>President Trump is expected to sign two directives on Friday, ordering a review of financial industry regulations known as Dodd-Frank and halting implementation of a rule that requires financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients
>and halting implementation of a rule that requires financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients


"""""""""""""""Draining the swamp"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

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I don't understand you, Bong. Wall Street's interests are the interests of Main Street. If there isn't any Wall Street, Main Street wouldn't exist. We knew this when we supported Trump. America isn't as dumb as you and we don't always worry about money. The GOP is the party of the elite, we know that. But they're also the party who WILL stop degeneracy and social decay.

>But they're also the party who WILL stop degeneracy and social decay.

That's why Trump has married THREE times and his current wife used to model naked.

To """Stop""" the degeneracy, right?

Wow, you know what? Your post really made me think

I'm glad it did, friend. America cannot, and will not, allow Sharia, terrorists, feminists, etc. to destroy this nation. It cannot happen. Do you know how many times Obama sided with BLM over the American worker? Do you know how much of a STAB IN THE BACK the ACA was to American business people? These aren't the liberal elite, just everyday working Americans who have the same values as most of America. These aren't the liberal elite he stabbed in the back, he stabbed all blue-collar workers in the back. Hell, he got a few killed in the M.E. and keeps paying OUR tax money to fund their terrorist campaigns.

>and halting implementation of a rule that requires financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients
At face value this seems bad but won't this mean the banks will tank and or destroy each other throwing markets into chaos? Housing 2008.

Except the housing crisis had the most effect on the poor working man. The banks got away scot-free by selling off their junk cdos. Only a few got in trouble like Lehman brothers.

Goldman sachs appointees make more sense now

>he thinks social issues like BLM are more important than stopping banks which ruined the lives of millions of americans in 2008

>Except the housing crisis had the most effect on the poor working man. The banks got away scot-free by selling off their junk cdos. Only a few got in trouble like Lehman brothers.

They didn't do anything illegal. I don't know why you're so anti-business. You seem to have a hard-on for going after successful people, maybe because it's you're not successful?

Sure but now banks will have to compete more plus people will trust the bankers even less after a while if they start fucking people over more. The end of the banks is nigh.

supporting wall street is anti-christian degeneracy

try the enablers of usury with treason. debt demands wars and destroys countries. always has, always will, and everyone knows it. usury enabling is treason.

time to start talking about calling for the public hanging of trump


>he fell for the trump meme
Trump is part of the ruling class aka the elite. How retarded do you have to be to think that this guy had your interests in mind?

No that doesn't mean you should have supported Hillary. Hillary is also part of the same elite. Trump was the better option but the ruling class will continue to benefit themselves and their friends. You are nothing but a worm to them.

>They didn't do anything illegal.
This guy right here, had to check your flag to see if Canadian.

>Why is Trump keeping his campaign promises!

Sup Forums during election
""""""""alternative facts"""""""""" Sup Forums
>um well actually when trump helps the jewish bankers they help the working man by de regulating the greed. trump helps drain the swamp by getting banks get so much of our money they'll eventually have too much and help us get back jobs. just because theres no regulations doesnt mean the rich are going to fuck us in the ass. i love his wrinkly orange cock

I love this site. 1000% denial everyday

*clasps hands*

Why are you using this class war rhetoric? We get it, we know, you hate capitalism, you hate the free market, but go away communist we don't want you in America. We're a nation with a better work ethic than anyone else in the whole world. We work for what we have. Just like the people on Wall Street. Capitalism doesn't promise us equal outcomes, it promises equal opportunity. That's what we have in America. We have equality, and is there anything sweeter than that?

Trump confirmed kike puppet, fuck that bastard

You clearly know nothing about the financial crisis and credit rating agencies.

Kindly fuck off from the thread, child.

All Frank Dodd did was protect the big banks and destroy the small banks. Its a jew trick to push every last penny to Wall St

Dodd-Frank is dogshit and has never done anything to regulate wall street

How does it feel to live with your mom on the computer typing nonsense?

Do you have to lock your door to jack off since you can't get an attractive woman to fuck you?

>tfw I actually think this is stupid but can't mention it on here otherwise I'll get a million (you)s calling me a shill

> Drain the Swamp
> Going back to the system where the Jewish bankers stole all your money

Good goy

>it was legal to fuck over homeowners so bad our economy almost died, so whats the big deal?
you would have to be some kind of sociopath retard to think that legality = ethics

You do know wall street is a money laundering and theft scheme implemented by the CIA right? Only a fool would buy into this system ruled by sharks.

>Same as trading precious medals.
>Same as arms manufacturing deals.
>Same as buying bonds.
>Same as putting your hard earned money in big banks.

You know why big banks give you a sign up bonus? They want a bigger pot which means more money for loans and interest. Meaning they can accumulate all the wealth faster and faster. It will never end until all the asset forfeiture scheme is complete, until the ruling class own it all.

Even if you avoid this degeneracy you are still cucked by being born into a system as cattle. Still need to eat. Still need money for goods and services.

