What's the big deal about Betsy Devos?

What's the big deal about Betsy Devos?

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She is a major donor, who is being appointed to a position that she has no experience in.
The very definition of corrupt government.

teachers unions don't want to get BTFO

She could single handedly save our public school system from federal brainwashing

Can't have that can we goy?

Why would teacher unions get btfo?

>Public school.
>Save them from federal brainwashing.
..... no words.

Yeah it has nothing to do with ending the tyranny the feds have enacted on school districts.

Like when Obongo sued districts for daring to suspend black students

Public schools are mostly funded by local property taxes, dipshit.

I know the Devos family has ties with the Prince family (the family in charge of Blackwater) but that's all I know about the cunt

You sure corrected the record!!!!

Because there would be a voucher system

End result is teachers would be rewarded for actually teaching

>Like when Obongo sued districts for daring to suspend black students
What when did this happen? Care to point me to anything validating this claim?
>ending the tyranny the feds have enacted on school districts.
What tyranny exactly?

You should really give specifics if you are going to make bold claims like that. It makes you look polarized.

She's a dumb bitch

"Public schools are operated at the state level through departments of education, and locally by school districts and publicly elected or appointed school boards. Approximately 15,000 different school districts operate in the United States, and most are run by counties. Because there is very little federal oversight, curricula in one state can differ from those in other states."
Dumbass. Curriculum is decided at the State level not federal you fucking retard.


if you think she is suitable you really don't give a damn about this country

Do you actually think you are being clever using that tired meme?
Because to anyone who isn't a complete newfag you seem to be damaging your own "side" more than you are defending it.

What does this mean? What is a voucher system and how would it result in what ever "teachers would be rewarded for actually teaching" actually means? Will teachers have No Child Left Behind Act like hoops to push kids through or they are refused funding?

It would seem that the opposition is using the "anything that sticks" tactic, and so there must be something here that for some reason sticks unlike most of the other shit they've been flinging.

I haven't heard any clear argument mounted, though. So maybe there's something very wrong with her but it shouldn't be so difficult to say exactly what it is. I personally don't really care whether or not she gets confirmed. And who knows? Maybe the Trump people are just going to use her as some kind of tar baby anyhow.

>What's the big deal about Betsy Devos?

Trump has tasked her with the destruction of the the factories that shit out little libcucks. She doesn't need to know anything about education, only how to destroy the system the left has set up.

It's a management task and she's highly qualified for that. To remove the libcuck disease, you must root it out of the education system.

She's a career politician that was born rich and is about to be buttfuct with bux.

She has an education resume the size of a woman's penis and when asked hardball questions about what she's going to do about spending the budget money well, she flounders.

Truly a puppet of the lowest tier

Trump is smarter than you.

Have you been able to turn 1 million dollars into a global business empire that is worth hundreds of billions?

If not, fuck off. You have no right to criticize President Trump.

Feminists hard at work violently protesting the a vagina on the cabinet.

They hate her more than Bannon

you're gonna have to try harder than that. You expect me or anyone to believe the guy that spearheaded the birther movement which was 100% bullshit (and which he finally admitted was bullshit) is smarter than... well, anyone who didn't buy it? guy gets his news from inforwars.

False flag to shame the Great Lakes state. Sad!

I have had the supreme dishonor of working with very rich people who are really fucking dumb.

Really, really fucking stupid.

They were billionaires who lost everything they had because they drank themselves into insanity, crackheads who won a lawsuit against the state, etc.

It's horrendous

>What is common core

How retarded are you exactly?

School choice tries to improve schools through a bottom-up process, not through central planning.

Funding comes based on how many students pick your school so each school has to compete for students and revenue. That's why teachers are mad about it.

He didn't spearhead it. Anybody paying the slightest bit of attention knew that Obama had a completely covered up Communist terrorist CIA past way before Trump pulled his stunt over it.

She's Erik Prince's sister.

>First point is 'billionaire'

This shows the real problem lefties have with her. The rest of the list is inconsequential, they'll find any excuse to tear down others more successful than themselves.

It means parents will be able to choose what school their child goes to. Shitty schools will get shut down which means the average lazy teacher who spends all day on her smartphone sexting will get her ass fired

And 70% of their funding never leaves Washington

She was born rich

t. personally motivated and informed voter

We spend the most money on education but are like rank ~30. Something is fucky.

Clinton on Podesta started the birther movement you faggot

>He didn't spearhead it

Hillary was the one that started the Birther movement.


Except most schools receive federal funding that will be taken away if they dont meet federal standards

So while technically they dont receive any oversight - they do volunteer to receive lots and lots of oversight in exchange for green.

You are retarded.

Even if the feds had no involvement teachers unions need to go, the fat 80 year senile cunt teaching history who bullies her students and bitches when they ask her a question and throws up a powerpoint on columbus while she orders shit off amazon needs to get fired, but she cant because she has tenure.

