Explain to me how this ban isnt racist as fuck

Explain to me how this ban isnt racist as fuck.

Also, with this way of thinking, how come Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia isnt included?

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I honestly don't get the point as it is only a temp ban and they will go back to being allowed in. There has to be something else going on? Is it a power move? Are they just trying to provoke the middle east?

so it's racist as fuck...so what?

muslims do all the terrorism.
block them coming in and then at least they only terrorism their own lands.

oh, and saudi is rich, good for tourism
egypt is less terroristy than its neighbours, so they kinda get a pass. turkey is in the EU, so they cant be blocked without shit hitting the fan.

why are you complaining? do you want allahu-akbarring sand niggers stabbing you, raping your wife, and then blowing shit up??

didnt think so.

it isnt a temp ban.
they say that do get some fucktards to back off who believe that shit, but then whenever the question of when the temporary ban will be removed you just mutter something about: 'some time in the future, not sure when, piss off and ask later'

Reconsider your life OP.


It doesn't ban any specific race or religion. It bans immigration from unstable nations that have problems with terrorism.

Didn't they say 90 days?

so turkey?

And Iran, because fuck Iran.

A black guy was paying the DHS to hand select those nations in 2015, that's why....unless...YOU have a problem with the decisions of minorities in power.

did they?
maybe you're right, but I bet Trump will extend it later if that's the case.

Despite Sup Forums memes,your country is still first-world

When Obama did it, it was fine because he is black, but it's racist when Trump does it because he is white.

got nothing to do with race and has everything to do with stopping from possible ISIS members from flooding into US until they got clear picture of how to kill the organization and what lead figures should get droned in week 3 of trump reign


I have not heard one news-outlet say this word. But yes it's retarded and not gonna help one bit,

90 days to make a decision what to do next i.e. Continue the freeze


read these posts in Paulie's voice

>Also, with this way of thinking, how come Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia isnt included?
Saudi and Egypt are israeli allies.
Turkey is part of NATO.

A very stupid ban. Focused on populism instead of rational thinking.

He's pretty much leaving the origin of islamisc terrorism free, while banning countries that doesn't have a history of terrorism

>doesn't want the US to be the daddy of the world
>gets mad when the US isn't daddy of the world

I dont see why the refugees shouldnt be put in giant camps while they are processed. That way we can save lives while avoiding putting potential terrorists in our society. IF they do not want to live in a camp, they can stay in Syria. And we should remove Assad and put a democracy there - should not be too hard.

Nah if that was the case he'd have banned ppl from Saudi Arabia also. They're a known force behind the the spread of salafism.
His ban on only 7 countries could easily be seen as hypocrisy.

I don't mind him being a hypocrite rn though, I'm enjoying the drama. Even in my country's parliament the leftists act shocked. I just hope he knows what he's doing though.

Countries are not a race.

He's actually banning extremists from entering the country.

Those countries are only 99 percent muslim because they systematically execute other religions and cultures. Hence, they are the ones in the wrong.

People from hostile locations like Syria or Iraq, that have militant groups openly hostile to the US, shouldn't be able to travel here unfettered.

>And we should remove Assad and put a democracy there - should not be too hard.
It is a democracy.

Do not believe in the news

Easy, it's not just banning Muslims of a specific race. It just bans any people from country's that the vetting systems can not be trusted.

you nean turkey is n nato

>Those countries are only 99 percent muslim because they systematically execute other religions and cultures
Technically, Saudi Arabia is 100% islamic. They used to kill priests and such when they existed.

But Saudi os free to do whatever they want...

Why should it be racist?

If it would be racist (for example: against all sandniggers), then Saudi Arabia and Egypt would be included in the ban.

also sage

It's a warzone. You mean to tell me the pictures of shells of cities are staged?

Be gone nigger. When you learn 4th grade grammar you may converse with white people.

>It's not racist because non-citizens have no rights, and cannot cry victim.

>It's not racist because those countries harbor, train, promote terrorism and terrorist.

>It's only racist to people who think they can solve society's issues by playing "the good guys".

>It's not racist because we are a sovereign nation.

Wait I am confused I thought the ban was removed because of some judge? Or am I thinking of something else?

You know, I can't help but wonder why doesn't the nations who are taking in refugees go in and control syria? Or take over or do something? I mean so many countries seem to be trying to help. I would think that would be best solution. Therefore we could fix the source, and make sure everyone is safe and can move forward over there.

>This thread again

It's not racist. There's 50 something muslim majority countries. So 7 of 50 banned shows it's not a muslim ban.

The reason Egypt Turkey, and SA aren't banned is because the list was created by the previoius administration... aka king nigger. THAT's why they aren't banned. Makes sense now?

You would think he would throw in other countries too.

are you really implying that trump should have banned turkey travels?

are you aware of how big of a political shitstorm that would have been?

Because the people in power want Assad dead.

Egpyt and Turkey governments do as good a job as they can at removing ISIS footings in their country. Saudi Arabia is too economically invested in US for Trump to piss them off, so he's being smart.
>why isn't it racist
because it isn't you dumb fuck, why is everything in terms of race for you fucking dullards? Grow the fuck up

a self hating mudslim pajeet, how cute

>Explain to me how this ban isnt racist as fuck.
Because it doesn't target people by race. The countries listed are Arab, Black (East African) and Persian by race. The majority of world countries which are Arab, Black (East or any African) or Persian by race are not banned.
>Also, with this way of thinking, how come Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia isnt included?
Because the ban isn't racist or targeted simply at Islam you fucking moron.

