America hate thread

>ground zero for feminism, sjw, lgbt
>most expensive military in the world yet regularly gets BTFO by farmers with knock off soviet weapons
>no cultural heritage
>99% of cuck and bbc porn filmed there for locals to enjoy
>cuckolding literally promoted in TV shows
>american """"whites"""" are either low energy fatsos, retarded rednecks like cletus "bubba" II or some muddy bastards
>american posters are easily the worst ones out there

why do some americans think they have a right to call european countries cucked when they are the topcuck worldwide? why do americans call people white or uncultured when their country is barely white and american culture is nonexistent?

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>ground zero for feminism, sjw, lgbt
This though. All this shit started over there


Who would win: America+Russia alliance vs the rest of the world?

there was a faggot thread this morning talking about eminem, and i swear 90% of the flags that were saying shit about how much they "used to like him" and other things were american

>be american
>listen to nigger music
>b-b-but im white

if you listen and enjoy rap, you're not white. i'm a full-blooded yellow chink and, well, if you listen to rap, you're less white than i am

Your flag is a white surrender flag dipped in your dead.

It started in Frankfrut school in Germany, Not america.

ching chang chong? dont u have some dog to kill?

I never liked Wigger Eminem, It was obvious he was sucking BBC.

Wrong country dipshit

>Amerilard Education

Hong Kong and China are two different countries.

Hollywood caused it. California is the birthplace of degeneracy.

Totally wasn't because of global mass indoctrination birthed in Hollywood.
It's literally illegal to be a faggot in most communist states.

Dont you have a shot to get?






Poland you are the worst fucking country. Everyone is illogically religious as fuck. Your moms yell at your children and beat them in public to the horror of everyone else around them. Ironically for the people that hate immigration, they disrespect every country they immigrate to. They will tell their kids that the Polish are smarter than the Canadian (Kanadol) or American, even though it's not true. There is a huge level of arrogance coming from Poland.

I know this because I'm Polish. Poland is only fun to visit and drink cheap good beer.

you're poland
you're ground zero for europe



sometimes i love you yellow autists

but really i cant stop enjoying eminem you got me




What the fuck

Agree, American posters are usually completely delusional and most of them are non-white mixed mongrel filth

>its the weekly shit-talk america thread

Our navy has a larger air force than most of your countries.

Ever been to a HWNDU thread?
Only then will you realize that American Posters are scucm

>clearly shopped swastika

scum* fuck sake

>australian shitposter becomes confused and posts a photoshop as if it were real

How does it feel to know everyone with common sense thinks you're retarded?

>Jew York is mostly non-white
>American posters must be scum

Most Aussie whites have abo blood, You're just as mongrel as us.

This thread is almost entirely shills shitposting each other.

That $40 million your boss got is really doing some great work.

is this real?

It's Jew York of course there's tons of non-whites, The Australian is trying to use it as an excuse to claim all American whites are scum. But he fails to realize his family tree might have abos in it.

This has nothing to do with "shill", it's deserved hatred of Americans who keeps shitting up threads and boards with their delusional crap. I wish there was a /europol/ where every non-European flag was banned from posting.

>Most Aussie whites have Abo Blood

Ah because less than 1% of Australia's population has totally inherited the 92% (20 million) whites in Australia

Fake News!

It's real, come to the reality that you're not white you disgusting shitskins

Talk shit once you learn English


>biggest population of white people in the world
>yurops claim to wanna save white race



That's cute seeing as how we literally pay for everything to keep your snooty little asses safe.

Makes me wonder why we even bother paying to keep Ivan from raping and slaughtering you all.

>Deserved Hatred of Americans

Gee I'm pretty sure there's european posters on this site that are just as annoying, but you know keep claiming you're superior I guess.

i thought it was that we spent like 50x more on our military than you do...

they don't have burger king in Sweden? sad!

>Argentina is 7th on the list, I swear!

