Why aren't you a Christian yet Sup Forums?

Why aren't you a Christian yet Sup Forums?

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Sup Forums is a Christian board.

>tfw when don't believe jesus christ is god or would even want to be considered him, but the only friends i have are at church

Because I don't believe in God.

Well, I like to be open minded about things. Since atheists are so stupid and closed-minded, I choose to see God as the variable in the equation. I laugh at these dumbed-down arguments by atheists. "Such and such religion cannot possibly be true; therefore, God does not exist." or "God does not exist cause muh degree and I said so." Well dumbass, all religions could be false and God could still exist. So much for your "logic" and critical thinking. Personally I believe that there certainly is a God. Nothing cannot explode into something. These dumb shit wannabe intellectuals act like they know everything. Even what does not exist. So, atheism is stupid...

Why not?

There's no reason to.


Except for the fact you don't understand why you exist

Why is this a reason to believe in God? I don't see how this follows.

I'm a pagan.

Without God you have no purpose

Unless your white not christian is illegal here.

Because the amount of digits in my iq is more than two

Because the only religion that makes sense for a person of northern european decent like myself is Germanic paganism, and Christianity basically wiped that out. Any white person who practices Christianity is a spiritual cuck.

Rare flag desu

That's not true, either.


The Semitic god was originally a pagan against Moloch

That god has been dead.

He has risen.

Hello fellow Christians

Because its fucking stupid.

because Sup Forums is a Muslim board

Then tell me what is your purpose

Who /Lutheran/ here?

Christianity includes the old testament, which says jews are the chosen people.

Also everything is the mind of God. Cucktianity is just kike subversion to make you into a slave and plead for God's acceptance. God being what they wish for you to be like. Good goys who turn the other cheek.

Peace be with you brethren

To bring forth the light

To live well, in accordance to myself.


Please give me more information.

Because I needn't be it to live.

That is not an objective purpose. You reject God because of objectivity then give a subjective answer to the meaning of your existence. Isn't that hypocrisy? If 'living well in accordance to youself includes acknowledging the existence of God then your own, self defined purpose demands that you acknowledge him.


Out of all the Sup Forums seals I would choose this one. Let the cross inspire towards Jesus Christ.

Who says I need an objective purpose?

Why aren't you Orthodox yet?

>implying that there's an objective purpose to life

Life is objectively meaningless.

It's still a religion of a slave master relationship with God, which is satanic subversion to keep masses retarded sheep. We are all God. There is nothing to seek affection from but yourself.

I exist because my parents had sex.

Have you got any obvious question ?

This is such kikery.

If everything is meaningless then so is your statement that it is. Rendering your point moot. If everything is meaningless you should shut the fuck up, because nothing you say means anything.

See how retarded you are?

Keep watching kike funded programs like cosmos. The "vastness of the universe" will make anyone feel small and pointless. As is their purpose to do.

Then why don't you end it

Because Odinism

Are you too retarded to understand what "meaningless" means in this context or something?

Are you stupid or just dishonest?

I have no reason to. I enjoy my life. That doesn't mean that I believe that there's some kind of hidden meaning to it.

You're the one who was duped by kike atheistic arguments.

I wont waste my time arguing with an uninitiated plebeian. Read more books than "the selfish gene" or some Sam Harris bullshit you hack.

>implying that I didn't figure this out on my own

I don't need to consume the opinions of others to draw my own conclusions. I actually know how to think, which is clearly a skill which you lack.

Because there's no evidence of a higher mystical power.

Once i'm given Evidence then i'll consider it.
Until then, i'm Agnostic

Your enjoyment is objectively meaningless as well. You're giving subjective answers to a question asked because you admit there is no objective purpose to your existence. Does this mean that you accept subjective truth can supersede and it ultimately more important than objective truth? The fact that you keep existing proves you do doesn't it?

Because God is dead and we are all his murderers.

I don't believe Jesus is the only path to god.
Also I don't believe in a Christian god.

That said though, we live in a universe that so big that we as humans can't even begin to comprehend, we aren't designed too. And to say that there isn't something out there that we would call GOD is foolish to me.

Because you god is false.

>Worthwhile opinion

Pick one

I am but Sup Forums christianity probably won't accept me because I'm a heretic

No, your god is false.

Daily reminder that atheism is the same as Bolshevism!

Jehovah's Witness?

Don't be silly, you fool. My god has been around for thousands of years before your silly jewish rip-off. Only Marduk is real.