Christ take a second to realise that the fact you have to ask the 2nd question immediately invalidates your initial claim smdh.

Also the banned countries are either confirmed enemies of the USA (Iran), ISIS homelands (Iraq, Syria) or lawless failed states and terrorist breeding grounds (Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen).

Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia are all U.S. allies and have functioning governments. It really isn't that fucking difficult to comprehend once you stop making an effort to be an obtuse, racist, libtard moron and try to actually think about it.

Define "racist".

Dude it is not about the ban it is about not getting the globalist corportate president the left wanted.
Trump could literally buy somalia or one of the other shitholes and build golden water fountains and people would hate on it

>It's not racist. There's 50 something muslim majority countries. So 7 of 50 banned shows it's not a muslim ban.
And 'Islam' isn't a race anyway.

The countries banned aren't racially uniform anymore than a selection including 'UK, Philippines, Ghana' would be.

It is racist to liberals because they see Trump as racist, and assume his reasons are because of that. That is my theory though. It is the same reason people are so against the wall. It isn't the fact they want everyone here, it is more so they think they are being kept out because of their skin color.

I'd rather go isolationism and protectionism. Fuck the world. Fuck it's people. We are full here in the melting pot. Check back in 25yrs. We may have rooms available.

Trump is waiting for a terrorist attack to happen, or help probably issue a false flag event. That'll give him the ability to issue a permanent ban.


>You know, I can't help but wonder why doesn't the nations who are taking in refugees go in and control syria?
That would be the rational thing to do. Well actually the rational thing to do would be shut our borders and shoot anyone trying to walk/sail over them and not get involved in the shithole that is the Muslim world at all. But once you've adopted an "Oh we're respsonsible because we have the White Man's burder" interventionist mindset going in and effectively colonising the places (Syria, Libya etc) would indeed be the rational thing to do.

But we can't because our governments are run by retarded perma-teenage student politicians who know nothing but that IMPERIALISM AND COLONIALISM WAS THE WORST THING EVER AND WHITES MUST SACRIFICE THEMSELVES TO REPENT.

They still have a functioning government though. These other countries are just areas on a map. Its not like we can call up Libya or Somalia and do a background check on anyone coming from their right now. Except Iran because fuck Iran.

explain why we should care if it is racist?

>Also, with this way of thinking, how come Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia isnt included?

Ask Obama. He made the list.

He probably should have banned Saudi and Turkey but because of muh oil and muh Nato his hands are pretty much tied. Don't know why he didn't ban Egypt though.

What's wrong with racism? You want niggers swamping your cities?

Sure, but you have to let a few if them slide to create the illusion that it's not a Muslim ban, when it is.

Not banning them helps support the idea that it's not based on religion, but it is. I support it too, muslims are a disease. I'm not religious, but I full support things like the crusades. Only by stemming the spread of islam did science and society innovate. If it would have fully spread to Europe instead of imprisoning people like galileo and caving in to admit he was right, they would have just beheaded him and everyone in his family.

>you're too racist
>but not racist enough to fit my expectations.

Egypt is bro tier now and its government usually keeps the terrorists in check.

It was a democracy until Obama/Clinton armed jihadis.

It was secularly governed where all religions peacfully coexisted under secular law.




Checked is right.


It's a signal towards further policies rather than the policy it self.

kek approves of egpyt


It's racists and its great, rest should be banned too.


Sextillions of truth.

what a coincidence, the countries banned are the same ones bush/obama have been fighting and drone striking for 16 years. gee wiz what a surprise

Of course kek approves, isn't he an Egyptian entity?


How the fuck doesn't Sup Forums know this?

Even the ultra-liberal shills at Snopes tacitly admit it.

Some sandnigger countries are allowed, some aren't. Easy.


what race lives in those exact countries and does not live in the neighbouring countries?

wow I have never seen your country post. What does your country overall feel about trump?

wtf I love Egypt now

Excellent get


Nice get lad

TV, social media and clickbait drones think he's badmmmkay, actual commies are ambiguous about him.
Some redpilled individuals that I know think he's good for the most part but are also skeptical of some of his policies, ditching the TPP is seen as a good move by most people, but wannabe progressives will never admit it.


Because it doesn't target race. It targets nationality.

Kek blesses his home country!!!

>how this ban isnt racist as fuck.

People in Somalia look a little different to people in Iran.

I don't get why people like you are allowed to democratically influence the direction of a nation. You fucking think Somalia has the same racial demographic as Iran but supposedly your vote is worth something.


>it's racist!
>it doesn't include everyone in the region!

Pick one and only one

The temporary moratorium from countries currently destabilized by civil war/still recovering from a loss in their ability to screen who they give visas to was set for 120 days, you fucking tool.


if you want to come to the US your country's equivalent of the TSA needs to provide our country's TSA with infomation about the you. The 7 countries in question do not provide sufficient information and harbor known terrorists. The other 40 muslim countries that currently travel here unhindered provide sufficient information.

ask obama, he made the list of countries