Why is smoking weed degenerate?

Because it makes you want for peace, which is bad for the future of your homeland, not having people willing to fight for it!

Because you should be shoving prescription pills into your mouth instead you bad goy, or a bud light.

Because it causes you to be ok with your current circumstances. A pause if you will.

You must endure the suffering if you wish to improve yourself. Smoking weed daily causes you to put your head in the sand.

No just stupid unless you have a valid medical reason. I hear hemp has many uses that have been fear banned in the century long war on drugs.

Hedonistic activity with no inherent productive value. Less degenerate if you combine it with productive activities, but still a crutch.

t. former heavy smoker.

>Wanting to fight

O I'm laffin.

Because it makes people more creative, happy, and friendly. Oh and because hemp hurts large corporations such as newspaper industries so it must be demonized.

this is the real reason

source: pharmabro

fuck that smoke weed every day nigga im the king nigger lemme get my vape fuck that vapes are for fedoras im all bomg all day what bong is it? about 10 bong *bubble bulbbe* you know this shit cures cancer bro? *coughs tar* dont take my word for it thoguh im just one girl...

because i havent gotten out of bed all day

Nepal has been an independent country longer than the USA, senpai

Weed is for niggers.

>more creative
This is mostly an illusion. Doing art feels more creative and groundbreaking when you're doing it high, but as you sober up you realize you could've performed at least as well sober.

For the past few months I've been calling my smoking a crutch...

So I'll second what this finnbro says.

It can give you motivation to study & learn art and other creative pursuits though, because it becomes so damn fun and satisfying even if you suck ass.

True, but I can't imagine going through the pain of college without weed to make me not kill myself.

I think just like most anything else, Weed is fine in moderation.

I tried it the other day for the first time and I got to say. Not for me.

>Nepal is a secular state under the Interim Constitution, which was promulgated on January 15, 2007

>still pushing a meme from nearly a hundred years ago


Honestly if you've reached that point, just quit altogether. Your kind of attitude tends to mean that weed has already given you everything it possibly can give. You will feel bored for a few weeks to few months, but after that you will not look back.

Weed, dope, ganja, chronic, 420, etc. It doesn’t matter what the jiggaboos, wiggers and hippies call it--its consumption is the mark of a loser degenerate. And no, I’m not referring to the sixty-five year old woman with cancer, whose doctor prescribed it to her. Every person I’ve ever met that smokes (not tried) marijuana has been a worthless failure. I know folks don’t make the best decisions when they’re young, but if you’re over twenty-five and still smoking dope, chances are you have a dead-end job (if you even have one), look like a dirty slob and are a directionless disappointment. In other words, you’re a (((Seth Rogen))) character.

If that’s you, we’ll provide you with a complimentary High Times magazine, for your reading and enjoyment, during your helicopter ride over the Rocky Mountains. Strictly speaking, if you smoke weed, the Alt-Right isn’t for you--go join the nihilistic and hedonistic Current Year libertarian movement. “But I’m a retired IBM consultant that smokes a blunt on the weekends!” We don’t care, stinkweed is for niggers and pimply maladjusted teenagers trying to be cool.

Something to do with degeneracy or some such shit.

I smoke regularly and hold down a high salaried job, it doesn't affect my day to day and it's how I chose to unwind. I'm physically fit, mentally stable.

It's the same with booze; some people just can't handle the effects and go off the rails

Anything that puts you in a temporary state of contentment is degenerate. Weed also makes you lazy clumsy and unmotivated.

Don't fall the herbal Jew OP. Look around you, count all the people in your life who are successful and smoke weed regularly, I doubt you'll find more than 1 or 2.

A better question might be "Why do degenerates smoke weed?"

because it can give a very small percent of users derealization and depersonalization which can lead to other symptoms, look it up fags its all over the internet by now

i know potheads will just go full out reality denial mode because they can't stand the fact that pot has negative side effects kek

>Anything that puts you in a temporary state of contentment is degenerate.

Contentment itself is not wrong. It's a great feeling, especially when it follows a period of an intense effort. Contentment becomes an unproductive feeling when you can achieve it without putting in any work.

>constitution = statehood
they were a monarchy m8

It isn't.

Why is DMT illegal?

This. Weed makes you ok with being mediocre. Biggest waste of time.

Man I would make bombastic tincture with 1/4 of that bud...

nah that's retarded.

Marijuana is a godly herb anyone can use to increase cognition and awareness - and cure many other ailments.

Jews create propaganda so YOU act like an idiot rather than use it for its true power. Because YOU are a fool.


they were an independent monarchy since the 1760s

Cause white people can't handle drugs

I smoke a good amount of pot, I don't think it makes you a degenerate but it definitely brings about some degenerate like qualities. It can all be summed up by pot lowering your energy and causing you to slowly shed more and more life maintenance things (cleaning, hair cuts, etc.) if someone starts smoking too much

>being ruled by a foreign Lama

Laffin' even harder

It takes away ambition.

Prove it.

All you faggots generalizing weed. I don't smoke it to make myself feel better or any of that faggy shit I smoke it for a new perspective

smoking weed is not that bad. it's 80% of the people using it being underage kids bragging about it.

The fact that this is what you consider trolling, whatever level you believe you're on, is making me consider whether or not D.A.R.E. was actually on to something.

it makes u sweepy and how can /pol shitpost whilst unconscious?

Anything that is/was illegal is usually considered degenerate, especially to the people that grew up with it.

Smoking weed itself is absolutely okay, it's the stoner (((culture))) that's degenerate, for people like me it's no different from cigs. It's like metal, by itself it's usually pretty decent music but the culture of edgy harry potters associated with it is utterly retarded(but goth/punk girls are still best for the dick).

Food isn't degenerate just because fat people exist. Weed isn't degenerate just because stoners exist.

>Why is smoking weed degenerate?

Because the president that flooded your country with trillions of low-IQ immigrants in an ultimately futile bid for power said so and clearly that makes it correct.

Lol that person got shorted. That is supposed to be a pound.