So...I was arguing with a liberal about niggers

> me talking with liberal about IQ
> me saying niggers have low IQ
> she gets mad and say it's not true
> me arguing that is undeniable and self evident, that on average niggers have lower IQ
> she replies that it's just because of socioeconomic status and IQ test don't mean shit
> me saying IQ tests do not depend much on status and even if you take your samples from the same socioeconomic class niggers score lower anyway
> she says this is not true
> me saying do we agree that niggers do have on average a more lean and naturally muscolar physical build even without working out?
> she says yes
> me say so why can not also be difference in brain structure, IQ and behaviour pattern?
> she says because all humans are equals and shit

Sup Forums, I remember I saw some scienific papers with actual data here on Sup Forums and somewhere else on nigger biology and more specifically nigger IQ and related subjects.

Could you help me dig some of those data out so I can smack them in her face as the scientific undeniable truth?

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Here you go user

As a neuroscientist its quite obvious that niggers have a PROPENSITY to being short term thinkers.

That in itselv is only problematic if you dont confront it with a good culture that forces them ot grow.

Thanks user

Bring more, include source and references if available.

Black people are dumber than white people on average.

Even if you attribute it to "socioeconomic status," you can't deny that black people are in face dumber. IQ tests are an excellent example, user.

I cant find any sources and I don't have any saved, but I'm sure you can find some good pdf s about economic status race and iq from a simple google search.

If your looking for something more scholarly try JSTOR

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If someone have that infographic with genetic polymorphisms taken from some scientific paper, bring it plz
More scientific evidence, the better

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Thats what I was talking about.
Thanks user

You do know that conservatives have a lower iq on average that liberals, dont you?

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I would enjoy some proofs while shitting out all these pancakes hurting my stomach


Human intelligence up to 75% inheritible

Human intelligence is highly heritable.

Scientific consensus is that IQ tests are not racially biased.

Very poor Whites are comparably intelligent to very wealthy blacks.

Black children raised in White households have similar IQs to black children in black households.

The average African IQ is estimated at 79.

The average African-American IQ is 85, compared to the average White IQ of 100.

The white-black gap in SAT scores, a proxy for IQ, is increasing.

Genes for large brains, linked to high IQ, are common everywhere except Africa.

Intelligence has at least a 40-50% genetic basis.

IQ scores are the best predictor of success in Western society.

IQ is 75% heritable among Whites.

France's IQ drops 4 points per decade because of African immigration



That test is racist though


Political party vs genetic trait which is constant throughout ones life

Hmmmm I wonder which one is actually relevant


"[I am] inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa [because] all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really." - James D. Watson, co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, one of the greatest molecular biologists of the 20th century, Nobel Prize 1953.


Link 1 says nothing about genetic distances between races. It even explains apparent divergence can be explain by random genetic drift. It's in the discussion part of the paper.

Link 2 never says races are genetically different from one another either. The picture there is not in the paper. In the discussion in talks about inaccuracy when looking at clustering

I'm not sure what link 4 is on about.. something about immune system evolution. Not sure how this is irrelevant

Link 4 is just aggregation small differences in variance, but it clearly states this doesn't add up to significant differences. This is also stated in the discussion.

The whole 5 sections is just a bunch of SAT scores and correlation garbage with no genetic evidence. SAT scores are not even a psychometric test.

6 is garbage. ASPM and MCPH1 were thought to influence IQ in the early 2000s, but around 2010 better evidence showed no influence on brain development. Mekel-Bobrov published papers around that time with the better evidence.

These things are always garbage made by idiots who don't understand science, especially not how to interpret scientific literature. As I have demonstrated, they clearly don't even read their own sources. They seen one sentence or graph in their paper and think it supports their emotions.

The scientific community is not lying to people, and a bunch of autists on the internet are not privy to some kind of secret knowledge that overturns all known research into human genetics and evolution.


the black zims locusted in to the white farms, and instead of taking them over, just stole all the equipment, ate all the harvest and left the fields to rot.

same thing happened in the west bank. israeli farmers had high tech watering equipment to make plants flourish in the desert. they gave up the settlements to the palis, who buzzed in and tore apart everything because it was israeli. then they begged for food from the israelis.

