"what's code for walnut?"

>"what's code for walnut?"

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>"it-it-it’s it means people with brown skin."

>“Ted Gunderson was talking about this for years!"

ITT: Post your favorite moment

Every moment that eddie shut the fuck up and let bill talk.


He's probably a nice guy, I don't know him, but he was kinda annoying.

Someone post the DMT gorilla pasta

When he isn't fucking high he can be decent.

>I'm bill hicks
>it's hot in here

when they were so blazed they forgot what they were talking about

>have you seen that yet?
>*pulls mic closer*
>Jamie, can you pull that up?
>yeah, yeah there it is
>*adjusts shirt*
>that's so fucked up
>that's so fucked up

Might as well try asking here before I make a thread.

Any other recommended good Podcasts? I only listen to JRE and Bill Burr so far.

The ones with Joey Diaz are hilarious

molyneux is alright if you can get past the smarm to what he's actually intending to say and the fact that he's more of a pop philosopher.

>its a joe rogan judges and insults his friends behind their backs episode
>its a joe rogan offers to give the guest a book about elk hunting or steroids episode
>its a jamie pulls up a video of an animal attacking a human episode


is joe rogan secretly jewish? do the jews go bald?

Have you seen Buzz Aldrin's Instagram though?

No Agenda

Is there video of Barney Frank threatening to expose other pedos? Alex said it's on cspan

any of the opie and anthony with patrice oneal.

the hoarders one is good
the triple h & william h macy one is great too, probably my favorite

>You can't just say "Hillary stole five states" and not explain it Alex. You can just glaze over that

I was fucking crying. God damn i can't believe I thought I was red pilled before watching this

I was going to post this, havent listened to them for a while tho.

He didn't even talk that much. You guys are pussies.

>tfw your grandpa went to the literal moon

he's really bad in the last hour+

The whole rant at around 1:45:00 into the show made it worthwhile.

I think they should pair up more often; Joe pulled Insane Jones back to the ground quite a bit early on with
>Hold on, explain that
>Stop, one item at a time
>What do you mean by that
This kind of articulation is valuable to keep Alex from operating in interdimensional next-level pill-dropping that escapes the vapid comprehension of already-soul-sucked vessels for the sentient demonic google AI.

Graham Hancock
Randall Carlson
Joey Diaz
Gary Johnson (kinda cringey)

Forgot to mention that I already follow Stefan.

He can be a bit dramatic sometimes.

It's not that he talked too much it's that sometimes when he does talk he tends to talk over the others.

Like this one bit where they finally got Alex to talk about aliens and he kept talking over him and asking questions. Even Joe had to tell him "Dude, hold on let him speak".

>Well she stole five she tried stealing six

This was the single most redpilled podcast
Apple deleting it confirms

this worth listening to?

I need to know about bohemian grove and the moon landing not some mma fighters podcast he doesnt do anymore.

Alex is a fucking super genius whose mouth can only barely keep up

>when he cited exactly from memory that long ass obscure article and Eddie and Joe were stunned into silence

>when he spent 45 minutes smirking and saying "are you ready to hear it?" And then saying nothing

>when all of his sources check out again

Countless moments of this had me in tears. I can't wait to make my roommate watch it with me. He's gonna flip shit

adeventure zone its d&d podcast

It's back on Apple, at least on the podcast phone app. Dunno about iTunes.

2hr41 in right now i'm feeling it lads

What was that article Alex had memorized the location of?

>Chapter X, Section Y, Chapter Z.

Joe's reaction was great.

This was gold. I legitimately cried at that part

First 15-30 min are then not

article 50 chapter 10 subsection 10208 paragraph b

The Daily Shoah.

I see what you did there.

best jre episode ever, alex and bravo have chemistry

Free domain radio and louder with crowder.
I also like Andrew klavan even tho he can be soft sometimes he's light hearted which is easy to listen to


Ok 100% tho if these emails are in the public eye a 100% verified how exactly is it that nothing is happening about them?

CLEARLY Obama just ordered $65,000 worth of hotdogs for his party

well only cnn can read them legally so

The church of what's happening now. That's joey diaz's podcast and it's fucking hilarious.


Ben Shapiro, The Gavin McInnes Show, Louder With Crowder, Rubin Report

I love the part where Alex says Brennan is a wahabist and they don't even expand on it

Honestly it's the best podcast I've ever seen, 100% essential viewing.

They were thinking too fast

>the part where they all forgot what they were just talking about and Eddie had to ask twitter

Randell Carlson and Jordan peterson ones are the best


Tfw idk what's real anymore

Someone send these pics if he does not know.

