'if batman were he would call us a racist"

'if batman were he would call us a racist"


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omg i hate racists now

sage this sam "the cuck" harris shit

add him to the list of rich fucks that don't care about everyone else

A totally real person would call us a liberal buzzword

>Star wars and Harry potter

he's making the joke that ben affleck is a retard sjw

Who the fuck watches bill mayer?
theres a special place in hell for you scum bag mother fuckers

o ok.. forgot about that one. Was a good moment but Sam Harris sold out to Hillary and forever became a cuck

Bin Al-fleck BTFO


another interesting video

You mean Plot Armour: The character? The one who would get beaten by any other superhero if he was written by competent writers instead of:

>Dude batman wins cause he's Batman lmao

>we need moderate muslims in the west
Isn't it better to have the 'moderates' in the middle east to temper the 'radicals'?

It's not plot armor, it's called prep time pleb.

I think he's referring to Ben Afleck and his love for mudshits. He was on Bill Maher once, sucking their dicks passionately like any good SJW.


she needs to be BLACKED NOW

>prep time
>whoops slipped on this little patch of broken up asphalt that I didn't see while it was pitch black and the thief I was chasing takes his opportunity to stab me in the eyes and now I'm dead

>implying he wouldn't be aware of everything in the area

I know.
I like Sam Harris but I can't follow his line of thinking on this whole issue.
So we should let hundreds of thousands of refugees into our country and just hope that they'll act as some kind of missionaries sent to temper the radical ideology of "conservative" muslims?
How can we be sure that they are even willing to initiate a dialogue?
Can we really trust the federal government to have a careful and thorough vetting process for these people?
Seems like a totally untenable solution desu

>I like Sam Harris

He even contradicts himself later by talking about how even so called moderates have support for Sharia, stoning, etc things that are anything but moderate.

I think his idea is that we can't just kill all Muslims because there are too many of them so instead we should push the liberal Muslims (just another way of saying brown middle eastern ex-muslims) to the forefront so that they'll win a war of ideas against the rest of the Muslims around the world.
Sam is a bit autistic, and I think if he could snap his fingers and kill all Muslims in the world, then he probably would.

lol you were so eager to use your favorite word that you fucked it up, bud.

cuck cuck cuck. I bet you like cuck porn, huh? Next time you watch it think of me ;)

hur hur hur you're a cuck, he's a cuck, she's a cuck hur hur hur I like dis new word.

Good reason for not liking Sam Harris?

sam harris has a nice looking wife

Fucking race mixer, why am I not surprised.

It's a jewish survival instinct, he can't control it.

Can we get a real conservative thinker on that panel and not Tomi?


>fighting against corruption
>fighting against crime

If batman were here they would call him racist.

Baby looks nothing like him lmao

She's Israeli jew

Harris confirmed as literal cuckold.

Tomi is insanely annoying, she was making things actually awkward - Ann Coulter is a social butterfly in comparison.

No that's not what he said at all. He said moderates DONT believe in that stuff and that is one of the biggest problems with Muslims in Europe. He was basically saying that there are too many Muslims in Europe who are not moderate and are borderline radicalized.

Free will is real
sorry for skeptics

Jesus christ what the fuck happened to Sam.

He became so god damn intellectually dishonest for what? Shekels? Preserve his own little social group? He avoided drinking the kool aid for so long just to end up chugging a gallon of it at once.

Yeah, an inconvenient truth is that so long as they can escape to the west, they won't reform their homes. And so long as the Muslim world isn't reformed, letting Muslims come over here is dangerous for us.

I will say one thing about our role in this, though: Our shitty corrupt leaders have spent the past 50 years destabilizing the region and putting these nutjobs in power, and this continued into the Obama administration with Libya and attempts on Syria. We do owe it to the moderates who don't wish to live under these oppressive regimes and war torn shitholes to help those who wish to set things right, with military aid if necessary.

The problem is like you said though. Our leadership incentivizes them to come here rather than help us help them there. I feel like the entire region is too far gone now. There is no way of salvaging anything there.

>Our leadership...

...is being completely uprooted, and strengthening the borders is high on the priority list.

PSA that Atheism is a Jewish Plot to undermine Social cohesion in the West and to mock christianity

I should have said our previous leadership. My bad

She is but she also makes my pee pee hard

Christians need no help to accomplish those goals.

I feel like we're well on the way to openly acknowledging the threat that radical Islam poses to the west by holding positions of power and money, and that any power who supports them cannot simply be overlooked.

Hopefully, "kill ISIS" turns into "kill Muslim extremist regimes". A coalition of western governments that aren't restrained by political correctness + Russia could definitely pressure Middle Eastern governments into reform, through bombs if necessary. By 2040, these countries could look better than they did 50 years ago, and we could have powers that we could actually call friends, to boot.

@ 40.20 he said he book Milo wonder how much butthert the audience will be

Batman? Another rich know nothing celebrity that doesn't even exist

>Sam Harris
>Winning anything
A guy famous for losing an argument to Noam Chomsky and then being too stupid to argue with Jordan Peterson does not deserve your attention or your respect.

Sam Harris looks like my father. H-He's not jewish though.