IRL Moments - Power Level Edition

>be me
>7:00am on the bus, commuting to my college
>planning on hitting the gym before class
>sitting at the window seat
>need something to pump me up for the gym
>open up my playlist of National Socialist propaganda videos on youtube

>30 minutes pass, I was completely sunken into my phone, unaware of surroundings
>watching "Truth will Triumph" (great vid)
>realize I should check if the bus is almost near my stop
>notice a q.t. 8/10 girl who sat beside me without me noticing was staring at my phone screen the whole time
>we lock eyes for 3 seconds, she seems kinda scared and looks away

Tfw she was watching me watching NatSoc vids for the whole 30 minute ride.

Post your stories.

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did you red peen her?

Fuck her to assert your dominance.

Then shove the school bully into his locker and gas him through the the vent.

>Go out to the bar in my SS uniform
>5 girls immediately start clamoring for me
>I push them aside and make my way toward the blond hair blue eyes girl in the back.
>Tell her Hitler did nothing wrong
> We go back to my place and start an Aryan family.

>school bully

The fact that she didn't leave her seat the moment she saw Hitler on the screen is an invetation already.

so, the liberal arts professors

Should I talk to her lads?

She's always on the bus at the same time as me, she gets on one stop after mine.


Don't be an autist about it but sure

>finding girls to start families on bars

Sure, it's just a girl, there's nothing to lose, maybe she hate blacks or soemthing, you never know. Majority of girls would definately move away if the person next to her started watching Hilter propaganda, no doubt.

Dude I listened to truth will triumph on repeat for 30 minutes yesterday while at the gym. The rest of the time was listening to german marching music.

this sounds like the start of a tsundere anime
>girl on the bus is disgusted in the beginning towards user
>but they keep running into each other in classes, library, coffe shops
>awkward but also a little funny situations ensue
>the girl gradually warms up to user
>in the end they fall in love and the girl becomes enlightened in the teachings of Adolf Hitler
>and they shitposted happily on Sup Forums ever after

Wait...why the fuck didn't you talk to her??????

I actually have this problem. All I do is go to school, lift weights, and party ok the weekend. I have never found gf material at bars but I almost no where else to meet them.

>get on the bus after a job interview in a high tech region
>some foreign women sits next to me
>start talking about high tech sector working, how her kids work here as well
>she was part of some high family in a formerly colonial regime in north Africa
>talk about how we should ban all Muslim's and how she sees they're already screwing up this country
Pretty neat

I work 40 hours
Go do shit with friends on occasion
I meet about 0 women a week

>Nowhere to meet women

>be me
>visiting friends in germany
>student housing block
>go to house party in an indian guys flat
>a bunch of ugly chinks and a few german cucks
>we're a group of no fucks given belgian alpha males
>get drinks, talk shit etc
>for some reason take out my phone and show a picture to a friend and some germcuck
>swipe right, swastika flag
>lol funny right
>go talk to other people
>suddenly some bearded nu-male comes up to me
>"I heard you have nazi pictures on your phone, why?"
>"I sent them to a friend for some stupid joke"
>"Why don't you delete them"
>"Why should I, I have enough space and I forgot about it"
>"are you right-wing? Do you have right-wing thoughts?"
>"what do you mean by that?"
>"would you think it's okay if I had a black girlfriend?"
>"I don't care what you do"
>"No but what would you think?"
>Already quite drunk at this point, I bring up IQ and racial differences
>he doesn't believe me ("bananas are 90% same DNA as us the difference doesn't matter")
>I try to reason with him, he doesn't get it
>"You realize you are in the flat of an indian guy"
>"Yeah sure should there be a problem?"
>he calls the indian guy
>"He is a nazi"
>loo-bro says "Noo he's a great guy, we're all having fun here, drink some more yeeeah"
>suddenly the guy who saw the picture earlier comes out of nowhere: "What do you think about the holocaust?"
>"I don't think it's very relevant anymore"
>strangely enough that doesn't trigger them
>get dragged away by my friends
>"I know you find that funny but you have to be careful here in germany"
>tfw they don't realize I'm actually 100% serious full-blown natsoc
>we all leave and go to some bar
>Another guy who also lives in the same housing joins us later and tells me "They wanted to beat you up, you're lucky you left" - "but I think you're cool"

Germany is lost.