Same ad-hoc red herring garbage. None of those papers state that IQ differences are due to genetics or race.

It doesn't matter how heritable IQ is, you'd have you demonstrate different heritabiltiy between different races.

please shine a light on this topic

>SAT scores are not even a psychometric test
fuck off with your disinfo and intellectual dishonesty

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believe what you want, every statistic out there proves races are different. Difference should be treasured, a race is athleticly strong may not be top tier intelligent. That does not take away anything from it as a race, group or individuals.

Exceptions exist, but here we are talking about groups. You should come to Africa and see for yourself, free schools, free universities, and still people cannot think for themselves or work. Because :
1- They think they are entitled, because they got everything for free
2- Most of them are just pushed by the system even though they are not sufficiently intelligent and/or hardworking enough to succeed in their studies.

Then they blame the system and Europe/America

Get a fucking grip and sort yourself out kid.

Sorry that I can actually read and I check sources.

It's also true. IQ is a psychometric test. SAT scores are not... they are just for college entry.

You're just a monkey that spams the same factually incorrect infographs that have been posted here over and over for years.

You guys are heros, along with OP I also just engaged in this topic with a liberal and was having trouble finding any sources on jewgle that weren't furiously trying to contradict evidence because science is racist.

It is sad user, Zimbabwe and South Africa are lost.

>SAT scores are not
there are sources in this thread that state otherwise.

>I can actually read and I check sources


here u go bro. just keep posting these at her until she shuts up or blocks u.

The idea that a single allele of a single gene will turn you into a serial stabber is retarded.

If you read the paper, it states that only a combination of childhood trauma and the allele correlated to increased stabbing, and that in normal people it did nothing.

Again, read your sources.

Again, SAT scores are not a psychometric test. No source here states otherwise.

I agree some ethnic groups are, on average, smarter than others.

But so what? Do you want to use that as a pretense to give fewer rights/resources to those groups that average lower? Or do you just want to feel better about some personal inadequacy by saying "Well at least I'm smarter than the average nigger?"



"The Bell Curve" is a book entirely about that.


Google Minessota Transracial Adoption Study.
Shows black v white in identifical family arrangements and socioeconomic status shows blacks are underperforming in every avenue of society within identical contexts

there you go. you have NOTHING to say about the data. all you can do is dispute the conclusions and move goalposts like I predicted here and again, there are sources in this thread concerning what exactly SAT tests test and if you were INTELLECTUALLY HONEST you would be seeking out that information and processing it. instead you're just going to sit and criticize and wait for affirmation to come, and it never will.

>But so what? Do you want to use that as a pretense to give fewer rights/resources to those groups that average lower? Or do you just want to feel better about some personal inadequacy by saying "Well at least I'm smarter than the average nigger?"
Nope. I just want all of these subhuman niggers that can't fit into a human society fucking gone.

That isn't too much to ask.



Download "My Awakening" by David Duke. One of the first chapters has all the information you need on this subject.

I never moved any goalposts. That's just something you idiots shout when confronted with the truth.... that and "lewontins fallacy!" and "muh correlations!"

A single flawed study from 70s that has no genetics based evidence.

Man its really cool to realize we a just a bunch of bipedal tailless giant tree rats with lizard brain stems.

Can we get rid of all the white trash that fall below the curve too? It's only fair.

It would be impossible to hold down a job as that man because your boss wouldn't be able to make eye contact with you


This picture contradicts this one.
The truth is you're more likely to be killed or victimized by a member of your own race than another one.

Being a nigger is racist though

Hey don't talk that way about the Irish :^)

I don't even waste my time with people who don't acknowledge that blacks are, on average, fucking stupid. They might was well try to convince me that sunlight isn't bright.


Then all the racists would be gone. How ironic.

Personally I think Gardner's 8 Multiple IQ makes more sense than the Binet model.

