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Meme this cunt until the media reports on it like Carl the Cuck.

Make normies see this Jewry.

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Isn't that the hysterical jewess from the Gavin McInnes protest in NYC who claimed she is a professor and totally lost her shit?

Bumping for justice.

Here is the last thread that 404'd:

We were onto something before they SHUT IT DOWN.

>Pretty sure she was molested when she was little
other anons where trying to find some pizzagate connection when someone found this video

antifa in drag
bad crisis actor

Nice work.

She is a potential Pedophile/ Pizzagate/ child molester.

I got it I got it!

Let's always refer to her as a Transgendered Woman and make it seem like she's official trans.

You know how much the fucking left loves to refer to someone by their proper pronouns a and mention their trans

This thing looks a bit like jerry seinfeld

Original video

Where the fuck does she get enough money to live in an expensive area like NY?

Dead serious, there is no way the low quality garbage she calls "art" brings in enough money.

And there are people like this all over the country. Where the fuck does this money appear from?

I thought she was a crisis actor originally, but then I wondered how it was possible to create all the pizzagate/ cp videos she did dated 3 years ago.

What happened is Soros hired her to be an actor, and now Sup Forums has found she is actually a Satanist.

Interesting times ahead.

The Death of the Democratic party is almost complete if this gets meme'd out.

Is this a Little Britain scatch?

bump what the fuck? I saw the video but fill me in



rent control does wonders for these worthless fucking leeches.

So she has a Masters in Fine Art, from NYU.

>looks up her art

Yet....she thinks she is some hot shot professor with a righteous intellectual zeal?


kek. All jews do. They're inbred as fuck.

What the fuck

Holy shit boys... you did it. I'm going on the dick show tomorrow to talk about this. Give me ammo.


Jews are the sickest fucks

Sup Forums found this women's depraved "art" site, which features satanic/pedo/crazy shit.

We are now digging deeper to find out if she is linked to pizzagate or not.

>Completely mindblowingly degenerate "art"
>Pizzagate ties

She has to be a paid actor. This is all too much, we've transcended reality here. It almost feels like we're being trolled by a higher power. This shits on Carl the Cuck and AIDS Skrillex. We have to get this out


What fuck is paying for this shit?

I wonder if her little whine at the NYPD is considered performance art.

Is that one of them transgenderers I keep hearing about?


Stop it pol


Art circa 2017


probably podesta.

timeline is ridiculous.

You tell us:

I need to pray now.



Um are those burgers and hotdogs on the outside.....



Oy vey

>gave single lecture at NYU with only 12 attendees
>is professor


What in the hell?!

I wouldn't even be surprised. Does anyone have the Molesta Twins addresses on hand? It would be interesting to see if they live near each other. I'd imagine they wouldn't but who the fuck knows in this timeline.

Whats her name?

This is absolute degeneracy.

Seeing this art is making me so angry I'm literally shaking. Goys when can we smash degeneracy???

Dislike all her shitty videos and leave offensive comments lads.

This is so degenerate that I'm actually frightened

Chosen Goyette


pls stop

Rebecca (((Goyette)))

Absolutely pizza related. It's sickening.

that who I was thinking.



Right wing death squads assemble.

What the...
What kind of inversion is this. Jews calling themselves goys? Is up down? Is the sky yellow?

Into the rabbit hole we go again....

I can't fucking handle this shit when I know nothing is going to happen to these sickos. I'm just going to play some diablo 2.

I know....

A real life psycho.

Sup Forums has ruined me for life.

She was probably molested by her father.

Want to know what the saddest part is?

It isn't her fault.

She turned crazy BECAUSE she was molested.

The day is near brother. The fire rise.




I was thinking the same thing.


Why this batshit monster is obsessed with Lobsters and Penises? there is any psychological explication behind this?

I'll hang on until then. I hope the day comes sooner rather than later.