>the elite's end game is to ascend humanity by merging with technology, and to connect every person's brain into a super computer and rule them
>elites are psychological vampires who kidnap kids

I felt creeped out and paranoid for like 2 days after I watched that discussion. The redpill was too strong.

I believe Podesta is a pedo, but this is a reach. Walnut based pasta sauces are a thing.

Favorite part was when Jones said Rogan was an alien, or when he invited Bravo to throw down at the end.

>When joey and eddie realized the tax breaks trump was proposing

the fuck
am i on a database now?
i dont even understand the point of the video
there has to be something fucked up about it

It is long established pedo slang. Look the words up, the references go back to the 1960's and before.



>>"what's code for walnut?"
Gonna need a quick Gestalt on this one.

How do I get a pill as red as Alex's?

>mfw Alex finally redpilled Joe on Trump and he will now spread the good word to his millions of normie listeners

Most will pantomime sex, undressing or cutting body parts with large kitchen knives for a few moments, focus on it, then go back to baby looking stuff and noises.

Most had women in G-strings spreading their legs in some way, click on the side linked videos to go deeper. They get more blatant the deeper you click.

I'm not fuckin clicking that shit fuck you fbi

It's Navajo code talker tier codes
You know how they used the word turtle for tanks?
They're using walnut because it's a nut.
Almonds are also nuts.
And what is the only way to consume almonds?
When they're in their activated form
Activated Almonds=To made me think
They are trying to BREAK THE CONDITIONING of the masses

>JRE 911 is already his 4th most popular on youtube after just over 2 days

that shit was so cash


Former MTV star and grumpy old tech reporter call out globalism, the assault of propaganda we endure, the memes the media propagates, the current state of the ant world, all while building evidence of The View being the single greatest source of leftist propaganda that is inflicting the last vestige of women who stay at home. Autistic attention to detail at times. Shitty hearing from one or the other constantly.

Must listen.

*tips fedora*
*teleports behind you*
Nothin personnel..
*unsheathes katana*
.. kid.
*stabs you from behind*
*unzips yours and his pants*
Nothin can satisfy my erection like hot gurls with big boobys, but i guess youll have to do
*prys open your asshole with his 9 inch nails*
Oh yes my dear, quite pungent
Is that curry?
*inserts throbbing dick*
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me you little bitch?
*rapidly thrusts 100 times at the speed of light*
Im gonna bust a nut so hard that it comes out of your nose!

Hancock Carlson is the second best JRE after this one.

Fucking cancer!!!!!!!

Listen to mike rivero what really happened radio show.
>ignore the cliche title

>people who list accounts and passwords as "user: pass:"
>using tons of intricate codewords for random shit that only some 15 year old hipster who uses urban dictionary would understand
the actual food they're referring to seems more likely

You have to go back

My man

The ones with Graham Hancock by himself are pretty good but he can become unhinged in the same way Alex Jones does. But Randall Carlson keeps everything grounded in science, its very nice.

ITM bromigo

They are on to some real shit. Ancient human history is a redpill more people need to get on.

He(Trump) Likes full grown women!

-Alex Jones

Toy freaks is fucked up dude

The best moment was when alex rambled off that long US code/law thing and blew Joe's mind. It reminded me of will ferrell's speech in old school


The Dick Show

>the globalists man

This spic was the worst. Crazy Alex Jones flies out to get stoned and talk conspiracies and this stoner retard spews dumb ass bullshit.

What a waste of a potentially great show.

Can't tell if FBI bait or something I should look into

Eddie's good, he is a necessary element. Joe is always trying to bring Alex back to earth. Eddie wants Alex to blast off. Its a good dynamic.

These are strange times indeed. Makes me worry.

Randall Carlson with Graham Hancock was great.

He was fine early on, but got more annoying the more he drank and smoked

Dude the fucking comment section of this Youtube video is freaking me the FUCK out

Why was bill Hicks shitting on comet pizza

Skip the last hour. The rest is fun

True Capitalist Radio with Ghost on BTR

>joe rogan thinks pizzagate is fake

>googles it for the first time when alex jones is on his podcast

Thoughtleader, blackbelt, closet fag (alex touches on this)

I like Eddie but he really fucked this show

They don't call him a Filter Merchant for nothing.

Mind giving me the rundown on the comments? I don't wanna look it up, far too incriminating.

He finally gets a chance to talking about the "are you ready to hear it?" stuff at the end. It's basically that the elites worship inter dimensional demons that give them tech.