Welp. It's settled, then

Welp. It's settled, then

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Can you post a fucking link at least ?

archive link pls


>Assign an attribute to an entire race
>"T-they're the racists!"


clear cut case

Kek, I wish

Don't bother with Mic
they purposely model their news this way

Ofc I am, you turned me into one ya fucking nigger.

>white, also racist
Uhhh guyz?

Nah you don't need to explain because I'm not racist therefore the premise is wrong.

>tfw liberalism has become the oppression olympics
I feel sorry for the people who genuinely want to help minorities but have to deal with these retards instead

>implying being racist is a bad thing

isnt it racist to generalize all white people as racists?

Yessss yesssss continue this please.

>go to black lives matter riot as a whitey
>get called racist

>do nazi rally and pledge to kill all the coons
>get called racist

Perfect. Just as planned. Soon the whites will once again rule the galaxy.

If everyone is racist, no one is.

>race is a social construct
>all white people are racist

Stupid niggers.

Exactly, I tried to explain this "oppression olympics" stuff to a girl I know, channeling Thomas Sowell's views on the welfare system etc.

I'm a racist apparently.

The time has come to stop arguing with them imo. You can't explain rational ideas to children; it's up to them to grow the fuck up and start arguing properly, but until then, it should be talk shit, get hit.

I used to not be racist but then I learned that all white people, especially white males, are very racist, so I learned to accept that and now am actually racist for real. Thanks liberals!

Welp, that logic is flawless

Why wouldn't we be? Brown people aren't ready for civilised society

Deport them all, the animals


Headquarters New York City, New York, U.S.
Founder(s) Chris Altchek, Jake Horowitz


> It took a lot for Chris Altchek to walk away from his Goldman Sachs investment banking job.


> The two came up with the idea a few years ago, between summers at Harvard (where Chris got a degree in social studies) and Stanford (where Jake majored in Middle East history).

Really makes you think.

No, only whites are.

Has anyone ever tried harder to start a race war than the left has over the past year and a half?

Charles Manson?

They told me so many times that I was racist that in the end I became racist for real

The thing is these people are allowed the vote while being vastly misinformed, with no intention of listening to the opposition. I listen to the opposition but communication is painful because they associate you with evil. These are complex issues and if the argument isn't a simple soundbite then it's not worth arguing.

Apart from the insane minority, I don't blame a lot of them because they're constantly exposed to crap in the media.

Moonman response video when?


I feel you man. Like you say, if they'd just be willing to listen and argue instead of just basing things on generalisation and emotion, this oppression shit would be over and done with by now. I feel bad about it, because these people generalise about race to fight racism, use political violence in protest of fascism, and genuinely can't see why they're in the wrong. It's genuine doublethink.

As for not blaming them, I can't help it now. If people like us can point out the flaws in their logic so easily, and look for the facts on the internet, why can't they? But they just refuse to think. How can you not get angry at people like that?

Well ofcourse all non-whites are racist, did you not know?

i honestly cant believe i see this shit still get posted on here, i literally knew the short girl to the left of the one with purple hair, her names Breetani and she had pretty big tits my friend dated her

Isn't Antifa mostly white though?

Perhaps they should practice what they preach and kill themselves.

Parents who raised them sucked, can confirm, as a millenial we are the participation trophy generation. Literally had classmates whose parents would complain about everything if they even slightly felt that everyone wasn''t treated like equally wonderful snowflakes even when some were clearly better than others. And this is what happens when those people grow up having been made to believe that the world owes them equality.

To admit they're wrong and reality is cold would mean letting go of their childhood, which is hard to do when they still watch disney movies all the time

New response to people calling you racist:

"So what?"

>NowThis edits Drumpf footage to make him sound bad
>What he's saying in the edited version is still right

I know what you mean.
For younger people, while frustrating, I can give some slack because the internet is still a relatively new technology, and with all that information out there, we're still not exactly intuitive when it comes to forming it into a cohesive narrative.

It's the older ones I get frustrated with. I respect my elders but a lot of the ex-hippies I know have attached themselves to an ideology as part of their identity and refuse to listen to ANY argument. It is the complete opposite of maturity.

It's not a new response, there's a really great Rockwell piece regarding the approach which literally changed my life.