We are literally 5 IQ points more intelligent than you.

And you can tell, look at the difference between reddit and Sup Forums

Your post is embarrassing.

For many reason but most of all because you really don't need science to arrive at the conclusion that blacks are not as smart. If you want to prove it scientifically then thats fine, but again like I said its not even necessary.

The proof is everywhere and If you can't plainly see it then I'm not sure what to say.

I hate Abraham Lincoln. He should have been assassinated much earlier.

In mathematics, 50 percent of Whites were deemed ready for college-level mathematics, compared to just 13 percent of Blacks who took the ACT. In sciences, 46 percent of White ACT test takers were deemed ready for college-level coursework compared to 11 percent of Blacks.


>science isn't necessary!
Well at least you're admitting your denial of science.

I assure you that you are personally a lot dumber than I am.

Its African cognitive ability: Research, results, divergences and recommendations by
Heiner Rindermann

>I assure you that you are personally a lot dumber than I am.

You're cute

At this rate, how long will it take blacks to be equal?
IQ tests not racially biased, in agreement with most scientists
IQ heritability at .76
Academic scores between races
Race reality, diversity isn't a bag of laughs

Intelligence experts hide their true beliefs on IQ and race

Fixation index, or FST, is a way to measure genetic distance between populations.
The FST between Whites (British) and Blacks (Bantu) is 0.23.
The FST between the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and the bonobo (Pan paniscus) is 0.103
>which is half the White-Black difference despite the two being classified as separate species.
The FST between two gorilla species, Gorilla gorilla and Gorilla beringei is 0.04
>or 1/6 the difference between Blacks and Whites.
The FST between Whites and Neanderthals is less than 0.08
>or about 1/3 the Black-White difference.
The FST between Whites and Homo Erectus is 0.17
>which is 3/4 the Black-White distance.
Whites and Blacks are more genetically distant than two different chimpanzee species, two different gorilla species, Whites vs Neanderthals, and Whites vs Homo Erectus. If one is consistent and objective with taxonomic classification systems, Blacks and Whites should be classified as separate species and at the very least as different subspecies.
FST numbers:
Ranges from .0021 to .45, Danes v English and Pygmy populations, respectively. Average FST is .1338
West Africans to English: .1487
Largest European difference: .066


I hope you enjoyed this not-a-real-argument

Keep on being an emotion idiot that's scared of brown people.


Of course you moved the conversation from statistics to individuals...What can you do when all the evidence is against you.

Lets see if you have the intelligence to figure out how to read this

> it's just because of socioeconomic status
Well Russians are still very low on socioeconomic status. And you buy our space engines.

> niggers do have on average a more lean and naturally muscolar physical build even without working out
That`s because you eat atrazin and they dont.

Actually the Fst between gorillas in 0.4, not 0.04. All apes have about 5-10 times the genetic diversity of human beings. Fsts between modern humans and partially reconstructed genomes of human ancestors don't mean anything. It certainly does not imply that somehow africans are "more related" to ancestors. That's not how evolution works. All living animals today have evolved for the same amount of time.

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You can try.

>That in itselv is only problematic if you dont confront it with a good culture that forces them ot grow.
is that what happened in hue hue land


The large majority of Russian technology was just stolen or reversed engineered from the Soviet days.

Yes, blacks are a problem. But what we need are solutions.

I believe this is the only workable solution:
>a non-governmental organization
>accepts donations
>funds are used to incentivize black sterilization

The soon we start, the sooner we can reap the rewards of having fewer blacks. Every percentage point reduction will save the country billions of dollars, as well as greatly reduce crime and improve our schools.

Already being done => Check Planned Parenthood


Planned parenthood only pays for abortion. It does not incentivize it, meaning give the blacks money they can spend. Plus, you have to do abortions over and over. Sterilization is one-time.

Again, the main point: we don't just pay for the sterilization. We actually give the blacks a few thousand dollars in spending cash to get them to do it. Poor blacks will do anything for money. Get them in, sterilize them, and give them $5,000 dollars.

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