Serious question for the anti-semites here, why?

Serious question for the anti-semites here, why?
What is your issue with Jews?

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find out yourself.

jews work as a tribe to overthrow countries.

they overthrew over 15 last century. they are involved in anti white propaganda and mass migration into white countries and only white countries.

I don't like them. Simple as that.

because they're rich and success breeds jealousy


The rich ones hide behind the rest.

The desert ones are just as violent and insane as other desert tribes.

Russian ones seem pretty alright, but I've only known one.

And European Jews.....aren't.

It is beyond any shadow of a doubt that the jews are the most powerful and wealthy race in the world. What they do with that power and wealth... now that's another story.

Bc of George soros

They're of the devil
Jesus said so

They're anti-Whtie. They want the White race extinct. They're scared of White people minding their own business in their own country

>hurr durr refugees are good goy, welcome diversity


i want them out of the system. no power to them, no money to them, no freedom of speech.
they should be that guy who´s on their knees in front of a mcdonalds for some change
they stirred up racism against good working class people just coz of a skin and that means to me that jews are same as KKK, jews are a deathcult like ISIS, so fuck them all.
so sick of retarded religions ruining the world,, make everything else except atheism illegal

i want by foreskin back.

kek. youve never met a jew and in your imagination they are all sneaky globalist shills.
ever wonder why alex jones says "globalists" instead of jews? its cuz he isnt an idiot
hitler was taking advantage of the then popular idea of racial superiority
but what he really hated was globalists, something we are all now familiar with
some happen to be jews, soros might be one of the worst of them all and he is a jew
doesnt make jews evil. jews have gotten everything for their people that you wish you could get for yours
its something to look up to, to emulate perhaps. dont forget that its all about self-preservation.

subtle red pill thead

Why did you have the coincidence detector removed? Serious question.

jealousy is a sin, dont forget to confess.

Yes, the people who worship Trump are just jelly of the kikes.

I read your post and I still don't like jews...


they unironically fell for "jew rule the world" meme

They are actively trying to kill the Europe so their prophet or something would return.

They are overrepresented in financial and media and tend to form closed circle preventing non-jews from getting into

>Being this blue pilled thinking everyone who hates jews are anti Semitic

Lurk more, faggot.



"Anti-semites" is such a hilariously kikey term. Both Jews and Arabs are Semites, but Jews successfully convinced everyone to call anti-Jew Arabs "anti-Semitic"

Daily Reminder: You cant hate what you strive to become, admit jealousy, strive to be like the jews.


Wait, what? That's the definition.
hostile to or prejudiced against Jews.

I'm here, just sounding people out on this. I was legitimately curious.

Fuck that guy.

?Trump is with the kikes dude

The big question is - why those alt-right antisemites hate on jews, when jews are white?

they lie, cheat and steal
they're dirty and ugly.
next question

Why would I want to strive to be a perpetually hated minority that can only get by by shitting up civilizations built by white men?

no we don't.

We don't care, we just want to do our thing and be left alone.

Holy shit

Literally the dumbest term. "Someone who is against people of semitic origin." Although it has been politically suited to fit """oppressors""" of Jews (the race or the religion, which ever is convenient for them at the time).

So - to your question. Judaism is not Torah Observant. Judaism is not the observation of the Torah. Judaism is not based off the Torah. Please, understand that first. Judaism has turned from priestly to rabbinic tradition, where by the laws of man (ie. the Talmud and the authority of the Rabbi's) takes precedence over Sacred Scripture. The talmud wasn't finished until 500 A.D so technically Judaism is not older than Christianity, but shares a common ancestor of the Abrahamic faith of the Israelites.

So, that's the first thing - theologically - the Jews are NOT the chosen people, and follow a Satanic (man-inspired religion).

Understanding this then, we can look at how the Ashkenazim Jews have literally ruined every country they've been in and are responsible for economic slavery and white genocide; ever since God punished these heretics in 70 .A.D. This is the "Jews" we hate.

kill all jews



This is what kike shills look like

Wew the mental gymnastics, ya got me, I'm convinced you want to be like the jews.

They get rich by making others poor.


See Plus this "politically incorrect" you dumb nigger, kill yourself faggot. Death to all jews and sheeeeiiitttt

Good goyim

0.0002 shekels have been added to your account


you will die soon kike slave

Underated for sure
>top keks my 400 lb ultra hacker user

I'm a Jew, so I don't really have too many problems or issues with my fellow lighter-skinned slightly-more-civilized sand"niggers", but

>1. those fucking hair curls
>2. the Bolshevik USSR-tier Jews in power are pushing to entirely destroy the Western world

>pumping all aquifers dry to grow non-native crops with artificial fertilizers and then poisoning water that goes into Palestine.

Bantz for days

This is probably the most understandable reason.

What's the deal going on with merchants and future tech?
Every cutting edge $B online invention has a happy merchant up to his nuts in it.
Is there a hotline from the ayys to the merchant?

Killing jews is what i do

good goys

You've got it all wrong.

I came from nothing. I grew up on a farm, in the middle of nowhere. We had no money. My father worked his ass off to keep a roof over our head. We grew all our own food. My Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother came to the US in 1840 from Prussia, and we were so poor that we couldn't come through Ellis Island, we had to take the "cheap flight" through New Orleans.