Because one of our states has the population and economy of a European country and we have 50 of them... just go away I'll give you the change in my pocket.

>communism and marxism started in america
dumbass this has been a war that's over a 100 years old and the fucking degenerate jews all fucking lived in europe and fled to america.

it's literally cause of fucking europe america got subverted and especially poland you fucking scum. if you bastards didn't lie about the holocaust how could jews have so much power.


Oh, hi whitey!



This honestly

America is a sick country, no longer European in blood or culture

Save yourselves

St-stop, you're only making me h-harder with these insults.


On the other hand, Poles are the welfare niggers of Europe :^)

>What is massbreeding

Aussies can't be this retarded.

>L-look this at p-picture showing that american whites a-aren't white

You realize the law system here is shit right?

>Has no argument
>Continues to post le 60% meme

No wonder nobody (not even europeans) like Swedes.

I've been saying it for a long time now.

European man's burden.

America is far less than 56% white I can assure you

>He thinks a "massbreeding" on such a scale of most of the 20 million whites having abo blood is plausible

That's like saying the majority of Americans must all have Native American blood in them.

Americans can't be this retarded.

>anti american post
how new are you, johnny?

It's odd, I hate every single Pole on Sup Forums, they are bitter cunts nonstop, but most Poles I've met in real life were nothing but nice, civilized, charming and really likeable people with a nice sense of humor.

Doesn't change the fact that Poland is a 3rd world shithole country. If it weren't, there wouldn't be thousands of Poles fleeing to Western countries to claim gibs.

A lot of them actually do silly, Haven't you lurked 23andme threads?

Aussies are like Americans when it comes to Science.

They do though

>illegal to be a family in most communist countries

No shit, by the time you are living in a communist state, the degradation of the native culture is no longer necessary to incite a revolution. The Jews are already in power by that point.

Learn to English dumb fucking snownigger.

>Europe is represented by a bunch of fruits and w(h)ines

Checks out.

REMINDER: America uncucked itself by voting in Donald J. Trump and killing political correctness through its glorious freedoms we all envy. It's a fact that we "European" styled countries are PC nightmares of hate speech and red tape.

God bless America

Says the retard who killed the English language.

The 56% is not even white, they are mixed and have no pure bloodline.

They have no culture either.

Most stupidest and brainwashed people too.

Worst humour.

99% is extremely ugly.

Only speaks one language but expect everyone to speak fluently in English.







>learn to english

Nordicucks don't have the right to argue when they're just as annoying.

Hardly believable m8

Shills don't even understand basic memes. Fuck this is sad.

A nice look into your future, Sven.

Except we actually know how to handle rowdy minorities.

American """"culture"""" must be destroyed. It's the cancer killing the world.

t. Tyrone Shlomo Velasquez, who thinks he is the heir of the mighty Romans



USA is the real Israel, the tool of maintaining jewish rule worldwide.

White IQ in America

Now get ready for this!

White IQ in Australia

Wow that Abo blood really must've knocked your IQ points down.

>40% white

>Except we actually know how to handle rowdy minorities.

YOU'RE the minority :^)

>be proud german
>drive to work so i can contribute to this well functioning society
>drive to work at around 120 mph
>boss calls me, asks me where i am
>unironically tells me to not drive like a slow faggot
>going 170 mph in my amg mercedes
>everybody apoligizes after i tailgate them because they know how to drive and make way
>do the 100 mile drive in 40 minutes on superior, well maintenanced 3 lane autobahn

>be le americunt
>7 lane highway
>V12 vehicle with 960HP
>max speed 70 mph
>some mom in a huge ugly clumpy typical american 90% plastic parts SUV going 50mph while being super stressed and sweating from the "fast and dangerous" driving
>roads look like a shit, americunts literally cant build or maintenance a fucking flat asphalt surface
>drive 72 mph
>cop pulls you over
>"sorry sir I..."
>pulls gun
americunts are fucking retarded wannabe nazis with inferiority complexes
>believe every shit thats on fox news, brain already fragile from eating nothing but jewish non-foods and processed shit