Many schools have entire buildings devoid of women
Never seen a girl under 30 there
Liberal basic bitches

I joined a co-ed sand volleyball league at my school for April in hopes of meeting more girls. But really:
>gym there are a few girls all hot but with headphones on.
>library has lost of hot girls but once again they all have those damn headphones in.
>classes sometimes have hot girls. That's my best shot right now.

>On bus, listening to music (Wagner), half asleep
>Only a few older women besides me
>bus stop, police standing outside
>2 get in, carrying MP5s
>slowly move through the bus, looking at every person
>I'm in the back, looking out the window
>they ask me for ID
>nobody else was asked for ID
>I'm a bit surprised, get out my ID and show it to them
>no problemo
>they leave
>A women in front of me turns around
>"Why did they check you, you don't even look like a foreigner"

Best place to meet girls in my town is at an outdoor gym located right next to a hiking/running trail in the woods, it's swarming with single girls that come alone. Since it's 2-3min outside town it's free from migrants, just a pure swedish oasis.

>be me
>SJW acquaintance summons me for my intelligence
>broken appliance
>before i work i need a cig do you have an ashtray
>well no one here smokes but you can use this cup
>cigarette sauna commence
>stupid flea market cup dominated with ashes and butts
>debate politics as kindly and logically as possible while performing service
>be so right that i can see the tears welling in her eyes as my enlightenment fills the room
>tell her i appreciate how despite the differences in our views we can have great logical debate
>reassemble appliance
>clean tools up, and proceed to initiate departure while blissfully ignoring the gleaming reflection of her ceiling light on the 2 slightly visible tear trails that had run down her cheeks
>it was my privilege

>Many schools have entire buildings devoid of women
That's why you venture outside your classroom to the rest of the campus you autistic fuck
>Never seen a girl under 30 there
Don't know what gym you're going to but you're school gym will rarely have women over thirty.
>Liberal basic bitches
You're not gonna pick a redpilled qt off a redpilled qt tree. You have to make one yourself and that's gonna have to start with a basic bitch

I've slept with a lot of girls but the few I end up liking are usually sluts or fucking crazy.
Everyone is sits far apart and wears headphones. Can't strike up casual conversation
Same thing. Had some luck there before but I am usually in the male dominated free weights section. I started running this month. Lots of girls there only for that. I'll eventually meet one. Also I started yoga because a friend wanted to meet hot girls but not do it alone. Plenty of women there.

I need to expand my social activities. Class, gym, then library hasn't been cutting it.

become friend with a girl 10y younger than me
she s the friend of a younger nephew
we share some interrest and see each other everyonce a while but i m expecting her to be one of those liberal kids
start talking about politics
drop the red pill
expose my powerlevel like there is no tomorrow
explain stuff about current state in France, state in the world, the medias, the muslim.
she s completely ok with this
we keep seeing each other and talking about how we need to work toward removing islam and muslim from france.
my nephew is also red pilled but was scared to show his powerlevel
this Xmass dinner with family ended up discussing politics, turns out my father and mother are redpilled, only 1 aunt gets upset and goes full liberal the rest tell her she should stop being abusive and calling all of us names cause she is behaving like a fascist.

Actually yeah I have a story from this weekend.
>be me out at a bar with a group of friends
>spend the whole night making fun of "kikes" to my friends laughter
>meet some short brunette
>go back to her place
>wake up the next morning to see a large Israeli flag on her door

>invited to a sensible party
>friend of my wife
>party is going well, even if most of the people there are leftists (journalists, academics, senior teachers - mostly professionals in their 30s)
>had quite a lot to drink
>after dinner there's a group of us stood around in the kitchen
>one of the men there has a metal plate in his head
>taps on it
>"that's nothing", i say
>pic related is on the kitchen work top
>pull out my balls
>put them on the kitchen top
>smash the meat tenderiser into my fake testicle
>hit the side of my scrotum, splitting it
>vomit instantly and pass out

Apparently I was lucky not to lose the other one

>don't give a shit about hiding my power level
>got fired from more jobs than i've resigned from

Oh well, self-employment is the way to go.


