Bowling Green Massacre, part of the Mandela Effect?

Am I the only one who distinctly remembers the Bowling Green Massacre actually happening?
It was all the news covered for weeks.
I couldn't understand why the media was going nuts lambasting Conway over referencing it until I realized, nobody else remembers this.
I know I'm not going crazy, who else here remembers there actually being a Bowling Green Massacre?
It was at a college in Bowling Green, Ohio.
Shooters set off some bombs and held a bunch of students hostage, killing a couple of them, before being shot by the police.

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i remember the los cruces bowling alley "massacre" but thats it

you are probably just remembering the Columbine massacre wrong

Im pretty sure there's a bowling green somewhere in the amazon. You should go look for it.

this muh fake news literal hyper he said she said bs is something orwell would be proud of because now you cant even tell if nobody knows nothing because nobody knows if nothings something to know

Speaking of the Mandela Effect, does anyone remember Paul McCartney dying in 2014? I found out he was actually alive last year.

When was this supposed to have happened? Bowling Green?

I'm a sucker for psycho related shit but never heard of it. When was it?What happened?

Bowling green

What about that movie "Bowling for Columbine"?


It's not gonna happen, let it go.

She's a pants-on-head retard.

I think you are remembering the fact that Paul McCartney's career died in 2014 when the game Destiny released.

never heard of it, and im a bit of a news junkie

i heard something about him dying in like the 60s and being replaced, although it may have been another beatle. either way, i saw paul mccartney recently and he is very much alive

It happens bruh. I remember Obama stopping federal pay the week after bin laden was "killed" . No one seems to remember that either. Hey yall just killed the #1 on the terrorist watch list, lets stop your pay so your family can go hungry.


CNN is garbage

fuck off

really even MSNBC is way way better

that's like saying arsenic is way way better than lead.
both are shit, stop watching TV.

yeah, wasn't that due to the 'budget crisis' bullshit? didn't that happen like twice and almost a third time?

kek I'm playing destiny now. Waiting for the next strike to load.
Great game, the fighting and shooting mechanics are the best of any game ever released.

Does this prove that trump and his administration are time-travelers once and for all?

Dude no, you're full of shit.
First of all it a solid month of coverage across all networks.
It took place at a shopping mall where two Ethiopians hack up a security guard and some highschoolers at a Panda Express with machetes.
They called it a massacre because of all the blood.

>Terrible game

Yeah congress couldn't agree on something that would fuck over middle class America so Obama refused to sign it until it had the proper amount of ass rape. That refusal to sign delayed the new budget so the funds could not be dispersed. It happened two times that I am sure of.

That was my fault. I used my meme reserves to make a change to my GBP and it must have had some unintended consequences.

With how he looks now it would be better if he were dead

Can somebody give me a quick rundown on what's going on?

There's so many of them these days I can't even keep track of them.

Nucka, she admitted she was wrong and it didn't happen. DOUBT YOURSELF. TRY USING THE INTERNET.

The day after her MSNBC interview, Conway admitted she had inaccurately referred to the 2011 arrest of two Iraqi nationals for terrorism in Bowling Green, Kentucky.[5] No one had been actually injured or killed.

Mexico look weird for anyone?

What about japan?

Mercador versus Robinson projection

stop posting those 2 fucks. shits fucking stupid.

Multiple Pences across multiple time lines

Maybe she's from the berenstein universe too

>does anyone remember Paul McCartney dying in 2014
Yeah. Just found out he's still alive.

jesus christ they made a wikipedia article over it?

It says Berenstain up top.

Also that's the creators name and they're not Jewish, too big a change.

Mandela tough, I was sure that fucker died.

Worst terror attack in American history, worse than Orlando, 9/11, WWI, and WWII combined.

We're still here.

wtf there's a wikipedia page for r/The_donald as well

this is how fucking assblasted they are lol


How hard would it be to create wikipedia accepted tier accounts of a fictitious event? Can Sup Forums manufacture a massacre?


It's weird because the phrase "bowling green" just sounds so familiar to me. When I first heard "bowling green massacre" it did ring some bells of recognition. Though I've definitely never heard of this massacre.


my sides, and to think i used to actually use wikipedia.

Whew, I don't remember this. But I am pretty sure I have been in a few other Mandela effects.

I don't remember any bowling green massacre. you are confusing columbine and kent state probably.

good lord

>the media still refuses to discuss the Mendela Effect

You need left-wing mainstream media sources or it gets deleted

There's no such thing as the Mandela effect.

Fucking CTR narrative to prep people for fake news.

Conway makes "mistake" that media gives airtime too resulting in Americans learning more about the Iran travel ban.

4D chess master detected.

>Am I the only one who distinctly remembers the Bowling Green Massacre actually happening?

more like misdirection to make it seem like bowling green massacre never happened

Don't forget the 60 people that perished that day in a fiery instant.

I think she made the "mistake" in order to force the public reflect on how many terrorist attacks there have been in recent years
>w-well I guess she's an idiot because the media said that this specific terrorist attack didn't happen
>wait was that the one where they shot up the recruitment center
>or the one where the armed civilian stopped it before there was more bloodshed
>or the one where the Muslim couple shot up a Christmas party
>hmmm my brain almonds are churning at this point
>fuck Muslims

>does anyone remember Paul McCartney dying in 2014?

I hate the beatles and Paul McCartney so if i had heard that i would have been laughing about it and that never happened.


