Are you happy Sup Forums?

Are you happy Sup Forums?
Is this what you wanted?

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Job well done officers!

no, I wanted them shot in the back of the head and left in the street


Japanon pls



How do you think this standard of civilization that you enjoy is maintained, dipshit.

This pleases me, but there is still so very much more to do.

Yes. It is what we want.

women need to shut up about this kind of shit
good, better get your papers in order if you're illegal


Yep pretty much

I wish you cucks would impale them on stakes and display on the borders, it worked for Vlad

Yes, fuck chicANOS.

Davido kun strikes again.

Someone find out who those people are, and report them.

Deport them too

Why the fuck don't they apply for citizenship. Naw I'll just hide out not paying taxes being an uninsured driver and muh gibs

>Why u so racist amerikkka

Easier said then done poo in loo.

Damn, Japan has been on a roll lately

Is that immigration?


literally shaking

Those guys can't even shit on the LOO what makes you thing they would bother making a hole for a pike and impaling someone.

how smart

>Millennial woman
>virtue signaling
>making assumptions without any facts or reference points
>scared without reason
>posting for (likes)

We really need to be more active in rooting these people out and reporting them. Should be Sup Forums's #1 priority.

You japs are okay guys.

Why do they admit this?

based used tampon

>my dad is actually undocumented

Hmm. Someone should inform the authorities of that openly shared comment displayed by that Twitter handle (which has a location tied to it)

You said it yourself. Why become a citizen and pay taxes when you know that the very thought of deporting illegals and enforcing the laws """scares""" a decent portion of the voting population

>look at me I'm oppressed

>my family doesn't obey the law of the land, I'm scared

Liberalism is cancer for even encouraging this sentiment.

It is exactly what I wanted.




What's that?

report them to ICE senpai

>inb4 pol detectives find out who they are and report them
p-pls faggots

>Is this what you wanted?


Is this a /right wing report squad/ thread?

Also yes.

This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks for posting this, my day is made.

looks like those mexishits are still alive, so no...this is not what i wanted

I can't believe that we live in a time where being a law-breaker is seen as being marginalized.


useless millennial crybabies. yes it's what i wanted.


We should be doing more by compiling people who have admitted having family that are undocumented and handing that info over.

Based leaf

Damn, I can hear the sounds of robots re-constructing the 大和 these days. Don't stop.

Brutal, crude but effective.

The latino scum fears a stake through the bum

oh god im dying

Nipanaon gets it. The lack of summary executions a whole three weeks into the Trump Regime is really blackpilling me.

>this could happen to anyone

No it really can't you fucking retards

this . Japanese are known to be very hygienic people

> Criminals shouldn't have to live in fear of the law catching up with them

I can't understand this kind of delusion.



If I had my way it would be a forest of impaled.

Hey fellow san diegan! just a drop in the bucket though, they could do this 24/7 for years and it wouldn't be enough

Underrated post.



Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report Dox and report

And make sure when her dad gets deported he knows it's because his daughter posted he was illegal on social media


isnt japan like 99.999% Japanese? us 60%ers should listen to this guy


it is now

Based nip


The really hard part is making sure the stake doesn't kill them immediately, so they have some time to repent while their riding the Stake Carousel.

fucking english teachers

>She's dating a shitskin

It's all coming together now.

the other leaf took care of it already

Based ONLY if you actually did it

What that blvd of broken dreams really named "the drawer"?

>tweets get deleted
>evidence is gone
Gj mate


You're looking at a copy of the proof you fucking compost heap.

Why wouldn't u want to get rid of illegals?

>my dad committed a crime but was never caught

>omg im so scared that he might have to be punished

justice is an alien concept to women, its 1 key reason letting them vote gradually rots a country

>every case should be decided based on how warm and fuzzy the outcome makes me feel

Why can't they come into the country legally tho? Is the red tape really that long, or is it perhaps immigration fees are expensive?

All I see is a picture of my wages rising. So, yes, very happy.


> not paying taxes

Think again.

Illegal aliens fabricate social security numbers and use those to apply for jobs. They're trying not to get deported so they don't file tax returns to get their refunds.

State and federal law requires employers to deduct pay payroll taxes, medicare, and social security in advance no less than quarterly. This amounts to about a third of their income.

Over the estimated 8 million illegal aliens in the US work force, this comes to about 38 billion dollars a year if they're only making The 7.50 federal minimum wage. This doesn't count what the state might make from their own taxes. In Kali, the minimum wage is 10.50, so it's even more beneficial to the Fed's and the state for illegal immigrants to work there.

The Feds and the state have no reason to do a single fucking thing about illegal immigration.

Here's a better image of her face, if anyone can run a facial recognition check.

Kek, that's on my way to work.

wtf are those yugioh cards in a box?

and wtf is this he is eating??

Bannanna, GREEN ice cream, some square cake, blue berries..

California state senate leader says half their family is here illegally. Why should the other illegals care if you can liberals can say it loud and proud that they support illegals?

Lol i love seeing tweets like that. Hopefully it happens in europe too

>deleting the tweets will make her father a legal citizen

doesn't mater if she's deleted it. there are screencaps here and presumably the reporting Sup Forumsack included screen grabs. someone just needs to pair her twitter profile to her legal identity and then find her father.

I don't think that's her. Like most young women, she likes to pretend she's a photographer.


Are you a weeb faggot english teacher or based Okinawa rape marine?


Also driving while on her phone at highway speeds endangering others around her.

This is her, her instagram is the same name as her twitter.

cause we're fucking full and nobody wants these beaners. theres no fucking job market now because they devalue the labor cost of everything they touch.