I keep posting statistics on Facebook posts about Brexit, the Muslim ban and other Trump hijinks. Nothing about blacks, women or muslims though, that would mean social suicide

>things that didn't happen.jpg

Dating website

>stop at wawa to get a meatball sub after a night at the bar
>quitely humming Vorwarts nach Osten to myself while waiting for my chow
>7/10 girl walks up besides me, pretty cute but she has that half shaved head/thick glasses SJW look
>hears me humming
>"Is this your jam? haha" she asks, talking about whatever bs was playing on the loudspeaker
>"Huh? no, I'm singing nazi music."
>she quickly turns around and walks away

desu I probably could have gotten her number but fuck it.

Literally jewed, it will stain you for life.

Do tell me of a dating site that isn't shit

>police carrying MP5's
What the fuck? Is your country in a state of war?

i think one thing that everyone can agree on is that it would be an international travesty to not rape your cat


i did same thing * 3 hour bus ride to madrid* watch natsoc videos and marches the first hour and a half* notice super cutie behind me on the glass looking at my phone and she looks at reflection at me* dont think much and keep watching* i can tell your a alpha like me op

Doing Charity. There won't be that many supermodels, but there will be wife material, and almost all girls I know do it.

>"belgian alpha males"

Somehow less of a scone eating faggot than the typical belgian?


I don't know, can't you filter out the women you don't like? It's purely a way to get into contact with people

I haven't used it, I meet plenty of women at college and church but I've considered dating websites.

>tell her about the joos

Sandniggers dont go inna nature in Sweden, too?

I always thought that they just avoid the woods (or any natural enviroment) because they cant start any shit there, because there are relatively small amount of people around.

But it seems that they really fear the woods... shitskins are ridicilous.

pic is legit mate

>asking a Sup Forumstard this

because women are the scourge of society which are only to be used for breeding. mans true potential can never be reached if he must exert his energies into providing for some woman

I don't know how you imagine the average "belgian", but compared to the limp-wristed low-test nu-male beta germans in that place, any male with normal or slightly above average testosterone levels is an alpha male.

>In the entrance way to accommodation.
>Humming absentmindedly.
>other person from work comes in to wait for transport.
>a few moments pass after we have a brief natter.
"user.... were you just humming Erika?"

I almost wigged out. But then realised he know the name of the song.

We're now: Good friends!

Second time I found out post coitus the girl was a Jew. I don't really care. Just means I won't be dating them.


That is a great video, "Adolt Hitler This Is war!" and "Adolf Hitlers Warning" are really good too

I imagine even the "manliest" european to be somewhat similar to a blatant coastal homosexual in the states.

Say what you want about bergers, at least we have no shortage of men here

I'm just glad I'm not the only autist who watches the history truth videos before working out.

>taught my sister the Panzerlied
>she's singing/humming it when my uncle comes to visit
>he recognizes it and starts singing too
>tells story about he used to sing it in the military
>he was in artillery
>belgian army, only german-speaking there
>nobody understood anything
>screaming panzerlied from the top of his lungs while commandeering heavy artillery

>taught friends "SS marschiert" years ago
>they still remember it and joined in when I started singing it a few days ago

Bookstore stupid.

I guess it's the same everywhere. The further away you go from the large city centres, the higher the average test level

>>police carrying MP5's
>What the fuck? Is your country in a state of war?

Belgian, as in that country that got its airport blown up by mudslimes last year

So basically yes

Why do you care so much bro. Laugh it off, 'cause it's funny

whats she like user? in terms of looks of course

I listen to Erika all the time. One of my favorite songs now.
>good for you and your mate


Music brings us together & is relatively hidden power level wise!

Good times man. Like I said music is a good way of connecting and not being overt as fuck about it.

>be me
>haven't left my house in 2017
>shitpost on Sup Forums 16 hours a day

dresses modestly,
kinda shy,
always see her w/ physics books


>helping libshit brother in law run a stand at some farmers market type thing in a rich as fuck town

>notice a random nigger lurking about casing everything and everyone, he sees me watching him and knows that I know what he's up to (I lived in the ghetto in college and have zero illusions regarding niggers) and stays away

>tell brother-in-law "hey Steve, watch leaving your i-pad (which he uses to ring up purchases via credit cards) on the front table because that black guy there is looking to steal stuff

>he flips out with the whole: "why are you so racist, he has just as much a right to be here as anyone else and for all you know is a very successful person who lives here and is just doing some shopping...blah blah etc..."

