Holy Shit

Just watching this. I know a Jew made it it, but how the hell did it ever get made? It's hilarious.

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America was still redpilled in the 70's
It wasn't until the late 70's that the kikes started taking over everything and turning everyone into little faggots

It's okay but the original version of the Producers is Mel Brooks' best film.

>Mel Brooks
Of course it's funny. Classic Jew comedians are the best. Don Rickles is my personal fav.
Were you watching TCM earlier?

>I hired you people to try to get a little track laid, not to jump around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots

"Where all the white women at?"

"Up yours nigger!"

I was. I recorded it from TCM.


"As mayor I present to you a laurel, and hardy handshake to the new town..........nigger"

Most Jews are conservative. Hating on Israel is counter productive

we used to be able to joke about all sorts of shit as long as it was generally true, and generally funny.
>he tells a lot of off-color jokes. (unfunny bigoted jokes.)
>he's hilarious! (self-explantory, everyone laughed a lot.)


"I don't know how to tell you this, but you're sucking on my arm"

(((Brooks))) intended for it to be a eally Jewy film, tho. See: stupid racist villains, the "muh big nigger dick" meme.
It's probably not a coincidence that the girl who slept with the nigger was supposed to be German, too.

Man, you are so out of the loop. Mel Brooks is one of the best. I can't believe you're just seeing this now. Blazing saddles is one of my favorite classic films.

My personal favorites are Young Frankenstein and Spaceballs.

What the fuck happened to Eddie Murphy?


He got caught with a trannie.

Im glad you guys feel this way. I've been a huge Mel Brooks fan since I was a kid and grew up watching Blazing Saddles and in the past couple years have had cognitive dissonance about it

Yeah, I couldn't believe the shit that came out of Don Rickles' mouth was allowed on TV when I first discovered him.

I like rape


>Hating on Israel is counter-productive

Mostly, I wouldn't care about Israel, however they lobbying for their zionist bullshit that has no common interest Americans.