Is a US/German war coming?

German political establishment and Pres.Trump seem on a collision course, will it result in war (cold, hot, trade)?

redpill me on the future of US/German relations /pol

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>Economy booms
>German companies benefit
>American-European-Russian Trade Agreement
>German government get´s replaced by AER government.

Fuck Merkel!!! Fuck Krauts!!!

but canada... we love you
why are you doing this?

Please stop. Canada please! I promise we will improve!

Der Spiegel spent the entire Bush era shitting on America, what did you expect from them?

Keep it on the down low but the average non-Sup Forums Leafs love Germans and are very Liberal.

You will only find Leafs that want to be burgers on this board.

Will be over in 15 minutes.

German people are cucked enough to join the army when asked. But there isn't enough material to fight.

EU vs US would be laughable. 80% doesn't want to die for their country the state it is now.

>pic of Trump holding the severed head of Lucifer Free Mason illuminati idol
Very good, very apt.

America in its current state is pleasing all the people who would fight for their country, Germany on the other hand....

You don´t have to be a tick to like Kraut, just like you don´t need to be a tick to like Leafs.

Why would you ever want to be a burger? Seriously, your country is awesome, almost no people, oil and the metric system. You are the better version of burgers, your only flaw are the frogs.

Fuckin Spiegel. Believe it or not, it was quite a readable center-leftish magazine just a few a years ago, at least the print version. It's now completely fallen down the SJW hole.

Trump uses 'out-groups' to cement his brand: media, illegals, china, etc. he feeds on antagonism. EU/German state, headed by Merkel, has already made lots of noise about their opposition to Trump and what they think about his rapefugee policy and accusations of euro currency manipulation. Both need the other. Trump needs to underline his credentials as anti-establishment, the Germans think they are on the side of justice again in their position as neo-liberal gutmensch. How can this not end in hostilities?

France will fall to LePen
Netherlands to Wilders

The circle will close in September. With the Battle of Germany. It will be glorious and fantastic. Believe me!

Listen to the leaf. I won't let you krauts mess this up for us. We've come too far and fought so long, but in the end.. It doesn't even matter.

Their New York correspondent Mark Pitzke who spreads fake news on President Trump is a bleeding heart liberal and hangs around with Anti-Trump Movement and BLM.

Read this and weep (tears of joy)

dumbest thing ever read


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This is a fucking diseaster and I genuinely flipped out for a few seconds when seeing this.

You're literally the Canada of Europe. Shitty food and the rest of the continent hates you faggots.

I would buy this. Someone make this real

looks like a tumblr post
can't be real

The rest of NA hates the leafs. But the rest of NA hates everyone, just like everyone hates you.
20% hate you
75% are too scared to say that
5% are hoping for the god emperor to fix your shit

Your "country" doesn't exist anymore. Congratulations. You are now designating as an area strictly used for muslim breeding grounds.

I know you guys have no clue when it comes to geography, but Sweden is a bit farther north, France in the west and Britain in the northwest.

>Der Spiegel
They are fucking socialists, no sane person would read their bullshit, and take anything these degenerates write for fact.

Nothing will change.

>trying to bantz


>US/German war
Germany wouldn't last a day, besides our soldiers have way more important stuff to do, like working in refugee centers and guard the 2 families who live there, so that the wives will not be raped by all the male refugees

Please vote for this guy so he can put the icing on the kraut cake.

It's funny how this kike paper portrays the Iraq war as an American thing only, as some sort of Christian mission, as some crazed American Cowboy behaving like a Rambo etc. etc.

No mention at all about the Jewish lobby (Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, ...) which was the main force behind this war. Pure Coincidence.

We don't vote for candidates, we vote for parties. Those are voting for a specific candidate.

>pretending like I give a shit about kraut politics
Whatever.. as long as he let's in the remaining 26 GORILLION refugees into your country.. I'm good.

Americans. They are stupid. Thanks user

I'm not American. I'm a muslim migrant in transition to your country. Have 6000 euros and your wife's pussy ready for my arrival you Nazi scum.

