USDA removes animal cruelty information

The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday abruptly removed inspection reports and other information from its website about the treatment of animals at thousands of research laboratories, zoos, dog breeding operations and other facilities.

“This USDA action will now hide the worst puppy mills in secrecy and allows abusers of Tennessee walking horses, zoo animals and lab animals to hide even the worst track records in animal welfare,” said John Goodwin, senior director of the Humane Society’s Stop Puppy Mills Campaign.

inb4 trump now kills puppers


>Washington post
Yeah NO

He finally did something I don't like.

This story has been picked up by at least 10 news sources, not just WP.

>what is wayback machine

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The removed a webpage which means they've stopped compiling data? That's the concern? Seems like they're saying because the pages are gone the USDA is no longer doing the work. That's jumping to conclusions.

>abusers of Tennessee walking horses, zoo animals and lab animals

wut. No one who works int those fields abuse those animals... If you fucked up a walking horse you'd probably get sued for a lot, who the fuck would work in a zoo and hate animals? the only one I can see maybe abusing animals are labs but compared to what used to happen in the 1950s it's really nothing. shaving a patch of fur and using an ear swab to rub a bit of shampoo on their skin isn't torture. and the ultimate irony of lab animals is that they're infinitely more respected than the retards who want to 'liberate' then.

I mean just fucking look at Laika. The dog is on stamps, shit is named after it and it has statues. How many statues are there in the world of some screeching communist faggot? even if they were made most were knocked down.


The information was public, and has been public for decades, now it's not. Why not desu?

Puppy mills kill and harm dogs user, they can and have been sadistic. Learn user about puppy mills.


>puppy mill

haha how the fuck do you Americans even allow something like that to exist?

Through what mechanism does this question get answered? Do we wait for the USDA to comment? Wait for the Trump administration to answer? I expect someone from the press will reach out for clarification. Have any of those ten+ sites who've reported this reached out to either the USDA or Trump admin for an answer? Do they report the replies they received? We have incomplete info, at least in this thread so far.

We don't, it's illegal. But it still happens sadly

He had better not do something this retarded.

Good, government agencies have no business in these subjective matters.


Dogs deserve better treatment than people do.

You're the OP, you've read these news reports, so have any of them reached out to the USDA or Trump administration for comment?

Even the animals aren't safe in Trump's America. God must deliver us from this evil.


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Yes, the latest information is that:
- this may/may not be a permanent action
- there is no official reason given yet why this action was taken
- the decision was made "at the highest level"

That's all we have thus far. Not nearly enough obviously desu.

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I care about them a hell of a lot more than America's hat. Mr. "I'll beat a navy seal to death but allow Towelie into my home"

I suspected I wasn't going to be happy with Donald's slash and burn approach to rolling back regulations. Were animal welfare rules really the thing holding the American economy back?

They administration should make a public note stating the reason they do these things. It's such a simple task. There's over 300 million of us, not all of us care about everything but there's always a bunch of people who care about any given thing. They deserve to know.


Well, seems like a double edged sword. >Deregulate animal testing, animals get hurt and fucked by super experimental drugs

>save alot of people and make everyone healthier than ever

makes ya think