His statement released by a publicist says coroner’s officials told him that the blockages...

>His statement released by a publicist says coroner’s officials told him that the blockages, combined with her taking the medications Adderall, Xanax and the pain medication fentanyl, caused his wife’s death in April 2016.
>Adderall, Xanax and Fentanyl


Honestly, I feel sorry for the poor guy.

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I would have gave a shit about this man a lot more until after the election. I went to a lot of his shows and he was one of my favs. Now Clown Shoes is dead to me.

>mixing 3 different types of depressants
>her death makes no sense!

I don't like that he shilled so hard during the election, but I wasn't surprised by it, nor did I care. His brand of comedy isn't biting satire that changes minds or anything, so I never thought he was worth worrying about.

Not happy his wife is dead, and I still watch his specials and shit and ignore the annoying bits.

But he was never a favorite of mine (Norm Macdonald - best comic ever)

-Kiddie Meth
-Super Heroin
-Doesn't make sense

High risk for addiction and dependence. Can cause respiratory distress and death when taken in high doses or when combined with other substances, especially alcohol.

Druggie wife died and he doesn't want to admit that druggie wife was druggie.

Article mentions blocked arteries complicating the drug cocktail as well.

>why did my drug-addict die?


>And sometimes I would fall into that cliché where I would say, ‘Well, everything happens for a reason, I guess,’” he said. “And she would go, ‘No it doesn’t. It doesn’t happen for any reason. S—t just happens. There’s no closure, there’s no order and there’s no meaning. It’s whatever meaning you try to put on it, but nothing happens for any reason. Get that out of your head.’”

I mean he was living with a black pilled, feminist, drug addict. ;_;

I feel bad for him but I've gone from a huge fan to hating the little faggot over the last year.



a noooo, my man

What are the odds he had something to do with her death?

Fuck Patton Oswalt.

He is a unfunny faggot and his wife was a junkie. Nothing surprising here. Just another degenerate dead with this faggot probably not far behind.

I'll crack a beer open the day he kills him self and drink it in celebration.

I don't mean to sound cold or harsh but I am so your wife was taking uppers and downers at the same time.

It makes alot of sense you should have intervened no matter how much she fought and hit you and took her to rehab by FORCE.

Guys don't take pills, it's that easy.

he killed his wife


literally 50 x more powerful than heroin. Why was she on that shit?

He killed his wife by getting her addicted to all of that shit in the first place. He belongs in prison.

You'd be reaching for the poison too if you were married to Patton Oswalt.

I've never heard of this guy until just now.

She was blowing her heart away with adderall, then pulling the ripstop on it with Fentanyl and Xanax.

The "heart problem" is just him parading the sort of denial he used to cope with her enormous addiction

>be Liberal
>cannot accept reality
>listen to the prescription Jew
>drug yourself to escape the pain
>die, or shoot up a school
>friends and family blame it on everything else but what it is

Fat and a pill addict because her doctors (including psychologists, the ultimate scammers) decided to just shove pills into her fat maw. Noice.

Possible. I don't know enough about the drugs to know how they interact.

Just alcohol for me, thanks.

fent is a no no

naw, they both deserved it.

He killed her

I liked him, I thought he was conservative

She was killed by the combination of fentanyl and xanax, mixing opiates and benzos is fucking dangerous, not to mention fentanyl is what is causing many of the drug deaths and heroin overdoses in America. With pure heroin you can measure your dose but fentanyl is so strong that it is impossible to measure a safe dose unless you have proper equipment, even for a junkie you need to be mad to willingly take fentanyl, taking it with a really strong benzo will kill you. In this way her death makes perfect sense, don't combine drugs and don't get addicted to opiates.

Fentanyl overdose probably killed her.

>uppers and downers simultaneously

>no fucking sense

this is the type of person who voted for Hillary Clinton.

Probably twisted her ankle or something, shitty doctor prescribes it and oh look I'm a drugged out wreck that's going to OD.

>Honestly, I feel sorry for the poor guy.
Imagine if this had happened to Trump instead of him. Do you think he would feel sorry for him?

Of course not. Fuck Patton, and fuck his dead, fat, drug addicted cunt of a wife. He's a useful idiot propagandist for the Jewish establishment.

Isn't he the midget agent with several twins in Agents of Shield?

It was the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker. She was about to release his true identity.

>Implying enabling wasn't the primary cause of her death

I mean, I never wished ill will on him or his wife, but him and the rest of hollywood/music/comedy all went all out to villainize and demonize anyone who thought different then they did and I can never go back now.

If I were married to that midget I'd probably kill myself too

I think he means "makes no sense" in the way normies used to say "why would god do this to me"

How are people still shocked by prescription drug cocktail addiction and death in 2017? What planet do they live on.

>>Adderall, Xanax and Fentanyl
So hard t0 get in Australia :(

Patton is a drug user who also takes anit-depressants

>junkie wife OD's
>pathetic attempts to shift blame to coronary artery disease
>whilst taking aphetamines
>and benzos
>and fentafuckingnil

He knew and did nothing.

adderall and xzanx is speed ballin (almost)

Adderall crashes bring you down dude.

Patton who?

I've only been vaguely aware of who he even is
>what type of entertainment he does,etc
He's basically a male Lena Dunham
a famous Nobody
my fucking face when

Do you think there's even anyone in his life that will level with him?