>few minutes go by and I see nigger looping back around... decide to go behind the tent for a smoke, stand back so I can see between vendors tents and watch any approaches to the front of ours

>Steve helping customer with something and nig walks up quickly, snatches i-pad off table and tucks it under his arm, walks off casually... no one saw it.

>I walk between two tents and come up right behind him, kick the back of his legs out at the knees, snatch his head and choke him out, yelling someone call the cops over here please

>DA *CHOKE* DIN...DO...Nutt *GAG*

>Yell He Just Robbed us! WILL YOU PLEASE STFU!

>nigger goes limp... outta there!

>put him in a full nelson and sit on his back until the police come

>nigger had a shitty Lorcin .25 and about a dozen small bags of coke or H...

> was a previous felon, which in my state means he gets a mandatory 15 years for reoffending with a firearm

>Steve never says anything to me about my racism anymore and no longer relaxes around blacks.

Feels good serving redpills with a side of justice and a dash of lynching...

Something similar happened to me in Berlin, but everyone was surprisingly cool about it.

>be me, australian raised, mediteranean roots, travelling europe
>in berlin as it's part of my euro trip
>decide to meet up with a german friend I made 2 years ago in Italy
>we decide to get drunk at a pretty quiet bar
>a few tequila shots later I start showing him nazi propaganda videos saved on my phone
>he surprisingly finds it hilarious and doesn't really care
>40 minutes later, drunk as fuck at this point
>german friend always smiles and laughs a lot, reminds me of goebbels
>change my phones wallpaper to pic related and tell him "this is you and this is me"
>both laughing
>he tells me we have to go to his girlfriends ballet performance and his friend will meet us and take us there, I agree
>find out germanbros girlfriend is italian, picture her as being really hot
>we get to the performance, I sleep through the entire thing
>after the performance, tell germanbro and his friend in an autistic drunken way about how lots of australians know the truth about WW2, germany was the good guy, jew redpills etc
>germanbros friend says "my grandma was jewish"
>lots of awkwardness for a second, but then they laugh at the novelty and amusement of the idea of a natsoc australian guy
>meet germanbros "girlfriend" expecting a hot tanned mediteranean chick as germanbro is tall and good looking
>it's an effeminate italian guy who doesn't even have tits or anything, literally just a feminine guy who calls himself a girl
>cry inside, try to bang one of the ballet girls who randomly gave me a chocolate, was going well until she saw my wallpaper
>crypto-jew helps me get a taxi home

Germany is lost.

>in bar with girl
>my round I'm buying drinks
>already pretty drunk at this point
>carring our drinks over to her
>some random girl with frizzy hair and a big nose bumps into me
>drinks spill over me
>anger and drunkenness take over
>"watch where you're going you stupid fucking kike bitch!"
>girl I came with heard me say it and looks at me shocked
>I'm pretty shocked myself tbqh, didn't know I had that in me
>suddenly girl I'm with bursts out laughing
>everything went better than expected

>At a bar with some of by clients having a couple drinks and a lunch
>Everyone there is chill and we're just having a little banter among ourselves
>TV behind the bar shows clips of the women's march
>I make a joke about the guy who made the pussy hats was relieved that someone finally decided to buy them after so long
>Random chick overhears this and gets in a huff and starts saying something about her soggy knees or something
>I'm holding back laughter while I just give her the people's eyebrow
>She continues on her diatribe while everyone else is just looking at her
>She finishes up with saying that it figures a dumb Trump supporter would wind up in a bar on a weekday afternoon
>I say could you give me a second while I take out my phone
>Say hold on, let me call my wife and let her know some random woman in a bar thinks I'm a misogynist. I'm sure she'd love to hear about it
>Also say that the difference between her and I being in that bar is that everyone sitting on my side of the bar is a client of mine, and you're the one that's here by yourself.

your credit score got KIKED hard that night

Your story made me rage SO hard.

They would never beat you up though, if they weren't weak faggots they wouldn't be leftist numales to begin with.

It's a weak, but very infuriating enemy.