Next time someone calls you a racist the reply is simple - so what? What's inherently wrong with being a racist? I'm a perfect product of my environment and my own decisions and I like billions of others have valuable racial perspectives. There's nothing inherently wrong with being a racist or holding racist views because in the modern world everything is subjective. There's no real way to weigh up the moral quality of a racist person as opposed an open borders retard. So what?

>that comma usage

Fucking hell. I'm going to vommit.

it's better to point out you're a nationalist and make the distinction between a white nationalist and supremacist

Racist, the way people use it has no meaning but the real definition puts you on the supremacist's end so once you have someone in front of you who'll bring up that, what do you say?

Is this a new buzzfeed video? Why are you posting such shit here?

People think of Nationalist as a roundabout way of being a supremacist anyway, there's no point in drawing distinctions with close minded people.

Again if someone threw that at me I'd say the same thing - so what? What are you going to do exactly, throw me in jail for being a racist? My system in my country wouldn't allow that. Attack me in the street? I'd never allow myself to be exposed or vulnerable like that. Kill me eventually? So what? Life goes on, the ouroboros, I'll be back and so will The Coming Man.

So what?

I'm not sure if they realize what they're doing. Basically the only answer left for white people would be violence.
If no matter what, white people are racist (and therefore must pay for it one way or the other) there can be no solution outside of eliminating the stability threat (other races) utterly and completely until white people no longer need to answer to anybody but themselves.
Of course I'm talking about total genocide, there comes a point where to not repeat this suffering, this constant pain and humiliation inflicted upon them, white people will seek every last race that is not its own and terminate it.
This is because merely allowing "them" to survive would imply a return to a state where "white people were bad to us therefore they must pay". This option HAS to be eliminated from the equation. Every race which has not an aryan origin and can advance claim to a different heritage MUST be eradicated from this reality so that the echoes of their blind hate won't come back in the future and reduce us once again to subservient (or at least permissive) to the inferior. For a crime being real there must be a victim, once the complex of victims, which forms the broader Victim will cease to exist in this reality the crime will be gone with it along with the guilt.
Each and every white will comply to the extermination or be considered as a virus in the Race organism.
Masters once again, there will no longer be darkness at dawn.

That's even crazier because I know TWO of the girls in that pic. They went to my high school, ~5 years ago. Are you from Houston?

Checked her fb, she posted "I made it I'm a meme". So no question then...

It's appropriate desu, she's turbo sjw

>these crackas once enslaved all my predecessors
>they be having these nukes and bioweapons
>they just don't use it out of their own self imposed rules

>better antagonize them in an attempt to submit them to my will

No. We changed the meaning of "racist." It now means the following:
>white person who doesn't give all their money to black people
>or a white person who does do that.
Hence, the video in question.

I can't wait until all the niggers are dead.

Story checks out.

Straight from the plate lips himself

Weird. I always thought I wasn't a racist.
But now I'm convinced.

Death to all niggers. Lets decorate every tree with a nigger hanging from it. They aren't even worth keeping as slaves.

I mean I can't blame your friend for berrying it.

but that's because the definition of racist=white

whites have to realize that the people they are trying to apologize to are their enemies

Indeed, I am also a nazi misogynist, time to go bash some niggerskulls in

Not racist enough apparently since all these niggers are still alive.

Someone make the same video with the same dialogue but change white to black

This is now a Breetani thread.



Breetani likes cocktails I bet.

>communication is painful because they associate you with evil
I (American) talked to a Canadian and a Brit in a bar the other night, topic got around to Trump and when I said I supported most of his policies and tried to politely explain why the Canacuck went berserk and started screaming racist and calling me evil etc. it's the first time that has happened in Japan and caught me off guard. He actually went the whole way with the liberal stereotype, rimmed glasses and all. It was actually bizarre because as a long-term expat up until then I had only heard about raging leftists but this time I got to meet one. It was kind of like the first time going to the zoo.

In all seriousness that English teacher can't be allowed to get the nuclear codes.

This is correct but gets you nowhere. Anyone who will call you racist is searching for affirmation of their views and upon receiving it will declare themselves the Winner and negate anything else you may say or do. Leftists like to play the "Gotcha!" game and will try every trick in the book to get you to say something they can latch onto and use to delegitimize your arguments. They then use that to turn the crowd against you. You can try to explain your position thoughtfully but at that point the crowd is usually scared of being called racists themselves and as such will be afraid to respond or speak up even if they disagree with the leftist.

What did you expect? Sadly 99% of Canadians that can afford to travel that far are commielibs and have grown up on watching government media.