Are we finally smashing the ARYAN people, Sup Forums?

No. They are safe on Aldebaran

Be gentle with them, Ahmed.

Irish magazine has a image of Trump with a target on his head with the caption "Why Not?"

The (((media))) are tempting fate for an assassination.

EU break.
Deutsche bank will crash.
Germany will collapse.
I will be ready and shoot every german at the border as NATO invader.

I fucking hope so

The US can save Europe by nuking Germany. Do not make the same mistake as in 1945, this country must disappear.


The EU won't be able to launch shit. US troops might be the new NATO in a fallen Europe. Fuck you, pay me.

Exactly this. The moment the Abrams tanks would be rolling down the street I'd run outside to work as a local for the US troops.

Seriously, fuck Germany and what it stands for right now.

Nothing else to expect of Eternal Ösis

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Alright Schluchtenscheißer, you've had your fun!
You have 24h left to return into bavarian slavery, or we'll coming, and taking you by force.

Hopelly all out war

Not only this, the germans(every european country) will see how multiculturalism works if you took in a bunch of looting savage retards that flee instantly when war comes near them.
Germany would burn in a civil war and the only thing the US would have to do is declaring war and leaving you alone.

60% of the sandnigger/niggers will run away agin and cause problems on roads.
40% will be raping and looting in germany.

We're prepared. We importet two million Muslims trained in guerilla warfare...

Started to read the current SPIEGEL.

Lead Article states:

>Trump is Nero
>Germany must prepare resistance with "partners" in asia, africa and ofc Europe
>Which is difficult because Germany got "liberal Democracy" from US
>The President of the US is a liar and rascist (he says it hurts him to write that)
>Free trade is good, Bannon is evil
>The German Democracy is the ideological opponent of Trump
>Inside Germany far-right wing extremists are supporting him

You germans are the jews of Austria.
>look like us
>speak like us
>control most of the consumed media
>push marxism onto our people
>push racemixing onto our people
>push for open borders

No, this is retarded. Why would the US or Germany want to go to war with each other? This benefits neither of them in any way whatsoever.

Its incredibly sad how few americans realize pole position. If we can keep the ship from rolling over, it will be a good future for everyone in the US.

>hailing Hitler

Will spoiled faggy baby americans be able to take their bitter medicine? Or will we FEAST on cake smeared all over our FAT CHEEKZ


>germany second
lmao you guys are cucks

>More controversially, an Irish publication, Village (right), put a photo of Trump with sniper cross-hairs superimposed

Imagine if they did this to Obama. Oh wait, they never would. They protected and never criticized the Nobel Peace Prize winner for 8 years, while Trump gets blasted for the smallest of transgressions.

This is appropriation of muslim culture and honestly pretty offensive

Yeah we're totally worried about the German truck driving division


>british education

Trump is banning muslim majority-countries that have issues with terrorism.
I believe Germany will qualify to join this noble lounge in a couple of years :3

Isn't this the same paper that had a really offensive article about Greece and Greeks?

>screencapping an "user forgets to take his meds" episode

>took USA less than a year after germany declared war on them to destroy all german industrial infrastructure and capability to fight war, before any boots even landed in normandy

krauts btfo

>spot the kike

Der Spiegel is an unofficial spokesman of CDU. They'll write anything that the German government wants but can't formally say at the time, be it about Hungary's dissidence on the refugee crisis, Grease's denbts, Poland's uncontrollable government, Italy's banking crisis, whathaveyou.

Not true, German war production increased until the end of the war, it was never broken.

Part of the reason why they nuked Japan was because of the lesson learned in Germany.


Globalist German-lead European Caliphate vs Anglosphere (Canada will rise into a right wing powerhouse)

Germany is cucked. The politics is retarded.
Most people are retarded, too. Degenerated apes voting for the same fraction, that destroys everything, because they r too stupid to realize something is wrong.
Rich people (often from other countrys) profit from europe and stealing money from other countrys and from the german population. Germany development is just ridiculous.
Finally getting a little stable, then going full globalist and inviting immigrants.
I implore Sup Forums to internationally ridicule germany with memes and many other things, so that the population finally realizes, that their course is retarded. If not they should just fall into ruins.

