Srs question - has anyone noticed things manlets are good at/better than other height dudes?

Srs question - has anyone noticed things manlets are good at/better than other height dudes?

I've noticed they're better strategists in many cases.

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Probably for the same reason ugly people are funny and fat girls are easy

You need evidence to back up claims like that. Not just anecdotes.

The only research I'm aware of is that height has a negative effect on life expectancy.

That is

> shorter guys live longer

neaderthals arent the smartest

>fat girls are easy
So are skinny girls if you're not disgusting to look at.

Yeah but it was just an observation based on my experiences though.


Manlets could spend their whole life getting better at things, but nothing will ever compensate for the fact they're 5'7. Just stop.

This, and it seems like it's easier for them have competent run times but plateau in speed slower.

(((Piven))) isn't a successful actor because he's short, it's because he's part of the TribeĀ®.

Hot girls are easy. Fat girls are easy. It is your 5-7 range that requires effort.

F1 drivers

Manlets look better with gyming. Their muscles are smaller in length, thus to achieve same muscle volume they need a lot less muscle to look better. Doesn't help them much tho, cause women aren't really after muscle but after height and face (and money).

t. 6'5

>t. 6'5

The fuck. I'm 6'3 and I already kinda wish I was a few inches shorter, since being tall and ugly at the same time is a nightmare.

Well I'm not really ugly (and I'm no supermode either), but yea a few centimeters less wouldn't hurt. At this height you're only good for basketball desu, even in gym manlets are better. And 99% of women are dwarves next to me.

Also, manlets live longer

Lol, no. There is not a single manlet who has a powerlifting world record.

I'm 5'10" in decent shape. Routinely get told I'm 8-9 facewise. Extremely high IQ but shit job because mildly crazy. I should just an hero right?



How many of these guys are over 6 feet?

Thank you bros.
I'll set up a livestream.

Yea. Wrestling. Manlets have a huge advantage over tall people because their balance is crazy good due to their height.

All of them.

rip in bits

In looking through the list one is 6' 6" another 6' 1"
This guy is 5'10", a certifiable manlet

>be 5'8"
>have slept with almost 70 different girls

IQ's around 150, big dick, and my mom got this scholarship from "Miss America" when she graduated high school.
....meaning, she's pretty.
Which means, so am I.

I don't know what to tell ya........I've literally never once in my life felt insecure about my height.
It doesn't cross my mind.
I've slept with many girls taller than myself.

It goes:
Pretty face > intelligence > dick size > everything else

So yeah.
This guy's page says 6', so probably 5' 11 1/4"

Manlets are bettersuited for being pilots and astronauts afaik

also Nina Agdal is like 5'11 in OPs pic
this guy is 6 5 and the lesser weight classes dont count

How's that hpv and herbies bruh?

Mostly, if you don't have muscle your forced to develop your mind.

>94 kg
I have terrible news

Well, but now you are checking different weight classes, i thought we were talking about 105+ kg.

In every weightlifting competition where there are no weight classes tall huge men dominate them.

>the record for the absolute heaviest man invalidates all of the other records

All other things held equal, women prefer taller men to shorter men. Sorry manlet.

They are better at picking things from the ground.

They have shorter arms and legs so when they do a lift, the movement is smaller. Their balance is better too.

Guns have been invented. Brute force is wielded by organization and the barrel of a gun these days.

Good luck bruno with your biceps and IQ of 78.

>those legs
holy fug, if you're gonna be a manlet at least dont skip leg day

did you go to bcs?

>sleeps with skanks
>thinks it's cool
>all quality girls can sniff out manslut

How's that inferiority complex?

>It goes:
>Pretty face > intelligence > dick size > everything else
This guy has the world record for clean and jerk. He's only 6'1".
Why don't the 6'6" guys just beat him?

most professional gymnasts are short