LITERALLY "I'm going to pay you €1,200 to fuck off"

Fuck you, it took me way too long to find a vid