>nigger with a pube beard

Opinion fucking discarded

c'mon guys, Breetani

>All all white people racist?
>Who taught you that?
>White people.

(((Highyly Educated)))



Sam Hyde BTFO one it's reporters awhile back


>let me tell you what you think

Are we super-racists here or are all the white people on the same lvl of racism ? Am I as racist as an antiracist antifa ?

Jesus Christ

Video was actually race realist. But everyone will just sperge out on this board instead of looking at the video.


yes please

Well it's not like OP, in his infinite faggotry, posted the video, and I hate searching for that shit. Or watching it for that matter.

I doubt it's "race realist," unless by "racist," they mean "white supremacist, or, "white nationalist," and it says white should be supremacist or rationalist because niggers are objectively inferior or whites should try to protect their own race.

that's more orange than white

Despite the obvious, click bait-y bullshit title and opening lines, this video is actually pretty legit and applies to people of all races, not just white people. He also doesn't define racism with that "power + prejudice" bullshit, which is always a plus in my book.

What it has to do with anti fascism?
They should name theyself antiwhite squad.

Maybe they mean systemic racism?


I would even say it's logical to be racist sometimes. Different races emphasize different things, ie. are different.

First to say, the OP title picture is itself racist as hell...
Why does the nigger claim anything about all "WHITE" people. Very same legit would be about me claiming, that every "BLACK" man is a nigger. Very same logic and intensity...

But having said this.

RACIST means being TRUE. It is Right to be Racist, and it is Wrong and Deceitful to be a Race Traitor.

Yes, please call them MIXIST. Mixists are real danger of these days, and they just smear "racist" as an insult of something, what is correct and vindicated by the very existence of the preserved DIFFERENCE - which actually is Diversity - through the ages... If all our ancestors were not healthy racists, we would all be gypsies already... The white euroasian people were evolved by careful SEPARATION from monkeys and from all stages in between ... Exclusivity leads to Quality and there is never any Quality with Inclusivity, these are antagonists...

So - many of the jews and their puppets are now MIXISTS, who intentionally destroy the eurasian heritage.
And some of their proponent puppets, trying to smear a false accusation of "racist" are themselves "racists"...

>It's real
Fuck this gay Earth

Who cares what some nigger in a hat thinks.

I thought race was just a social construction and wasn't real

so if we whites are racist anyway what does stop us to go the full way?

>Muh reparationzz white boy

MIC is (((((current year))))) as (((((fuck))))).

ahh yes, ye olde (((((postmodernist))))) degenosophy.

that r does not look like an a

Yes, there are many WORDs used as WEAPONS, some call it "MEME" but that prevents good understanding of nature of that...

Usually all "*ISM" and it's corresponding "*IST" are word weapons, labels attached regardless of true content, or smeared with connotations to attach those by-meanings to the target...

So their "Racist" is preciselly the Word Weapon, a Meme...

Now to fight them - because the time when we could ignore (((them))) is long over - we need other word weapons, other Memes...

MIXIST is preciselly well explaining the problem of today's jew's efforts of white genocide. Mixism is denying of natural race heritage...

Similarly, the anti-fa guerillas, militarily trained men - some is trying to call them "fascists", meaning that any violent liar is "fascist", but this word means actually something different...

Actually, they could be called CHAOTISTS, because they serve Chaos as an antipole of Order...
All those, who are very incorrectly labeled "Liberals" - because there is nothing about actual "Liberty" with them, are actually Chaotists...
But this weapon-word "Chaotist" is not sufficiently sharp, smeared with dirt that actually is in that content... Would need to find a better weapon-word meme for them...

Also they could be called "Destructors" as opposed to "Constructivists" which are always Conservative, because "Equality" means "Destruction of Structure"... They actually could be called "regressives", but since they already falsely call themselves "progressives" it would not work as desired...
They could be caled ...

I used to not see color and I kept being called a racist by everyone so now I don't consume or support anything that isn't produced by whites.
Feels good to be a raycist

So the bitch (or whore?) starts here racist and feminist rant by:

"White men don't ..."

It actually is racist, it is feminist, and what's worst, it is false...

An excellent example...

It is the original response here.
If they do not stop then the "calling someone racist is making a compliment to him/her" follows.

Is he niggersplaining?

Oh the ironing.

Niggers are more racist than any white people and the black ones will openly mock and taunt the light skinned "half-breeds".

fug :DDD