Not really red pilled, just funny in hindsight

>German co-worker tells me she hasn't received a package her family sent her from Germany
>"We don't allow in anything from Islamic countries haven't you heard? Tee-hee"
Germans have no sense of humor

>Azn Qt 3.14 co-worker brought her dog to work
>Rainy day so get dog is wearing a poncho or whatever
> walks in the office and takes off her dogs Poncho
>"Unpacking your lunch I see?"
Chinese gooks have sense of humor

>Got reported to HR for saying gays will burn in a lake of fire, hating mudshits & niggers, and talking about teh joos and their lies
>I'm a spic so I play the victim
>Didn't get fired
Gays, mudshits & niggers and Jews have no sense of humor

This is fucking hilarious, you're a right fucking Patrick Bateman

>tfw to intelligent to go outside

You will never be pure again

>go see j roddy walston concert

>get drunk

>go to hipster basement bar in the restaurant connected to the venue next door

>all fags and liberals

>order faggot beer

>start talking politics with some girl sitting behind me

>go on a pro Trump drunken tirade

>she just keeps repeating that she wants control of her body

>the beta dude she was with just looking at me in shock and says nothing

I probably sounded retarded but it was a good time

>getting back from a party drunk with a friend
>i start pretending to be an american to the uberdriver
>defending the shit out of trump

You've just described Sup Forums's dream girl

Pretty much what I want XD

Conservative churches are a good place.Find one with a decent young population and join some youth groups.

>Be Me
>Friends sit me down over the fact of posting to much of our Nigel on Facebook.
>Subject changes to BLM and the true people behind it.
>Mention the crime rates over in America
>Show that blacks are the biggest when it comes to crime.
>explain that most that are shot are police in self defence
>Tell them about Soro's and his goal to destroy the the west
>One friend "well this Soro's sounds like a good guy to me, open boarder, funding BLM see nothing wrong
>Fuck me having retard blue pilled mates.

My mates and i read a news story about how some teens threw a Molotov cocktail at another teen, laugh and say it was probably Muslims, read article and find out it was Danes who threw it at a Muslim, laugh harder

>Reconnect with old friend
>We both were libtards
>He still is
>Meet him for lunch, start dropping redpills
>Podestas and Hillary
>Trump as anti-establishment
>Antifa and Comet Pizza being funded by the same sources
>Friend gets alarmed, asks me when I got laid last time, and suggests I should do that as soon as possible
>Get him to admit that left media have a history of misrepresenting stories. Happily recollect how the communist newspapers claimed the Chernobyl incident was no biggie, even getting doctors to state that radiation is harmless
> He said he would look into unbiased media sources
>Emails me a week later. First on the list: Indymedia. Who helped him make the list: His chubby green haired girlfriend

Stop being right /pol


keep up the good work

>be me
>Late october
>American election coming soon
>It's Wednesday, About 12:45 AM
>get on bus with other students
>goimg back home, feels good, gonna get work done
>Scruffy 40 something man comes in.
>Teeth not in very good shape, Stubble, Graying hair
>he comments "So you guys are foxing school or what?"
>Tell him wednesday we get afternoon free, no matter what
>Old lady gets on bus, Offer my seat
>man's surprised "Young people are not as classy these days"
>we end up talking about what we do, find out he's a cook, tell him I study history
>he tells me he watches history channel
>starts talking about secret alien bases on the moon, Space aztecs
>Divert conversation to another "theory"
>Mrs clinton
>he goes full power level
>Clinton is deeply sick, DNC has ties with the NWO, Wall street is betting on both dogs, But trump is the underdog.
> my stop comes
>leave before Pizzagate

Felt good.

Is it autistic for a non white to listen to german war music,like panzerlied and erika
Jist asking i feel like a traitor sometimes when listening to them

>At pastor's house to smoke cigars and do a bible study with a few other guys
>He mentions that my wife got a job working for a Jew.
>"user, I thought you said she started working for a lawyer?"
>Pastor: "Why would I speak twice?"

>Sup Forums's dream girl

Not mine, but 3/4 ain't bad. I prefer Galway girls to blondes.


>going to buy drugs in the ghetto
>my white wigger associate who lives there among the slime is hooking me up
>meet him and 3 negroes
>I'm with my friend
>casual buyer, done this many times
>niggers are nervous as fuck
>haven't seen my associate in a while so I ask him how he is and make small talk
>niggers start laughing
>we conclude our bussiness and part ways
>start ranting to my friend about niggers for a whole 5 minutes
>he eventually tells me to dial back the hate
>I tell him they insulted us by laughing at us
>mfw he dosen't get it

yeah sounds like she was really into you...