Rebecca Goyette @ NYU

REBECCA GOYETTE is her name!

FB is public - /rebecca.goyette.9

IG is public! Has evidence of her at NYU. - /rebeccajgoyette/

This is the nutso bitch that was at NYU screaming about being a professor.

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have a gift



You've got to be fucking kidding me. You have got to be fucking kidding.


Sup Forums is always right

Our reality is too distorted now


Our memes are quite literally warping reality. Keep on meme'in`




jesus this is perfect, save for christmas time Sup Forums

Meme this Jewry.

Make the normies see this shit.

Trump has turned memes into reality. I'm scared

Jesus Christ

Sup Forums is never wrong, my good man.

End this world


dude it's like a horse faced fred armisen





>New York

>A nice place like this to look like a fucking retard

What the fuck does she do for money to live this life in NYC?

It's like a woman with downs syndrome parading around, fingering herself, and calling it art. The end is near. God is dead, and we killed him.

Where is the hitler quote about jews and (((art)))

is the guy to the left of her that commie fag from the HWNDU stream, holy shit


Is that a Tranny?


>putting students at risk of arrest and violence
Holy fuck the mental gymnastics




>As in politics, so in German art life: we are determined to make a lean sweep of phrases. Ability is the necessary qualification if an artist wishes his work to be exhibited here... The influence of Jews was paramount and through their control of the press they were able to intimidate those who desired to champion "the normal sound intelligence and instinct of men"...From the pictures sent in for exhibition it is clear that there really are men who on principle feel meadows to be blue, the heavens green, clouds sulphur yellow-or as they perhaps prefer to say "experience" them thus. I need not ask whether they really do see or feel things in this way, but in the name of the German people I have only to prevent these pitiable unfortunates who clearly suffer from defects of vision from attempting with violence to persuade contemporaries by their chatter that these faults of observation are indeed realities, or from presenting them as "art" ...The artist does not create for the artist, he creates for the people and we will see to it that henceforth the people will be called in to judge its art...The people regarded this art as the outcome of an impudent or unashamed arrogance or of a simply shocking lack of skill...which might have been produced by untalented children of from eight to ten years old...this art stammer...which might have been made by a man of the Stone Age.
Adolf Hitler House of German Art dedication speech, Munich, July 18 1937



Wow gj user

pizza salesperson?

What the fuck is wrong with Jews

That creature could only hope to look as good as Trannies.

what software or app is that?



uh oh

>Rebecca goyette

Christ my sides

apparently his name is AIDS Bjorn
definitely him

Or does everyone else already know this

Can Sup Forums guess the password on one of her private vids?

this is just an elaborate SNL/Portlandia skit, right?

Fucking kek


She is a liberal and over 40

So it's going to be something stupid like 1234 or goyette69

what the fuck


God damn she is fucking gross.


How much are you willing to go into debt for a person like this to "teach you"?

yes, thanks


Is that guy in the background the same Antifa guy from the HWNDU protests? The one who stands with his arm straight up all the time?


Yep it's AIDs Bjorn.

was that "the rent it's too Damn high" guy?
was that her nipple I think I threw up in my mouth


Is her name REALLY GOYette?

This can't be real


enjoy prison /pol

>santa's fucking 1000 yard stare

This is fucking priceless!

>"I kno this bitch paid me a carton of Kool 100's to do this, but dis bitch still fuckin crazy."

KEK, good Goys and Goyettes.



so she's like a female goy?

She has a masters in art and makes all overly sexualized disgusting """art""" under the game GOYette. If Sup Forums made a fake example of degeneracy it would look exactly like this but ITS FUCKING REAL

She's a kike, bro.

The nose knows.

Is this real or a Sup Forumsack trolling?

The PC term is Goyette.

Wait, is this a tranny?

100% Real. Several info posts are in the thread. She just moved a lot of FB photos to private.

When's Pence personally going to purge these degenerate kikes?

>Holy fuck the mental gymnastics
dude. The left somersaults away the blame on lefties.

hope someone saved the videos for gifs and other memes...

Damn Mike Enoch's wife looks like that

Monster like ppl (pedos) eating pizza(children) and drinking red liquid (blood). (((Pure Coincidence)))

If you want an image of the future simply imagine a feminist, dressed as a blue lobster, claiming to be a college professor.

>Is that a Tranny?

Well something finally dethroned baby Love Your Body as the pinnacle of insanity.


Another spirit cooking fellow traveler......

I wonder if Leon PODESTA has bought any of her obscene dick art....

>Rebecca Goyette @ NYU
>Rebecca Goyette
I don't think I'm reading this right

Holy fuck.

they dont know antifa and shit network to follow these people around and protest them wherever they go? Or just pretending not to know?

An absolute disaster of a woman.

>Goldberg Shekelstein
I wonder if she got the joke

mfw Sup Forums is always right

This is a wierd way to promote yourself. Most of pol is dumb enough to buy it, sadly.

and the youtube reports using the most graphic frames from her videos go in.

What fucking world do we live in that lets trash like this become a teacher of any sort.

4d chess