Women in combat

>implying strength is important when you can fire 3000 rounds per second

mysonginists btfo

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>implying it's not when you have to carry heavy packs of supplies for miles in extreme weather conditions

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>letting women drive
this is going to kill the wrong people

we have a shit ton of them

every time there's an army pic there's some wymyn in it

good, women are great soliders capable of anything a man can do

Can they urinate standing up?

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That's why they're on the front lines.

Their periods all sync up and attract wild predators


Intelligence communities believe that in the event of an actual major war (ww2 style or more) 25-75% of the American military would desert. That is how low morale, and how unready modern combat troops are. So, fuck it.

GR8 B8 M8

citation needed

>t. misogynist

I'd more likely believe the troops would just shoot the people causing them shitty morale.

>in the event of an actual major war (ww2 style or more) 25-75% of the American military would desert
i would enlist immediately to experience that hell on earth. i live in a densely populated area anyway. it's not like my chances of survival are high staying here.

>one of those women gets hit and falls off the tank
>none of them can carry the body back to safety

>Implying quality bait is important when any autistic leafshit is still guaranteed 200 replies

nice meme there, women can easily carry more than their own body weight, nobody even give them a chance


I think anyone of either gender shoukd be allowed to join as long as they meet the requirements.

You still have to hit the target

>having to carry 3000 rounds for a single second of gunfire into the ammo compartment

Better ask a man

>implying you might not have to drag your fallen comrades out of the line of fire
>implying you're not going to have to carry 100+ lbs of body armor, ammunition, magazines, etc
>implying men can get knocked up and have to be out of commission for 9 months
>implying men have to change their tampons every 30 minutes

i so, soooo, sooooooo, wish this is true

it's almost like the army is where people with no future go to

this faggot makes this thread like every week and yet you faggots still manage to fall for it


They boost morale by providing holes for the entire platoon to fuck, and can easily fend off enemy attack dogs by stripped naked and getting down on all fours.

>implying women dont have the physical strength to do so
>implying women dont have the physical strength to do so
>implying women in the military are having sexual intercourses
>implying women in military don't use pads

kys retard

What is she firing them out of? Her snatch?

>get 7th yeast infection this year
S-sorry guys

Women are great cannon fodder

>implying women dont have the physical strength to do so
You're either a woman who's never experienced the true strength of men or a weak beta male who thinks your levels of strength are representative of the entire gender.

Really? Very few women at the gym I go to can deadlift 1 plate which is 135 pounds, the lower end weight of a medium sized woman. And a body is much harder to lift than a bar.

>no source
>name calling

classic austicrailian behaviour

If a woman is as strong as the requirements for males, then she should be allowed to join. What's really bullshit is that women have lower requirements to join the military.

>implying women at the gym are comparable to top notch military grade women who could easily bench 300lbs

ITT: A bunch of sheltered manchildren who know nothing about the military.

Women are just as capable as men are of being soldiers, I would say better even. Unlike MEN, women actually pay attention in boot camp, and are better shooters. Believe me, I would trust a woman to watch my back in combat over a man any day. There's a reason ISIS is so scared of female Kurdish soldiers.

Hate to be that guy, but I was in while they did those tests. Actually worked with someone that was nearly selected for the testing. This shit is real, and if you really cared you'd take five seconds to google it. Quit being a cuck and realize women and men are different physiologically.


>Hey Guys, Let's just ignore the entirety of human evolution,(Or god's divine will, if you swing that way), because my fantasy overrides reality.

Some fucking Canadians

>they don't
>they don't
>like a triple cunted hooker
>eh, either way they require changing.


>implying its the "average" women joining the military and not some strong amazon warrior goddess

leave your mystigony back in 2016 kid

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i bet money youd lose vs ronda rousey idiot

A leaf is going to tell us about combat... lol yeah, oh-kay. Also... those "3,000 rounds" are too heavy for a woman to carry.

Cucknadians are being brainwashed by Justin "Castro" Trudeau to be hyper tolerant to bullshit.

A fucking leaf


>this bait

1/10 made me reply

>to top notch military grade women who could easily bench 300lbs
stop shit posting faggot. Even if they could bench 300lbs, it would be with ridiculous powerlifting posture.

you mean Justin "Pussy Slayer" Trudeau?

hows it feel having a retard who had to buy his wife as leader of your country





>their alignment
Jesus Christ is that even a military?

