Bess owns Sup Forums

come on Sup Forums grow some fucking balls

sweetie honey

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Stop posting here, Bess.

>see how this one tweet absolutely DESTROYED Trump

Fucking kill yourself. Sage.

I dont know why but something makes me want to fuck her into a coma.

lmao at her roasting that beta trumpcuck

Go away Bess. The astroturfed harassment campaign you planned on using to bilk sympathy money from betas isn't going to happen.

Sweetie, I'm just trying to help my baby Trump be a grown-up president! And honey, that goy should know better than to talk to me. Sad!

fine ill say it

Uhhh honey? Sweetie, babe? Nah

and she's putting it to good use

teasing around beta cucks, blogging, tweeting instead of helping in the fucking kitchen

and i love that. that kind of strong urban independence is just so courageous and *sexy*. i love women who challenge me, instead of actually being useful and helpful


>all this salt

Jesus.. She destroyed Brandon Parker effortlessly.. How stupid can you be?

>doing to countries the same thing that's done to us isn't financially sound.

How the fuck does this have so many likes. What the fuck is wrong with the people.

You can't beat a person being passive aggressive.

well with that attitude you can't

I want to cum on her face while she calls me sweetie



>tfw when twitter tries to troll you but really just ends up triggering your mommy fetish

wow she's fucking retarded. that sense of humor though! almost made me reconsider if women could be funny.

This but I want her to fuck me into a coma

A sweetie is a variety of grapefruit. Now get off the internet and make me a sandwich.

So hot