What do liberals really want Sup Forums?

What do liberals really want Sup Forums?

Anal prolapse




Everyone to think they're shining beacons of righteousness and non-whites to think they're gods sent to save them.

They don't know.

Oh and they especially want to be able to look down on other whites for not being as "holy" as them. That's their drug.


In other words, a fantasy that doesn't exist.

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to bring back slavery


You know I'm really starting to think liberals feel outcasted by their fellow whites. They weren't good enough for sports and other whites didn't befriend them enough, so they want to get back at them by enjoying the delusion that non-whites think they're spectacular and embrace them as friends. Kind of like why coalburners do what they do.

Doesn't this make sense!?

Really think I'm on to something here.

Man they look pissed.

To serve their only their most immediate interests while damning the future, all while putting up a facade of "thinking about the children."

Also no whiteys.

I would be considered a liberal definitely, here's what I want.

>Single payer healthcare
>Complete separation of church and state
>Higher taxes on extremely wealthy since they vacuum up most of the money
>Countries that are high risk mudslime blocked banned from entering
>Completely pull out of middle east
>Don't make friends with awful countries like Isreal, pull funding from them
>Drugs legalized, become health issue
>Demilitarization of police force
>Fed audited
>National parks protected
>Wall street kept under control
>Funding spent to help states that rely on coal and factories that simply aren't coming back
>Rebuilt infrastructure
>Gay marriage and abortion continue to be legal
>Obesity problem seriously dealt with
>Higher living wage since inflation is just going to continue and the rich are just going to keep sucking up any gains
>Remove gerrymandering and electoral college
>Revert power of the president back a few centuries

They want to attain moral authority in social issues to cover up their own unmoral beliefs in economics


In all honestly? Something to complain about.

I saw them post on Facebook all the time about inane shit like duckface, nutella, how THEIR depression is worse than another libtard's depression, ect.

The Left right now is just this feedback on noise, constantly lashing out at whatever doesn't agree with them 110%, and when they run out of targets, they devour themselves.

Visit Tumblr once in a while, and you'll see it, this cycle of circlejerking that only stops when one fucktard decides to put away his dick and question the point of it all, only to get eviscerated by the rabid pack of fucking harpies they are.

Separation of church and state means THE STATE CANNOT INTERFERE WITH THE CHURCH. Not that the church can't influence the state.
I'm not even religious but I accept and like that that's what it means.

To control your thoughts

Also, they want individuals to be made up of groups instead of groups being made up of individuals; you're not you, you're the people like you.

Are you fucking kidding me? Do you understand history at all?

ugly feet btw


I know that's exactly what the law was intended to do. Liberals want CHRISTIANS to not run anything in government, because they don't agree with their moral beliefs. So they think they can fucking exclude Christian beliefs by law. Wrong.


Literally, how can anyone have a problem with anything on that list?

yeah, no, it's more about the other way around, and that is exactly why secularism became a thing

No. You're wrong.

legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,' thus building a wall of separation between Church & State.

In other words, jackass, the gov can't make a law in regards to churches and cannot stop christians from talking about their beliefs, praying, or making decisions in government that are motivated by their christian beliefs.

the Welfare state (I mean the actual thing, not a pejorative term)

or alternatively, laissez faire capitalism with freedom of religion

or communism

or Nazi Germany

I'm quite left and I don't mind Christians running things in government. What I do mind is when Christians attempt to instill their beliefs in others by means of institutions that do not depend on having religious belief to function, for example schools.

But the founders say you have no right to make laws to prevent someone from instilling their beliefs in others. Jews and liberals instill their beliefs in schools, and Christians equally have that right.

The separation of church and state idea is definitely to stop the government from meddling in religion, and not the other way around.

As the First Amendment states:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

That means the government is not to prevent Christians from freely exercising their religion, which includes attempting to convince others of their beliefs. That's just a basic fucking human right. You can disagree with it but you can also stick a roman candle in your ass and light it.

To be taken care of and infantilized by a nanny state.

When they don't get their way they throw massive tantrums like the developmentally stunted clowns they are.