I remember. Anyone who is too young to remember the Bowling Green Massacre needs to get the fuck off of Sup Forums

kek thats what i thought when i first saw it in the news, i thought did they just call columbine bowling green, confusing the documentary with the event. and now i think it's just trump trolling , she says 'bowling green massacre' and then the news goes ape shit 'OMFG ALT-FACTS, it wasn't a massacre it was refugees smuggling rocket launchers out of the USA, we have the footage of the refugees breaking the law and smuggling rocket launchers'

They were convicted and jailed for conspiring to blow up US soldiers in Iraq with improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
Alwan confessed that he “twice blew up Bradley tanks, and on one occasion participated in an attack that killed US soldiers.”
He spoke of his efforts killing US servicemen, saying that “lunch and dinner would be an American.”
Alwan received a 40-year sentence and Hammadi was sentenced to life in prison on terrorism charges after being given asylum in the US from Iraq.
Hammadi, who had left his native Iraq for Syria, emigrated to the US in 2009 after applying for refugee status.

kek i love alternative facts


Like said, there were 2 Muslim terrorists arrested in Bowling Green before they could carry out their terror plot, as if that makes Muslims look any better than if they pulled it off.

4D Chess to inform the public about an event that never got any national attention when it happened, so that a temporary ban on certain Arab countries is seen more favorably.

There was a horror movie called Candyman years ago which was set in Chicago's notorious Cabrini-green housing project, which have since been torn down.
A woman witnessed the murders of people by a evil spirit who haunted the projects only to realize it was her all along.
Also, More likely, bowling for columbine connection.

Never fucking heard of it lad
This is coming from a guy who would probably keep an ear out for massacres(whatever that means, idk, watch a lot of fuckin news)


Do you really think she and Spicer are just this bad at their jobs or have they been told to say as much retarded shit as possible and only acknowledge the things actively corrected by other people, leaving the rest to settle in the minds of those who are unquestioningly loyal

>Columbine massacre
What the actual fuck is that?

I don't know what is going on frankly
Requesting more advanced autism to solve this conundrum


yep paul is still alive

you must be at least 18 years old to be on this site

>Columbine massacre
>Bowling for Columbine documentary
>Cabrini-green murders
>green River killer
>Mandela effect
Bowling for columbine + Cabrini green shithole + green River killer + Mandela effect - Cabrini + 2 parts autism^3 parts alternative facts = Bowling green massacre.
Elementary Watson.

what are you talking about it was a real thing you retard

hmm the plot thickens

that makes it even more suspicious.

lmao the fucking bias in that article
time to hit up the talk page for a laugh

She's retarded and he needs to fire her already. She did her job covering his ass during the pussy-grabbing incident and now needs to gtfo. Everything she says is a gaffe and reflects bad upon him

I remember bowling green. No joke, no larp. What's going on? They're saying it's not real?

Wikipedia was taken over years ago. It's a cesspool now. Barely worth a damn except looking up shit like ww2 vehicles. And even that stuff feels kiked when they talk shit about German tanks, despite all sources admitting German tanks were superior to allied vehicles and only failed late in the war due to over engineering and a lack of fuel.

>haha she cited the wrong terrorist attack for her argument!! BTFO!!!

If you don't remember the bowling green massacre you weren't there, YOU WEREN'T THERE MAN!

There was blood on the dance floor, after the ballroom blitz.

what a fat fucking moron

Or maybe, she's a fucking idiot and shill. Maybe she'll say anything to further her ends, and doesn't give a fuck about truth, facts or reality - only delusion. Don't believe your lying eyes or that liberal biased reality - only the State is to be believed.

Stop with this 1235246235234d chess bullshit. We can't afford this delusional bullshit for much longer. Even a superpower can't win a world war against everyone at once, on all fronts at once, and we are no longer THE superpower, as the world went multipolar after the iraq invasion.

you must be at least 18 years old to be on this site

Trump cited the genocide of christians ongoing in the middle east as a reason for the ban, which is very much existent
Anyway who gives a shit, there are plenty of killings around to back a fucking muslim ban
Liberals would rather risk getting blown off than offending any poor muslims, insane

>Refugees caught "providing material support to terrorists" in bowling green, ky.
>Conway forgets what timeline she's in, and has a momentary slip-up.
>References bowling green massacre from timeline in which terrorist where not foiled and their plot not covered up by obongo trying to avoid saying "radical islam".

occam's razor says you're fucking retarded

God I hate newfagging like this but what are those memes called? The ones with a shitty MS PAINT drawing and some summed up ideology


counter signal memes for fashy goys/smuggies


No, sounds like she was trying to think of mass killing+name and that Michael Moore movie, "Bowling for Columbine" came into her head somewhat and she just roled with it.

Fuck off with your ctr concern trolling.

I share a similar memory, OP. You may be on to something.

I remember something happening at bowling green as well OP.

Thanks broanons, you're my heroes

go fuck yourself and die in a fire. your hugbox not a safe enough echo chamber space? go choke on a dick, you faggot. I don't give a shit what you say or think.

This future you've set up for us will fuck up my retirement portfolio thanks to Trump's cabinet picks and dodd frank repeal

>doggy dog world
Is now
>dog eat dog world

This. Im lretty sure thats how her brain regurgitated bowling

Yes, occam's razor is what disproves my timetravel theory, newfag.

occam's razor is straight bullshit, definitely doesn't apply to complicated crazy scenarios

you're an idiot

she said massacre but she meant terrorists