Beating the system is impossible. You have now been black pilled, enjoy the rest of your years on this miserable rock until you die.

fractional reserve banking is the opposite of capitalism

we want a system based on capital (equity) not debt

usurers GTFO

wall street enablers should be tried for treason and hung in the public square

Hey, potential homeowner, can I interest you in a NINJA...uh, I mean PIRATE loan for a home you can't afford? It'll really help me when I'm selling your mortgage as part of a, I mean a 'diversified tranche opportunity".

No millions of Americans ruined their own lives by applying for loans they KNEW they couldn't pay back.

Americans aren't a bunch of helpless retards, more like a bunch greedy trash. It's not the governments job to be your nanny, if you are dumb enough to take a loan you can't pay then so be it. Government regulation on finance is a fucking joke.

They didn't steal anything. Didn't YOU put your money into banks? Didn't YOU sign your mortgage? Didn't YOU take out that loan? It sounds an awfully lot like you're using everyone else as an excuse for your failures. The idea that success should be taxed is disgusting.

i read the caption 12 times and it still doesnt make sense

They didn't solve the problem, the banks should've gone under you memelords.

This desu.

Plus, it wasn't lack of regulation that caused the crisis, like so many people believe.

THIS, thank you

It's always nice when not everyone on Sup Forums is ignorant.

Dodd-Frank needs to die and be replaced with Glass-Steagall 2 electric boogaloo

Because you don't know what you're talking about

Dodd-Frank IS wall street bullshit

Everything since 1978 has been deregulatory pro fraud bullshit.

>"Caveat emptor!" cries the Wall-Street lickspittle, desperately sure that his fortune will be waiting for him tomorrow. So sure is he that he doesn't want silly things like taxes and regulation to get in the way of the massive fortune he's convinced himself is coming. Any day now.

Nothing about Dodd-Frank is in the best interests of America. It's pro-government, pro-bank, and anti-competition.

how does it feel that thousands of families are uninsured, jobs are being eliminated instead of created, allies are being shooed away, and the banks and corporations can now cum in your asshole with greater legal power?

feels pretty good to me. I knew from the start that trump supporters would be the most disapointed, but i never imagined he would cuck you all so fast. maeg ameriga gread agean :^)

>good for the economy

Laughs on you user, we are getting what we voted for, economic growth.

10/10 post

>And I base this on no formal education in economics whatsoever. Nor do I feel that my obviously-correct opinions need to be backed up by things like sources or arguments.

This shit was literally just Obama trying to put a bandaid on the problem. The problem was the tax payers having to bailout banked that were giving away risky loans. Of course Obama just kept bailing them out so it didnt matter if they gave away risky loans. Now if we dont bail them out who cares if they do risky loans if they fail its there faults. Thats where we need to be worried. Will Trump bail out wall street again?

>Housing 2008.
Except this was a direct result of government policy.

Regulation and government did. They literally can't do a single thing right.

Because Trump is a viking who takes the prettiest women from the countries he raids and appropriates their genes for his offspring.

Nothing more eugenic than that. In fact, it's the reason your Norwegian neighbors are so tall strong and attractive on average while you bongs look like ugly yellow-toothed tree stumps.

Cool meme but it's not an argument. Shouldn't self reliance be a human right? Freedom is the end goal of America, it always has been. Government regulation is anti American. Sink or swim.

>No millions of Americans ruined their own lives by applying for loans they KNEW they couldn't pay back.

This is a meme pushed by people who like being fucked by corporations.

Your post completely ignores the fact that when mass foreclosures happened, the values of millions of neighbouring homes dropped in value affecting not only those who couldn't afford it but also those who had paid off their mortgage or were in the process of paying off their mortgage and soon found the value of their homes was less than the value of the mortgage they were paying or had paid off.

Kindly fuck off back to ribbit if you like being fucked by banks.

>Usury is bad.

I'll never understand this meme.

If I give out money, I need some way to ensure I get it back quicker rather than later.

>That's why Trump has married THREE times and his current wife used to model naked.
Theres nothing about that suggesting any wrong-doing.
You know you've got nothing.

Interesting. Got any more stuff to read up on?

On the face, it looks retarded as hell, but I'm not about to completely trust CNN and other shills.

it was lack of regulation+ lack of enforcement of anti securities fraud laws on the books.

In no way should fraud ever be legal

and NINJA loans should also never be legal

It's obscene that these are the headlines we're offered now. Truly.

clickbait title

trump is ripping the bandaid off of the wound that is healed, and instead of blaming the wound for hurting us, we are going after the viper that bit us

>Economy grows
>Economy grows unstable.
>Economic bubble bursts, destroying trillions in savings, pensions, 401(k)s, and other investments while Wall Street doesn't get any reasonable regulation.
>"HOW COULD WE HAVE SEEN THIS COMING...except for remembering the several times it's happened in the past. Shut up. Fucking cuck."

>the values of millions of neighbouring homes dropped in value affecting not only those who couldn't afford it but also those who had paid off their mortgage

That's the risk in owning properties. I don't get what you're point is. Do you believe life is easy?