Tfw you're wondering if she puts out.

this is the end result of nihilism. Sad subhuman fuckers


No idea.

But someone might be able to figure it out.

any cunt that ugly probably puts out to every drunk guy she can get away with raping


Nu-males will ride that shit with a smile on their face.

That's a man

I really don't know what that fucking thing is

Such a shame what SJWism can do to a person.



There is a book called Lobster that is a erotica between a lobster and other people. Written by some guy in France. Friends of mine read it as a joke and now try to trick other people into reading it for lulz.

I've often noted "unaesthetic" leftist activist art.

What this woman does is actually a dated approach, coming from the late 70s into the 80s and 90s. It is a leftist/feminist 'deconstructive' approach that basically colludes with post-structuralist theory to try to undermine life and reality and beauty itself as some kind of 'critique' or rebellion, so it goes out of its way to look as unaesthetic and ugly as possible. Like Cindy Sherman or Paul McCarthy. That's what it's about, 'critique'. This is what happens when the logic of the critic is allowed too much influence in aesthetics.

I think it's just absolute puke that's pure politicized garbage and even if it dialectically managed to play out some range of potentiality within art, I think it's bad art and the people who make it are despicable, lame people. I don't by the way extend this judgment to the rest of contemporary or newer art, much of which I love. This is a very specific strain that's definitely outmoded now. It was a Generation X punk era thing.

someone describe this to me i'm feeling too fragile and reddit today to open link

No fucking way this is an actual women... just no fucking way.

I'd say, rather, that she is freaking out and acting out so much because she's so ugly.

Which is actually pretty sad. If you look at the meaning of her art, she's obsessed with feminism's undermining of sex and beauty standards, because she just probably couldn't be more physically repulsive, and so she doubles down on her ugliness in defiance.

>This thread.

Gore doesn't bother me, but this is sick.

Guys, I think I've figured it out.

I've been saying this for the last 2 threads, but I am almost 100% certain that it's the truth.

Pay attention to this picture.

It's her and her father.

Do you realize how her father has on business clothes on?

Do you realize how there is candles in the background by the mirror?

Do you realize her hair style?

Look at her pictures here in this gallery:

She has an infatuation with removing of the penis.

Also, if you pay attention to this video:

Look at the table.

The same type of candles as in the picture of her as a child.

She is serving LOBSTER to the "man" in the suit.

I'm guessing the man in the suit is her father, and she is telling us how she was first molested by him in that video.

Maybe her infatuation with lobsters is because when the rape happened, she remembers them and has grown sexually linked to them.

This is just my opinion, but I believe it's what led her to become a child molester herself.

Just throwing ideas out there.

Also, look at the intro to this video:

She literally gets raped by an older man, and is a "child".

Sick stuff.

if any of you lolbertarians think that we shouldn't gas degenerates, this thread will change your mind


>Meme this cunt until the media reports on it like Carl the Cuck.
Never happen.
The MSM is on her side.

>average female response to alternative views

This was performance art. She's really quite red pilled and just trolling

>[Vimeo] Masshole Love Trailer
I completely spaced out in utter bafflement, so at least it has value in that regard

You might be reading too much into it.

Her work is pretty standard feminist art. It's not very original or specific to her. This kind of work is about attacking standards of beauty, the marriage institution, dating norms, gender roles, notions of what's natural, etc.

Even if this kind of work is pretty evil in effect, in that it's messing up women and messing up society, that doesn't mean she's literally some conspiring satanist in the way conspiracy theorists imagine it.

I know a lot of people like her. They're just fat chicks who hate themselves and adopted this approach to feminist propaganidizing from their professors.

That meme is fucking powerful shit man.

art was beautiful once, it had meaning. this subjective womanisation of art is a perfect case study of whats happening today in society. everything is diluted and the shit is over exposed so it becomes the new normal. then when all meaning is gone they thump their (((noses))) and claim you're wrong even though their subjectivity is correct

im getting real sick of this

what the fug