And the administrative bloat needs to be cut - especially since that bloat consists of supervisors and "child development specialists" and "child social services" workers, lots of people whove never been teachers, people who dont have kids of their own.

The best teachers are consistently male(often because theyre people smart enough to get something higher than a BS in education, but since they couldnt find a job or just retired they now teach), and the best teachers after that are women who already have kids at the age or older than the kids they teach.

Id also like to see the hiring standards for teachers rise significantly - new teachers shouldnt be teaching the foundations to five year olds but to older kids who reasonably can still learn even with an inexperienced teacher.

OH! CLINTON is responsible! Well i'll be.
Of course you believe that. This is Sup Forums afterall.
Let's completely overlook the years and countless tweets from Trump screaming at the top of his lungs about it. Was Hillary responsible for that too?

So then we have Trump in charge of education, with his fist up her ass

Considering how strict his father was in educating his children, Im still not displeased yet.

Nothing about anything in 2016 or 2017 so far has been how we would expect - we need to keep watching and see what happens as a result of his education pick before making judgments. If Trump bombs, we dont re-elect him.

*theres no required oversight

they do receive it, because they ask for it
apologies for poor wording

We spend the most money on a lot of stuff and are badly ranked.

We're shit at spending money right now. Mostly due to Republican obstructionism and "Starve the beast" tactics that have shredded any semblance of a working system.

It's like if you took your car in to get looked at, but your crazy neighbor stole the brakes and removed all your oil and then says you have a shitty car.

She opened the door to questioning where he was born so yes.

Public schools are shit. I remember reading an article a few years back about a female that worked in a public school for ~2-3 decades and a private school for ~4 years, before having two kids on her own. She immediately put them in a private school, because she knew that public schools are complete and utter shit in 90% of the cases.

She explained it like, in public school the trends were always the typical most mainstream shit you could think of. "Stay out of school is cool, smoking in bathrooms instead of going to class, not caring what the teacher is talking about, interrupting teachers trying to teach by talking loud with your friends, etc etc."

Meanwhile, her experience in private schools were different. The "cool" thing to do was to study hard, get good grades and not interrupting class by speaking while the teacher speaks.

I think it's pretty obvious that the current school systems are failing hard. Teachers in public schools are too busy caring about politics than actually teaching kids valid information.
Giving DeVos a try won't really hurt the current system, it can only be improved.

The country is acting like they care about education after letting it shit itself for 8 years.

Also checked

Actually white kids in the US score on average higher then white kids in Europe.

The only people dragging down scores are niggers and spics. Asian kids get similar grades to their home country

Her stances on vouchers threaten the control over the teachers union and control from the Public School systems allowing families make the choice to go to other schools like Charter or Private as an option. It would mean big $$$$$ loss to those bureaucrats in the DoE.

Nobody looked at trump as a political figure then. The 100 favorites should be a giveaway

And what makes her the best person for the job?

Whatever has been going on isn't working. If the status quo doesn't like her, then it's probably a good sign. Often times in business you bring in a ceo with no industry experience and it's seen as a good thing.

She has no experience in education

The fact that her predecessor had years of experience in education both as a teacher and in an administrative role and yet was responsible for the introduction of Common Core is not relevant

The fact that it's a government position in an administration dedicated to reform and thus anyone with experience in the role under the previous administration isn't suited for the role is irrelevant

All that's relevant is that Trump appointed her and that means it's bad and she's bad

Isn't this just going to ruin private schools. Went to a private school and these public school kids will end up impregnating the sheltered from the world girls

Trump hires the best people and he fires the ones that don't work.


That literally only happens in movies.

>Money makes you smart
>Whites are smart because of violent history

Hmm, it all makes sense now.


Public schools are run like prisons these days except where prisons want to keep people in, schools want to keep people out.
More prisoners, more money. More graduates, more money.
DeVos wants to spread the wealth around so people can choose where they send their children.
Property taxes typically pay for that school district.
People are basically paying for the dogshit public school systems even though they may not have a child in school there or have a child in a private school essentially paying 2 tuitions.
I don't know how she intends to handle the tax provisions, those are local or state run and I don't know if she can incorporate a federal program because every school district has different demographics and needs.
Incentive programs or funding for districts that opt-in to her program? idfk.
Property tax money should go to the schools so you're safely not surrounded by retards but the schools are pumping out retards finding college more accessible where they keep pumping out useless debt laden retards.
Idfk what she can do about anything.

Why don't you Google it you dopey fuck.


Checked and truth. With school choice, shitty schools will lose funding and go away or step up and provide an actual education.