>when anything outside of Sup Forums and the alt-right is anti trump

you're not as many as your Sup Forums filter bubble will make you believe

The God Emperor's disciples will liberate Germany.

yeah i'm not going to watch shit on YT because some cellar dweller nazi tells me to

Hopefully we'll end the Bosch for good.

I'm still pissed that the chickenshit Germans surrendered before we could give them the atomic colonic they so rightly deserve.

props on you for posting the 4 panel version instead of the inferior 3 panel version

What does America think about Frauke?

I meant to ask, what does Frauke think of America?

Fucking "media"
Germans out for destruction again

>I implore Sup Forums to internationally ridicule germany with memes and many other things, so that the population finally realizes, that their course is retarded. If not they should just fall into ruins.

Not happening. I went to a normie party last night and the highlight of the night was this ((((hilarious)))) parody of another parody where the Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words.

1st video:

..which spawned the many equally hilarious! other videos such as this one:

>Frauke Petry, the lead of Germany’s rightwing populist Alternative für Deutschland, said the result was “encouraging” as it could herald a political sea-change in Europe too.

>She said: “It was high time that in the United States of America, people who feel disaffected withdrew their vote for the political establishment. Whilst 93% of voters in Washington DC voted for Clinton and in so doing for the retention of their own power structures, the majority of voters across the country want a political new beginning, an economic recovery for the stricken middle class and an end of division in what is still the most powerful country in the world.”

>Petry added: “This election result is encouraging for Germany and for Europe, because Trump really has the cards for political sea-change in his hand. I congratulate Donald Trump on his election victory and on this historic chance.

>“Like Americans, citizens of Germany must have the courage to put a tick in the ballot box and not remain resigned at home. Their own opinion counts, even if political correctness would appear to have elevated the decreed consensus to the level of a new doctrine.”

Germany can't afford supporting shitskins and upgrading our bundeswehr at the same time, so it'll come down to EU vs US and there's nothing going to happen in such a big dimension except for some economical stuff.
Then again, americas life standard is going to decrease without the EU and the EU doesn't really depend on US because we can always cooperate with others if necessary

She wants to ban the singing of happy birthday to you in English. She's that nationalist. She probably thinks America with Trump is great.

Not really.
Seems like we are totally the same as far as our media goes.

Don't tell me this also couldn't be a cover of an american magazine.

Spiegel is just a big propaganda platform for the left. Their trump hysteria is unparalleld, they are really butthurt that Hillary did not win even though everyone shilled for her.

Sadly most of Germans buy the whole "omg he is a facist and there is a coup going on"

Please wipe out Germany once and for all, based muricans. Do it!!

Don't worry, majority of real germans is not willing to die for an occupied country

>22 Milliarden vom Bund
>selbe Summe von den Kommunen

Das Geld der deutschen wird für Fremde verschleudert und keiner macht was.

Kaputte Schulen, Bibliothekn, Schwimmbäder, zu große Klassen, zerfallende Infastruktur

Und Heiko Maas sagt niemandem wird was weggenommen, das Geld wird ja in Deutschland erwirtschaftet.

How's Antifa doing in Hungary?

That cover makes no sense. Shouldn't it be Merkels head?

Hey kraut! When are you starting to fight for your people?

>I implore Sup Forums to internationally ridicule germany with memes and many other things, so that the population finally realizes, that their course is retarded. If not they should just fall into ruins.
because that is how it works
Remember how calling trump supporters racist worked and they stopped supporting trump
Lets keep calling Germans cucks and surely this will stop.

Wrong, we just don't talk about our real opinion with strangers, but give hints and some comments about the insanity only


Ya id be mad too if our whitehouse was burnt down by redskins