"Please forget I killed a child because I too hate Trump!"


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Prime example of a leftard / liberal

>Ian miles cheong
i can't figure out if this is more embarrassing for him or for louise Mensch

witty well timed comment

Acquitted in 2001

>obligatory 'BTFO' or /thread reply

She'll be given a platform to speak out against trump and will be lauded by the delusional left.

>the young mother acquitted in 2001
He's so retarded that he fucked up the opening sentence of his article. It's more embarrassing for him.

>Acquitted in 2001


>Please forget I killed a child because I too hate Trump!
>killed a child

I seem to remember her being acquitted...I don't know where you get off coming out with such slanderous attacks.

checked comment with praises to the frog deity

(((cameras at trials)))

>implying courts are never wrong
>tons of evidence proving she did it
>lied several times to the police
Don't be a fucking moron, user

>But she was acquitted
>OJ Simpson

Obligatory off by one comment reporting in.

Someone give me the quick rundown on this woman.

Why do Burgers turn everything into a circle jerk?

>2001 was 6 years ago

time flies

Accused of killing her 2 year-old child. Evidence piled against her. For whatever reason the courts acquitted her of all charges. Literally seen partying while her daughter was missing. Lied to police several times. Evidence in her trunk.

How a 2 year old is different to an unborn? It's just as well dependent on mother. Yet you criminalize killing one and not the other.

We have a new speaker for next womens march.

She had sex with the attorney Jose, that's why she was acquitted.

Oh yeah, forgot about that.

troll or mindless fuckwit?

Don't forget her mom helped and there were searches on her computer involving disposal of a body


>Duct tape was used to bind her childs hands together.
>Duct tape that had her daughters DNA on it was found in her trunk.
>Googled how to duct tape a kids arms and legs.
>Not guilty.

This was a local story for me. Watched the entire court hearing. It's pretty obvious the child was her dad's, and he was the one who killed her.

The jail visit videos are fucking weird, they are talking in code or some shit. Her behavior is evidence of sexual abuse, like he's been grooming her from childhood and is makign her take the fall. I don't doubt she was a shitty mom but I really don't think she killed the kid. I've always thought it was unfair how hated she was for just being a victim of that sleazebag of a dad.

But this is a great move, Casey. Everybody hates you, this will only make you look like a dumbass, attention-seeking whore. Keep going, lead the rebellion against the God Emperor. It'll end splendidly for everybody involved.

>The notoriety I got from my sensationalized infanticide trial has given my a more depraved taste for attention.
>better reenter the limelight and adopt a political -ism to support my habit
>everything will be okay forever

Should've just started a porn site or something.

Obligatory, horribly mutated, mangled and barely recognizable variant of the acronym "lol"

You're mindless.

Wait what

Evidence is required to support your claims

Do the exact opposite of what a baby shaker says

I read a pretty convincing book that it was actually OJ's son Jason that committed the murders. Quite compelling.

Maybe she killed her child because it was a nazi trump supporter?

You'd have to be a complete fucking moron to think she was innocent.

>Get a child Slayer on your team
Unless the Left becomes a metal band, this is more suicide

Literally a ploy to help Trump. She is probably Trump supporter that aims to make it easy for his supporters for defending him by pointing this out.

I remember bunch of KKK chapters did the exactly same thing by endorsing Clinton.

Fuck off. Even her parents knew she did it.

I bet you'd say the exact opposite if the news said she voted for trump. Fucking drone.

They overcharged her. They tried for 1st degree without a cause of death. They could have gotten her for something else and she'd still be in prison.

yeah but that hardly made a blip, while lefties screamed but but but David duke endorsed Trump!

exactly why Duke is a retard


>During the highly publicized trial Baez argued that Anthony had been sexually abused by her father, George Anthony, from age 12. George denied the accusations in court, and DNA evidence proved he wasn't Caylee's father.

Nope she's a child murderer regardless of her political affiliation.

Casey did 9/11

That's what caught my attention too.

You'd think someone like this would endorse Trump if she really wanted to do something, but apparently that's a bridge too far for her and her reputation.

Yeah, wtf?

Child care tip

Is that little one not quite ready for bed time? Try a warm pair of pajamas fresh from the dryer and a 10-30 shake to calm them down.

Really? My take was that she was always guilty as fuck and the family agreed to fabricate the sexual abuse story to try to get her found innocent.

And she made up a nanny called "Zanny" which is actually slang for Xanax

Also forgot to say, was a local story for me too.

It was almost 6 years ago, I don't fucking remember. I just watched the whole thing, every day of the trial, and that was the impression that I got. It seemed to me that the father had been fucking her since childhood, accidentally got her pregnant, and killed the offspring because he couldn't live with what he did.

Casey's attorney brought up the sexual abuse in court, at first I was like, yeah right, this is just her desperate attempt to get out of it, but the more I watched, the more it seemed probable. His behavior was completely bizarre, just watch his testimony in court and the surveillance videos from their jail visits, then tell me you'd be surprised to know he has been fucking his daughter since she was a baby.

I want to have a based turk as a friend. But all I meet in Berlin are 100% roaches.


>child murderer against trump.

So shocking...

>even murderers don't support drumpf

Post Dat book

Nice little summary about Jason and the case here:

>libtard use violent people against Trump
Where is the news?

Don't forget the homemade chloroform.