So next time you see a sign that says "Road Closed Ahead" you might want to ignore it because a sign saying that isn't evidence. Maybe some kids put it there as a joke. Or how about all those girls people believe when they say someone raped them even before evidence is presented. You know that whole throwing out innocent until proven guilty thing. You should also stop believing pretty much anything we believe right now about anything outside of our solar system. The observations astronomers make are based on such miniscule amounts of data it is hard to actually call any of it evidence but it is the best we have to make a guess on. We have entire branches of astronomy based on these beliefs.

shitpost on Sup Forums

Can't argue with that

Because christianity is a JEWISH RELIGION.


If earth is 14b years old, why is it only 2017? Checkmate atheists

Because Satan is my motor. Hear my motor purr.

Is he, shant i utter the words pol, /ourguy/?

I am, you just call it Paganism

after christ

>this should really make you think

But I am Christian
Switched from Methodist to Orthodox Christanity though

I wasn't born in sand nigger country, why should I worship one.

christianity and homophobia are the two things holding the right back.

guns for everyone? yes
small government? yes
and end to degeneracy? yes

but christfagging and homophboia are what doesn't fly anymore, and frankly i absolutely get why the left makes fun of us for it. it's ridiculous and stupid, and it's costing opinions.

gay is okay, or whatever the fags yell at their queer rallies

70% of your countrymen do. Closer to 99% when your country was founded.

literally the same shit as islam and judaism

fuck of semite lovers

well fuck if you wanna go back to 1777 try to find a western country that wasn't 99% christian

Over two hundred years ago
superstition and the sword ruled
it was a time of darkness
it was a world of fear
it was the age of Garg-christians!

Jesus (((Christ)))

I don't need a god to be a good person.

Gay is literally a non-issue, but then the christcucks will dedicate most of their effort on it to stir some real in-fighting and thus extremely useful for the ones not wanting to see the right-wing gaining traction.

By this theory, religion is stupid.

>needing silly rituals and ancient jew man worship to appease god
At least Jews and muzzies are actual monotheistic you polytheist pseudopagan ass hats

This argument again...no idiot, atheists very freely admit they don't know everything, they just don't worship the logical fallacy that is the God of the Gaps.
Just because we don't yet know or understand everything doesn't mean "God did it!" is a valid argument.



If the West didn't fall into apostazy there would be no Kike Problem

t. proud Celt Orthodox

I'm a gnostic Christian, does that count?

>let me just pick and choose which parts are real and which are not based on my personal opinion

worse than a fundementalist imo. no spine

>let me just act like i understand everything about Christianity, because I'm soo much smarter than the people who have actually looked into it.

Because I'm a (((Muslim)))

your religion is invented by the roman catholic empire.

>let me just issue a personal attack because i have nothing to say about the arguments

besides, christianity and monotheism in general isn't about intelligence, it's about weakness of character.

i'm not saying christians are stupid, i'm saying they're pathetically weak-willed, there's a big diffrence.

Exactly! In the end it is always up to you and what you CHOOSE to believe in.

But let me remind you that there was a variety of gnostic sects among the early Christians

>Christianity includes the old testament, which says jews are the chosen people.
Modern jews are pharisees. And they certainly weren't chosen by God at any point in time.
And the new testament is clear when it says that to be one of Gods chosen (a Jew) you need to rejoice in Jesus Christ.

Judaism didn't even exist two thousand years ago.

Homosexuality is a mental illness that is used as a weapon to demoralize and subvert nations. It cannot be ignored or go unopposed.

Fuck off protie cuck

You're the ones who funded islamic terrorism and the islamic state, while the Catholics bravely fought against them during the Crusades, the Reconquista, an so on

Your whole history is about gagging on achmed's cock

sure it is. and you're a guy that really needs a cock with some substantial girth up your ass. people didn't give a shit about this 5,000 years ago, but we do now because christ apparently said he hates gays. i don't really remember that from his teachings, but i guess it's in there

Why you guys like to talk about the crusades a lot. Didn't the Christian failed the mission? At least this what they taught us. Stupid religious people brag about winning the crusades here. You guys are no different.

>Homosexuality is a mental illness that is used as a weapon to demoralize and subvert nations. It cannot be ignored or go unopposed.
Alright, so if we ban homosexuality, and also force-convert a shitload of normies that somehow will fix western civilization? I really have a hard time to see how such a marginal issue like 2% of civilization. Gays are basically women, they are good at picking flowers or baking cakes, not leading/misleading a nation or usurp it economically.

For the father of christ is dead and now we are lead by Kek

Hello my fellow atheist. How is your day?

Christianity is a joke,Alhmudllah for being a muslim.

I have an IQ higher than 130. I scooted past atheism, past nihilism and landed in absurdism and worship around a cartoon frog.

>Nothing cannot explode into something.
why not?