Wants to let parents send their kids to charter schools
Teachers and Unions know they can't compete
"She's destroying public schools because she's rich!"

i hope so much that teacher unions get btfo. it amazes me how people are okay with government employees having a fucking union. retarded taxpayers should have never let this happen. these government unions rob the tax payer

There are certainly better picks that will dismantle he shitty union while actually trying to improve public education. DeVos just wants to dismantle it because she has a lot of money in charter schools. If she were committed to making charter schools a better alternative to public schools while improving the public system then that would be one thing, by one need only look at her body of work to see that she doesn't give a single fuck about whether her schools are actually better than their public counterparts.

The teachers' unions are THE primary source of power for the Democrat party. It's essentially their grassroots network or local base. They are truly frightened that their network will be broken if there are changes at the federal level.
A DoE run by DeVos - who has extensive experience in educational reform - would only mean headaches for this crowd. And they know it, that's why they're screaming like babies.

Christian Schools?! Eww don't they teach that dinosaurs didn't exist or lived with man at the same time. Conservatards!

She was behind starting a aviation focused charter high school. They actually graduated high school students that could fly. High School students that can do anything competently is really lacking in this country. We should have engineering high schools too.

>Funding comes based on how many students pick your school so

Funding comes from donors, there's no competition because these schools will flat out deny any student they don't want to. Hope you're prepared to deal with the next massive wave of underprivileged niggers committing crimes because they couldn't get into any schools.

>Actually white kids in the US score on average higher then white kids in Europe.

> very definition of corrupt government.

Ooh lala.

Go back to plebbit retard. Or look up the meaning of word corrupt

So drag down the high preforming kids in the name of equality...

more symbolic that anything

if they can't stop her, they can't stop anything that Trump and Co. are about to rain down on them

she really is a shit choice and doesn't deserve the job

She is possibly the absolute worst choice he could make, aside from him not an heroing every morning.

I see nothing wrong here, looks like the perfect candidate desu

I know right teachers unions don't even support her. Retarded conservashits.

id like to fuck her vag lad thats about it,

Leftists have nothing without brainwashing kids. It's really important to them.

this here

She's a complete retard.


Because they'd have to start working for a living

>imblyging that teachers and unions actually care about education and not coasting through a 6 hour day and more monies fo' dem programz (and pensions).

The opinions of teachers should be ignored. The vast majority of them are useless cows that mentally could never leave the comfortable confined structure of a school day.

It's a bad deal. They hold our children back.

They actually are the amway family. That is my major gripe against them. I hate MLM critters with all of my rage, but it appears that Betsy here isn't involved in the business.

You are corrrect on blackwater.

What is it with MLM pyramid scheme companies and mercenaries? Mary Kay had a mercenary firm as well.

Its a joke that teachers unions care about the quality of education. Their only job is to keep teachers employed at any cost.

Agreed. How the fuck did she get confirmed? I understand the Republicans have majority in all areas of government right now but surely confirmation hearings aren't a simple case of "majority wins", because the parties will always side with their picks, right?

If Democrats actually confirmed this dumb shrew then they can shut the fuck up about everything for the next 8 years.

Nothing honestly sec of education is a meme position

There are certain rules and procedures to follow. There is also precedent that you don't hold up cabinet picks. The process is to confirm the nomination, not to vet or perform ideological compliance checks.

It pisses off the liberals and fat cow teachers like my sister. I'm all for it

The meme obviously has not tired out since shills like you are still shit posting.

I've spoken to more politically conservative school teachers who are also against Devos. They realize the gravy train could end.

It is majority wins. No Democrat has voted for her, they even held the floor last night to try convincing other Republicans to vote no on her. Senate vote is expected to be 50-50 with Pence breaking the tie.

They are afraid that she will take power away from failing public school teacher unions. The unions have conviced everyone that the only way to educate kids is by monopolizing the primary and secondary education system, unless you have money. She will place the decision on parent where they want to sent their kid instead of the school board. This means that the schools have to compete with other school more directly than before, because she wants to use school vouchers.

Also she will more than likely reform the standard that sexual assault cases on handled at colleges. She has donated to groups that have actively said want to make the process more in line actually law instead of muh feeling and rape culture.

>She will place the decision on parent where they want to sent their kid instead of the school board.
This will make some epic confrontations between school teachers and parents. They will be forced to tell parents why they shouldn't have school choice. Thus crushing this image of a charitable public servant that can't be questioned.

Because liberals fear that the federal government won't have control over education anymore

Birther movement came out of the Clinton 2008 campaign desu

Public school teachers are 2x more likely to send their kids to private school

>whites have violent history

>prepared to deal with the next massive wave of underprivileged niggers committing crimes
>niggers killing each other faster than replacement rate
All part of the plan

Once parents get a taste of school choice how will democrats ever keep them on the farm?

fuckin shill no they arent. what the fuck is common core and how many states are a part of the FEDERAL FUCKING PROGRAM

>public schools are funded by property taxes
>no their not is Feds
>15,000 different school districts
>most are run by counties
neck yourself

The big problem is her support of common core. So you have have charter schools but you have to teach this way