That post was in reply to someone claiming Trump is fighting against degeneracy.

If you don't think modelling naked is degeneracy then you should fuck off too.

Where is this bubble you are speaking of? Don't go too far outside your area of expertise.

if the banks had equity stakes in homes instead of debt obligations they'd make sound investments instead of slinging printed money around like monkeys knowing joe and sally will be on the hook later

those who support debt fractionalization and usury are enemies of mankind, no way around it

if you believe in the potential of capitalism, deploying equity for profit, you MUST oppose wall street and the usurer filth

the real cartoon...pic related.

Remember how many bankers went to jail under Obama? He was really tough on.those banks, I mean he jailed a bunch of them.

>looks on internet
>too big to jail Eric Holder
>no bankers jailed

For fucks sake occupy Wall Street why weren't you protesting Obama?

usury is bad you fucking heathen kike

well spoken brother

Wow, nice argument.


I sure do love banks trading in cdos with fake illegal ratings made up credit rating agencies!

I sure love being fucked up the ass!

Maybe they could do something right if they were what they claimed to be and not organized criminals using government power to enable insider trading and a homosexual prostitution ring.

All you fucking likes bank deregulation will get us our money back. And help the shitty banks get exposed. He won't bail their ass out this time like obummer.

sure senpai

also anything by Michael Hudson

>In an economy so compartmentalized almost nobody grows their own food, builds their own houses, makes their own clothes, or does nearly any production or maintenance for themselves.

Nice meme. I bet you think you're a self-made man, don't you? You're just adorable.

Youre an idiot. You cant legislate mortality. All the laws didwere they killed credit unions

>They didn't do anything illegal

Not an argument.

We're talking about Trump. Your whataboutism won't work here.


We're talking about the same Trump that campaigned on dismantling Dodd-Frank. He is keeping a campaign promise. He was elected to do this.

>b-but I thought he was lying to us

Shill city.

The tl;dr is that it puts exceptional regulatory burden on banks, which disproportionately affects small banks and pushes them out of the market. It also creates the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, headed by a Presidential appointee for 5 year terms, and is not subject to Congressional budgets getting their funding directly from the treasury. The bureau can write and enforce whatever rules they want without the advice and consent of Congress or the President. It's permanent and powerful bureaucracy incarnate.

If you think any of this sounds good, I have a Central Committee I'd like to impose on you.

You can read the full text here if you care at all (you don't):

>campaigned on dismantling Dodd-Frank

[citation needed]

regulations are what lead to bubbles
wew lad.

Trump talked about deregulating the banks before.

If only I had your childlike view of american economic history.

>I didn't follow the news or campaign closely but I still have opinions anyway

Here you go amigo.


After the shitstorm of 2008, I'd take "exceptional regulator burden" over NINJA loans and CDOs and other voodoo, opportunistic economics any day.

Reminder that Trump supports the two state solution, shill


>Hurr durr there was no fraud leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. Nobody deserved to go to jail. Trust us goy.

Trump supports the third temple

>He won't bail their ass out this time like obummer
you do know that not bailing banks out mid-crisis usually means war, right?


>If you don't think modelling naked is degeneracy then you should fuck off too.
There is nothing degenerate in posing nude, in and of itself.
Shes a beautiful woman, and its not like she was doing porn, she was having nude images taken. Because she is beautiful.

You still have nothing - just children, numales/nugals (who are totally bereft of morals or ethics, just desire to social signal), and mudfolk, and Jews.

We have the religious, college-educated and employed White people.
Cry moar faggit.

If my capital is returning me 6% in my current investments, why should I loan out to you for 4%?
Let's make it more fun. If I have bonds that are guarenteed by government at 3% return, why should I take on any more risk for less than that?

That's why he's moving the Embassy to Jerusalem lol

I'd take the government not pushing banks into giving out subprime loans like candy and then having to find any way possible to not go bankrupt when the lendees inevitably default en masse.

There was none. Anyone who says otherwise wants to use this wedge issue to start infighting. You have to be a disgusting kind of American to want to toss our financial system and other successful Americans under the bus. Sounds like something liberals do.

uh dude we got gays chasing HIV intentionally and pedophiles demanding rights, i dont think 3 failed marriages as a billionaire is a big deal

A true Christian wouldn't support that shit.

Fuck off, LARPer.

Its a plan to look at reforming Dodd Frank and it includes a provision that would outlaw bank bailouts with taxpayer money.

Now tell me more about how Obama wasn't a shill for the banks.

>government pushing banks into giving out subprime loans

>I-It w-wasn't out g-greed! It was dat nasty gubment! Dey m-mades me do it!

you can't stop corporate harm of a populace until you tell the corporation that they're not legally required to pursue maximum profit. fuck the investors. some things are worth doing just because you feel like doing it.

>Fraud is legal now

You are so salty right now.

See, this guy gets it, he knows more regulation is never the answer and absent government interference the crash would never have happened. Believe it or not, banks act responsibly in the U.S. Business people are just like you an I, they won't fuck us. Government? They'll fuck us every chance they get. They live off the success of every American.