>or drag wounded comrades

Seriously there is a reason for this. If they want to lower the requirements make an all female unit.

>inb4 they get ptsd from blue on blue when they get pms

Either post an actual argument or keep your mouth shut. There is no place for your misogynistic drivel on this board.

I've never seen an enlisted woman that could shoot anywhere near consistently.

Israeli women in combat>everyone else.

At least some aren't behemoth-tier faggots.

Where's this 3000 round per second gun? Id like to buy one. I'd love to go full America fuck yeah at the range and make the sjw's cry with my YouTube videos.


benching 300lbs is impressive for men that are 6 foot 3 and 250 pounds.

How many woman does it take to drag a female or male soldier into cover OP?

I don't know if your trolling or missing a damn chromosome or what.

Have you ever seen a female cop or soldier under fire?
Most of them flee.

>men solve everything with brute force.
>women use their brains and think outside the box.

Very accurate.

I know it's vice, and vice means degeneracy, but it's absolutely degenerate.

Most of them just patrol around way inside the border or push pencils. Oh and the SUPER HOT OMG babes you see posted here all the time are just propaganda.

No i refuse to believe that is real

Shh let him dream, he knows not of wooks.

I don't care about women in combat if they can do everything a man can. Shitty thing is that women have lower physical fitness requirements, which I think is bullshit.

I've never met a woman that could keep her shit together in a high pressure situation, it's an alpha male trait.
>All they will do is become useless as soon as actual combat starts
They're a fucking liability

>women waste extra time and resources to solve a problem that can be easily completed by a man

Yea, sounds about right.

>3000 rounds per second
That's fucking awesome
God bless America

Climb that wall
>hmm how can I climb this wall without climbing it let me think

It's important when you do what the majority of time in military during wartime is about. Carrying heavy shit around and digging.

I've had a few before they are actually really nice what's wrong with them?

The firemans carry. When the bitch keeps her pack on and weighs 30 lbs than a unburdened dude

Male marines shouldve been required to throw these bitches up and over the obstacle too

>women can't just pull-ups
>easily beat by crippleds

Got it.


do it, fucker

>cover less ground
>lower base musclemass on weaker frames (carry less individually)
>captured and raped

yeah, its true. The Israeli government admitted they literally shill that "badass sexy warrior" meme to sell western men on Israel. The kurds do it too for their token commie battalions. Good propaganda.


Female soldiers are a distraction

If this website has done anything for me over the past 5 or 6 years it has solidified my hate of the other gender

>Fucking up in training

How dare she

Because no man will ever willingly going to cum in, on, or anywhere near these cows.


wtf is this shit

> be female
> get put to man .50cal
> can't charge it

Diversity for the win.

This same leaf makes the same shitty bait threads almost daily. I would not be surprised if he's the same leaf that constantly sucks Clinton's cock and hates on Bush in multiple threads. The autism is admirable and sickening at the same time.

Women do have a proven problem developing their object permanence compared to males.

It's important when the recoil can rip your arms apart if they lack the strength and durability required.

Obama required the Navy to allow women into the SEALs and infantry.

>>implying strength is important when you can fire 3000 rounds per second
It is when i can carry 800 in with my gear and you 400.

If I see that goddamn juicebox one more time....

Half the myth is because of 80s and 90s video games. See, they always made men have higher strength and stamina stats, but they would give women higher intelligence and dexterity, even though that makes no fucking sense outside of the video game world

People still see those video games and unironically believe them

>The Navy MEALs

Women are great soldiers except for
>endurance, which is necessary to walk or run long distances
>physical strength, which is needed to kick down doors
>hygiene out in the field, necessary for optimal soldiers and convenient travel/patrolling
>any combat that requires fight instinct over flight instinct
>situations that need cool headedness under fire
At most they should be patrollers or marksmen that operate near a military base.

Those are whales, not seals user

the whales flock to the sea only to return in greater numbers

Elephant SEALs.

They still have to pass the same exact training requirements. Won't be seeing any womyn SF anytime soon.

It's probably owned by that 250 pound girl who was posting about how she just can't lose weight even though she works out constantly, running two and half minute miles.

Ya mean the one unable to properly tie down her boots over her cackles?

>same exact training requirements
Nope, they were pushed through the Rangers. This doesn't also account for their VASTLY lowered PT standards compared to men.