Why are most flags just three lines?

Why are most flags just three lines?

Lack of creativity

Sidenote: UK has the best flag

>a fucking cross


>Not understanding the meaning of each banner like a typical cucк

easy to sew with europoor technology

Ease of use, mostly. The lines make the flags easier to make and easier to identify which nationality they belong to.
For example, it's easier to tell the difference between the German and Russian flags than it is Australian and New Zealand. Plus, republics used to be associated with tricolours, so every new republic followed the same basic scheme.

get your geometry game on

No creativity. Every flag ITT is far superior so far, even the leaf.

that's because ma-ta-n pizda

>the first fucking tricolor itt

this koalafucker speaks truth

You wanna go Sadiq Khan?

Supposed to be easily identifiable at sea

>A fucking wall

>The flag of the Netherlands (Dutch: Vlag van Nederland) is a horizontal tricolour of red, white, and blue. Variants of the flag have been in use since 1572, and in 1937 the flag was officially formalized as the national flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is the oldest tricolour flag still in national use[2] and has influenced both the French[3] (1794) and Russian flag[4] (1693), both of these flags have in turn influenced many other European and African flags""

STARS AND... wait, that's pretty cool


>ma-ta-n pizda
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I bet on ease of recognizing on a battlefield

Wasn't the danish flag a roman battle standard? It's a cross anyway, so it's bretty good.

>t's easier to tell the difference between the German and Russian flags than it is Australian and New Zealand.
There is no reason to know the difference between cuntland and kiwifag island flags. They're eternal allies in the Anglosphere.

The austrian flag is pure kino desu.


"Your mothers cunt" not matematica

How about a pineapple, eh?

>Romanian flag
>french flag that someone pissed on
how apt.

you guys have horrible cab fares and horrible public transport outreach, why are you so corrupt?

I never understood the Aussies flag. Is there some reason its like America Jr. meets the Brits?

Try three lines and a leaf... A FUCKING LEAF

That's because nobody leaves the coffee shops.

Imagine being such a cuck that you wear this shirt even though we were like the last of a hundred countries already using the color scheme.

brit flag is literally 4 lines instead of 3...
bongs are retarded

You were saying?

quick rundown pls

west sahara is rightful Algerian clay

I think he means the generic three stripes of color. There is some thought put into the Union Jack and making the other flags combine to form it.

Canada used to have 3 leafs.

Are our stripes alright?

a bunch of washed up French television starts who underwent so much pseudo plastic surgery they look like irradiated orangutans

Why do we both have "pizda" though?

My flag is the best one

No it sucks. All flags that consist of 2-3 rectangles of equal size suck.

soviet flag was better.

Should we return to this design?

we have a lot tovaras, we're at the crossroads of many cultures

>not having an armillary sphere in your flag

much better

You must not know how to art. Its not the colors its how you use them. Now go back to your sanctuary city and pay your taxes Goyim. Won't be long before the Christians are persecuted for their beliefs in the non-true God.

it looks horrible desu, either make all squares red or white

I like how it's even more Jamaican than Jamaica's flag.

sorry, not squares, rectangles

People get too patriotic over "red white and blue" even though it's completely unoriginal and in fact the nation we uncucked ourselves from was red white and blue.

tricolour flags are revolutionary flags

remins me of dominican republic though

>a fucking star-spangled banner

tell me portocala bro, does anyone give you shit when you walk in the streets with that shirt?

Who is most aesthetic

Us or medpack?

The cab fares here are autistic but the trains are much better than where I'm from (England)

Nobody takes cabs here and yes our public transport is horrible. We are corrupt because we basically invented capitalism, you should try it.

well our thieves are more greedy than western thieves, so were so much more poor

>a fucking pajama pants

Your flag is all backwards. It's supposed to be stars in a blue square surrounded by red and white stripes.

Too patriotic and unoriginal? That's like saying we shouldn't make English this countries'
official language and restore property rights to all Native America tribes, while using a mix of their aboriginal tounges as an official language. Why don't we give you a white flag and let you immigrate to France. At least then when you talk shit about the American flag people will not even think twice about taking you seriously.

>A fucking Mongol cross

the flag is fine, I hate when people get patriotic over the three colors though. I know it's how you use them, but shit like "three cheers for the red white and blue!" as the ultimate patriotic song is incredibly ironic because it could be describing the very nation we gained our independence from.