Is it true Sup Forums? is trump literally hitler?

is it true Sup Forums? is trump literally hitler?

*Rightly blames


Well, I'd rather have jews than mexicans and muslims.

I wish Trump were Hitler. He wouldnt be sucking kike dick ready to drive America off a cliff for Israel.

hitler was right about everything so i hope so

I didn't know muslim and illegal immigrants were races

Europe and Germany would be a perfect society today if he had won.


>is trump literally hitler?
I wish


No.He said that christianity is for the masses and that muslims are bro tier

i think a lot of the top nazis viewed christianity in the same way as neitzche. himmler was very interested in paganism and learning about the ancient german traditions and he wanted to incorporate a lot of it into the ss's ideology. i think his end goal was to create a form of neopaganism. i don't think hitler was that interested in it though. too bad they didn't win, it would have been interesting to see how it turned out

>Is Trump Hitler?

because he isnt as good as hitler

Trump ain't got shit on Hitler.

Unfortunately no

I don't why people call Trump a racist.What the hell did he even say to insinuate that?

unfortunately, he's not :(

They have those because of the other though

I wish

Why are so many shills and cucks from ireland?


Wish he was..

Unfortunately there'll never be another leader trying to save the human collective

He was very interested in it, too and they knew that all religions have the same spiritual fundaments and were making people aware of that spirituality.
There are differences in the beliefs, but all religions, except for zionism have one very important endgame and that was the same as in the NS ideology :^)

The pope, tibetans and islamist leaders were highly supporting them for that very reason.