My great grandfather worked teams of mules for the Department of the Army for WW1. ALL of my male grandparents and great uncles fought in WW2 against the Nazi's, and my Great Uncle was a POW when his plane got shot down, and the only reason he wasn't sent to the camps, was that we were too poor to have a mohel give him a circumcision when he was born.

I was the first person in 7 generations to go to College. And it wasn't because we were rich, it's because I worked my ass off to get a scholarship, because my family had no money, and I didn't even WANT to go to college, because I felt guilty when I should be working to make money for the family.

So fuck you.

>pulled America into WWI to get Britain to promise Palestine
>basically caused all of WWII in the process

not even a conspiracy theory... read the book "Great Britain, the Jews, and Palestine" - guy who wrote it was a Jew, bitching about how Britain didn't hold up their end of the bargain (creating British mandate instead of Israeli state)

> US legally defined Jews as non-white
Why US is so anti-semite?
Literally nazi.

These Jews are in the minority. Most of us don't feel this way.

but then what is torah?

So you claim to be Jews, but you don't follow the Torah at all.

Jew's don't practice animal sacrifice.
Jews don't practice adult circumcision.
Jews don't believe in Adam and Eve or Genesis.
Jews believe that the 10 commandments are just a meme.
Jews believe that the Torah is just a collection of myths and fables and parables.


Jews worship the Talmud. - A book created by the butthurt bitter Jewish priests and Eldars who God told to fuck off at Mount Sinai because he wanted to talk to Moses alone.
These bitter priests decided to spread a lie that they were given an even greater and more comprehensive law than Moses by God.
They actively try to circumvent God and whilst Moses is up on Mount Sinai tell the Jews to worship other gods.
Prophets and Kings come and put the Jews right.
Eldars continue to subvert and try to make the Jews worship demons.

Jesus Christ comes along.
>I'm here to save you Jew's from getting subverted anymore.
Get's killed.
Decides to save all mankind instead.
Jews now converted to Talmudism butthurt as hell.
Proceed to spend the next thousand years being butthurt and attempt to destroy Christianity and the Christian West because they're bitter lying cucks.

Oh and Israel. Pic related.

this is who you elected Sup Forums


Btw remove yourself shitskin


You're a fucking idiot. That's an organic farm on the Jordanian border.

shut the fuck up jew i will fucking blow your brain ( if you have one ) and feed your filthy corpse to stray dogs ( i doubt they eat jews )

>make farm in Jordan next to pissrael
>jews "feel" you are threatening them
>they attack you in "self defense"
>borders move, your farm now belongs to hymie.

secular jews gibe money to ultra-orthodox jews in israel who wants us goyim dead. so you're all the same to us.

fuck off achmed

that's a good opinion for a literal mongol subhuman

kills jews now !

Jews are antagonistic, unpatriotic cunts that absolutely have no loyalty for the land and the people they live among, yet live as parasites, never tending the land nor fighting for it. They use covert tactics to advance their influence in media, politics and academics, and then it's a nepotist fest.
t. Half Jew

shut up semitic rat. there's no difference between you and jews.

Buh is a jew (i.e. white).

This. I've actually been to Israel. I've met plenty of jews there and here in Europe. I dare say no more Jews are sneaky globalist traitors than whites, 99% of them are just regular people wanting to live a happy life.

Well to them - they seem to like the idea of it, but when you look at the specifics they don't follow any of the specifics of Mosaic Law as had pointed out. They probably more view it as a simple and merely historical text, rather than the Inspired Word of God



mention anything good about russia other thun MUH SAVING THE WHITE RACE MUH BASED PUTIN



Except Orthodoxy is dying out in favor of more modern thought. Modern Orthodoxy will rise to power, and MOST Modern Orthodox people, which insular, understand that we do need to make an effort to get along.

We don't want to the gentiles dead, that's a fact we have more animosity towards liberal jews than we have against any gentile.




Jews run the EU that is trying to genocide us through taxation and ethnic replacement. They're also responsible for most wars in the middle east that chase these migrants to us.

Why should I tolerate the theft of my resources and the genocide of my people? No, instead I will say: Fuck off kikes.





Not really, the powerful ones are the biggest criminals. They didn't earn any of what they own. It's all gone through banking frauds.




Oh and here's some extra shit.

Also Israeli involvement in 9/11 outlined.
>It has since been criticized for advocating an aggressive new policy including the removal of Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq and the containment of Syria by engaging in proxy warfare and highlighting its possession of "weapons of mass destruction".
>The passage suggested that the transformation of American armed forces through "new technologies and operational concepts" was likely to be a long one, "absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor."[45] Journalist John Pilger pointed to this passage when he argued that Bush administration had used the events of September 11 as an opportunity to capitalize on long-desired plans.
Israeli company caught filming the 9/11 attacks had prior knowledge. All arrested were confirmed Mossad agents. Had access to tower before hand. Other Israeli mossad agents caught with a Truck full of explosives at the Boston Bridge. Entire malls (coincidentally near Military bases) full of Israeli workers at toy stands dissapeared after 9/11.
Banned Fox news report detailing the Israeli take over of security services in the US



jealous of what? of being a fucking soulless suit who tries to ruin peoples lives?
fuck them i hate their shitty humor, shitty movies, shitty everything