The enabler is usually also a victim in these scenarios - he may just be waiting for one bro to say "listen man, she was doing a bunch of drugs"

Like he's probably got all this guilt bottled up inside and no one to help him open up

a fat fucking sperg who uses his wife's death to get attention and lives like a roach off of pity from liberals, his life also revolves around twitter

This is now what Sup Forums has become. See you during the uprising morons.

Edgy Factor: 9.9

She was mentally ill. Anyone with a small amount of self worth would have realized that pumping drug cocktails into your body makes you susceptible to dying young.

>but nothing happens for any reason.

She died because she abused drugs. Sounds like a good reason to me.

>Adderall, Xanax and Fentanyl

>See you during the uprising
I webcam my dick getting erect which is what I assume you mean

Yeah, and deep down he knows that.
>in b4 he starts a charity for heart problems instead of facing the truth

>exploiting his wife's death for publicity
These are details the general public didn't need to know you fucking moron

a benzo and opiate is incredibly easy to die from mixing. The adderall may have been the only thinking allowing that cocktail NOT to kill her.

>used to defend jew jokes on twitter
>wife dies and proceeds to shit it up non-stop

I say a lot of cold shit and have thought he may killed her, but I legit feel sorry for them

This isn't an uncommon thing. I see them as victims. You can harp on with holier than thou bullshit and say it was her choice or whatever, but these people have been eaten up in something vile and wicked. It cost them her life. Their daughter will grow up without a mother.

They are not alone.

If he wont shut his mouth about he-knows-what, there would be one more death, that does not make sence, okay?

She needed the drugs to kill the pain of having that ugly fat fucking troll wheezing and ejaculating in her.



Blow him or overdose?
I'm pretty sure I know why she is gone.

>Benzo and fentanyl are putting you down
>pep pill keeps your body moving like a zombie

One of my favorite tweets of all time.

boy those drugs sound scary and dangerous, ill just stick to my beer and horse tranquiliser thanks

How many Americans are fat shits on a constant diet of pills for anxiety and depression and resort to heavy-duty painkillers for menial injuries?

This is a shitposting board. Why does it bother you so much

>>His statement released by a publicist says coroner’s officials told him that the blockages, combined with her taking the medications Adderall, Xanax and the pain medication fentanyl, caused his wife’s death in April 2016.
>>Adderall, Xanax and Fentanyl
>Honestly, I feel sorry for the poor guy.

LOL no wonder this guy is such a EMO Comic Book reading BetaCuck...

His wife was a fucking Junkie, and he had no idea

Why does it seem like it's so much easier for women to get prescriptions like xanax?

I am horrible horrible anxiety and the doctors basically just tell me to deal with it, they refuse to give out a perscription to ativan because it's so addictive, even though it's perfectly safe and almost impossible to OD on.

For fuck sakes.

I see you in the oven, buddy.

>Norm Macdonald - best comic ever
random image I saved, figured you'd enjoy it

cuz the doctor gives women meds so the men around her can keep their sanity

Since fentanyl is so strong does it make the OD painless? Or do you still choke on your vomit while passed out?

Not mentioned in the article: the part where any of these were prescribed to her

My fave.

she's was taking speedballs with a light meal

I had never actually seen a picture of the wife. Jesus Christ, what a pair of fat, ugly turds.

Doesn't this faggot have a fuckton of money from Ratatouille and other shit? He couldn't get a better looking, less drug-addicted wife?

I truly pine for the day this pile of rhinoceros spunk finally succumbs to the guilt and offs himself on Facebook Live™. And this is coming from someone who loved Spence Olchin.

he murdered his wife

no it still sucks, she suffered. she probably realized she was dying but there was literally nothing she could do about it, then everything went black

uhhh guys is this a fruedian slip that his subcontous is trying to lift from him?

is he burdened with the weight that her death isnt how it appeared?

is he self admitting to murder!?!?!

did he sacrifice her for fame to (((hollywood))) ??

Christ I would OD on fentanyl if I looked like that

>probably realized she was dying but there was literally nothing she could do about it, then everything went black
My greatest fear.

that's what's known as "polydrug intoxication"

it's what Elvis died from.

I'm sure he'll find solace in his atheism :)

yeah, he's incredibly famous


umm i hate to break it to you but anyone who pops a xannie, adderall and fentanyl is ganna die

Why does everyone in here feel sorry for him?

He's obviously a degenerate amoral piece of shit, who cares about him or his junkie wife. He's the kind of guy who couldn't care less if someone else gets fucked over but suddenly when it's him he wants the world to feel sorry for him. Fuck that faggot

Fuck you I have cancer. If the cancer won't kill me my liver failure from all the meds I take will.

who the fuck takes so many drugs together? is this normal? i'm a drug enjoyer like any modern degenerate but would never try to take multiple heart-fucker-upper drugs at once. what am i missing?


Good. Drugs are bad.

in 'murica I go to my doctor and he throws xanax at me like they were M&Ms. You probably look like a junkie. Try covering your tattoos and taking out your faggy piercings.

>my fat wife had clogged arteries and 3 separate drugs in her system. It makes no sense!

>what am i missing?
The experience of God on earth

Stevie Nicks was given Klonopin when she went to rehab for cocaine in like 1983 - she said she essentially lost the rest of the decade

I watched a woman overdose on all of her pills once (like 80 vicodin and xanax) and the doctor wrote her new scripts a few days after she recovered. They really do pass that shit out like candy.

>2nd worst shiposters in teh world with incredible bantz(canada is 1st now)
>on all those pills

can you imagine their postings?

I thought he killed her.

Fentanyl and xanax together sounds like a recipe for disaster.