>bring lettuce and tomatoes etc to america
>they try to eat it, literally vomit and cry from disgust, body can only process burgers, fries and chips
>most of the populace doesnt even know what fruits are
>only talk about their stupid holidays like thanksforgiving or 4th august independence week and halloween and whatnot, nobody in the world fucking cares about your stupid ass holidays so shut the fuck up


this sadly

Remember who forced us to take in roaches........ It was the Usa

That's the Average IQ of our countries m8

Also, you're on the same level as us. Kek.

The fact Europeans get so triggered by a minority of American Sup Forumsacks making "UR NOT WHITE" threads is pretty funny.

There's a thing called not bumping them.

Evidence speaks to the contrary.
>Man who was chased by blm protesters and used a gun in self-defense has been jailed for 19 years

Strangely enough, that's my experience as well. Though, it's only been mild exposures. I don't live in the neighborhoods where poles reside.

>elect greatest leader of all time
>Europoorfags are jealous

As always, we will win, you will still be broke Slav fags. Squatting and getting drunk in a trash pile.

It's called white flight. We have vast tracts of land to flee too, unlike yourself.

Obvious attempt to divide eurobros against ameribros. I'm afraid your tricks don't work here, Mr Shecklestien.

That's counting blacks,asians ect, But you know I guess i'm totally BTFO now by the person with 1/16th Abo blood.

This is a slide thread.

>being forced to flee from minorities
>"whites are in charge!"


My romanticized image of America was shattered by the reality of actually moving there to go to college.

>Nobody was actually white. They were all brownish mutts with Indian, Mexican, and Nigger mixed in.
>Cities were nigger filled cesspool containment zones which nobody could dare enter
>The meat, fruit, sugary products all tasted like shit due to HFCS and other chemical garbage
>Tap water was practically toxic in towns and cities
>They were flooded with illegals and embraced them with open arms nation of immigrants blah blah blah
>Colleges were absolute hellholes of sjw feminist faggot freakshows, no actual learning taking place at all
>Glamorization of niggers and anti-white everything
>Jews with their hands in literally all aspects of the culture
>Country undergoing irreversible demographic change which will turn the country into another Brazil
>1/2 of the country and 1 of 2 major parties openly hates the country and its founding principles
>Any attempt to confront these unpleasant facts was always met with "USA #1 LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT GO BACK TO CANADA"

Most of this occurred in solid red "based redpill" states so I can only imagine how bad the blue states were.

I know that Canada is a leftist hellhole. But I can take a step back and look at the situation objectively. I can see the (very few) good points of my country while also being very aware of how bad things are and how much worse they are going to get.

Americans? They just put their heads in the sand, convincing themselves of the waking of a sleeping giant who no longer exists and a 1776-esque revolution made possible by a piece of a paper which will be destroyed and disregarded within a single generation.

lol Germcuck talking about fleeing from minorities.

Didn't your women get raped by gangs of migrants last year in the open during new years?

>blacks on daddies

Fuck my life pham

>White IQ

I'm the most BTFO'd person in the world aren't I?

>Didn't your women get raped

Speaking of rapes....

Why don't you guys use your 2nd amendment rights to keep them safe? Is it because you're actually pussies? :^)

Why do you think your 3rd world opinion matters on an American image board?

Does anyone, except Americans, like America? It feels like whole world secretly and/or openly hates them.

It's so funny to read all these posts where Americans gets so butthurt by the fact that their country is the worst, they are not white and they have no culture. Hahahahahaa.

in defense the character in the show is a total fucking cuck beta so it's no surprise. meant to be humorous Sup Forumsand

>Interracial rapes, mostly in liberal cities
>All of Germany becoming one giant interracial rape-fest
Mutti Merkel will keep increasing your rape epidemic until all ethno germcucks are wiped out ;P

>anti american post
go back to _donald/