Why should we save our race?

I'm trying to rationalize my racism and my utter disgust when I see non whites in my country.

Is this a natural feeling? Is racism encoded in our DNA?

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There's probably a genetic predisposition but it's also upbringing.Just because something is natural does not mean it's helpful

Is it because I grew up in a 100% white environment and had to move to work in a shitskin infested city?

You don't have to rationalise it, it's a natural human behaviour. We are territorial animals, like most others, and we have a strong in-group preference which mostly results in a feeling of disgust at those we see as outside of our group. A young child that's just able to crawl, when put in between a person of its own race and a person of another race, will overwhelmingly go to the person of its own race. What's happened is that a certain collective of people have made a massive effort, which was successful, to rid us of our natural behaviours. Now, those behaviours haven't gone from us but we try damn hard to deny them their rightful place in our lives. Just look at the average lefty, they'll stumble over their own mind trying to rationalise their dogma. That's because they're battling against their own damn nature.

It has nothing to do with you growing up in a 100% white place. It's just bloody nature. We are the only damn animal in the world that self-aggrandises so much that we try to abolish our own animal behaviours.

Because that's what we do. We fight.

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Of course it is. It's natural, especially for white men to spurn impregnating non Euro women. The biologists and academics will refuse to admit this, though.

>Is this a natural feeling? Is racism encoded in our DNA?
It is indeed. Altruism is an intrinsic part of many animals, but it is extended only to those who share your genes. You'd die for your children without hesitation, you would sacrifice a lot for you family and country men, but there is no reason to do anything beneficial for different races, because such altruism would result only in the death of the altruistic races, and survival of the invading ones. That would obviously make us less human.

Another thing to consider is that Africans are mentally FAR inferior to whites, so not only should you not help them in any way, but you should definitely not cross breed with them either. Racism is very logical, so it's amazing how it's been possible to fuck up our culture to the point where racism is considered 'unscientific'

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you don't want your grandchildren to mix so you want a nation as pure as possible
it's natural

it's an instict of self-preservation. but most people lost it and became lemmings.

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It's not rational, but necessary since greed is the basic and most important human value of the world. One way to evolve(go to space) is to make all people one race and another way is to let everyone compete for who gets there first(deeper).

So if you support racism, you support competition. This also means you'll take shit from others because you cause shit to them. But as they are already doing shit to you, go ahead.

It's not wrong or right, just your opinion dude.

That's if you meant "racism". Racism as in the genetical differences between races, are just a pure facts.

They did not lose it, it's important to note the distinction between losing it and having it oppressed. Which is what has happened, out natural human behaviours have been oppressed and we are made to feel guilty simply for being the animal we are. What they have done to us is akin to us punishing a dog for wagging its tail. The behaviour is still in us, even in the worst of the lefties, which explains why the far left are so utterly mental; because they have to work seriously fucking hard to self-oppress their own nature.

Social cohesion is obviously at stake in a multicult and without social cohesion the society is weak.
A weak society is easily conqured or subverted. Ask yourself how you feel about Muslims or Africans living by their own rules in prosperity somewhere else? I bet you feel happy for them or nothing at all.

You arnt racist. What you do have is the instinctive knowledge that someone is taking advantage of you.

You're a closet homo aren't you.

I don't want people like this to become completely swamped and diluted by Jeb Bush's-wife tier Mexi-goblins, even at an aesthetic argument I'd say it makes sense to preserve whites.

Fuck your Goddamn race.
You screwed up the world. I hope europe burns to ashes


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No, it is fucking rational you dog. Stop spewing the (((stuff))) you've had drilled in to your damn head. If a 3-month old baby feels uncomfortable enough around a person not of its own race to go away from them, mind you a baby that age has no reason to feel that way outside of nature, just imagine how someone like us will feel when there's millions of people not of our own race taking over our homes.


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Yes, identifying with savage inequalities is intrinsic of human nature. It's fulfillment of the natural order that you gravitate to people that are like you.
Humans generally like a flag to fly and the security of identity within something in the form of a tribe.

There are means by which we emulate that psychology of tribal conflict that are ultimately just epigonic feedback of repressed primal vestiges.

People are indeed born racist.

Est-ce qu'il y à des filles qui sont génétiquement 100% francais? Ou est ce que je peux les trouver? Ici en Canada ils sont tous des mixes.



I see negroes being dumb all the time, that's what makes me feel like not putting energy into them. I don't hate them for it though.
The muslims aren't that bad intelligence-wise, but they seem to be naturally more anti-social and aggressive.
The rest seem to be okay. I mostly not want certain groups of people here because I do not think they're a good investment to have in a society.

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kek, of course. Argument still applies, whites are by far the most aesthetic and for that reason alone deserve preservation.

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>You don't have to rationalise it
>Rationalizes it

Non-whites should stay away from white people and women.

Just disgusting lesser beings.

You are programmed to want to live among people like you. Your children will be outsiders in your own nation and they will be second class and hated. The fact that whites love and accept minorities is really unprecedented.

No, I explained it. There is a difference. Please don't be this stupid Ireland.

It's natural behavior for pretty much every species.

Look at the stupid crap about gender confusion. Leftists can't even cope with their own selves.

Her left (from her vantage point right) eye is WAY bigger than the other one, creates a massive discrepancy and facial asymmetry.
Elle Fanning isn't Jewish, her parents are Southern Baptists.

Growing up in a shitskin infested region made me racist

You are idiot, who thinks one side is purely right. No one is, there is bad things to every thing. You are weak if you can't see thing from opposites point of view, because you are afraid of feeling what they might feel. The trick is to feel what they do then use it against them.

Sorry for spewing taboo knowledge here, I know you want to keep people on leash but I cjust can't. The more people know, the better they can decide their real opinion and side. And i'm sure that rests with the right, because no one wants potential criminals into their country.

>massive discrepancy and facial asymmetry.
That usually implies some developmental defect and mental retardation. And you definitely need to be severely retarded to be involved with niggers. I'd be fine if everyone subscribing to blacked were shot.

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

>You are weak if you can't see thing from opposites point of view
Fucking top kek, you moron. Why in the flying fuck would a self-preserving animal care about the opposite side?

>cat attacks mouse
>mouse takes a moment to think
>"hmmm, well i guess i am a cats natural food"
>lets itself get eaten because it's not weak

>A young child that's just able to crawl, when put in between a person of its own race and a person of another race, will overwhelmingly go to the person of its own race

If a baby was raised up until have it could crawl by several members of different races, then it would have wouldn't have a preferences of a particular race, but propbably would arbitrarily favour one more than the others and choose that one.
Rascism is learnt, we're all just humans some of us are shit and some are great regardless of race.

What a cute girl. Glad to see she has a white baby. Very glad to see upstanding women left in this shithole of a planet.

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>Ethnicity: German, English, as well as >Irish, French, Channel Islander (Jersey, >Guernsey)

So it can know how the other feels, so it can know what hurts the most. When you know what hurts the most, you'll use that or save it for later use.

I don't get how someone in Sup Forums doesnt understand that knowledge is power. It's all about how you use it.

If two humans fight and the other has a weakness, that means the other can use that weakness if he knows about it.

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Edgy/autistic much? Are we going by Nazi Racial categories now?

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Well that baby is either a split of the parent's races, or is the wife's son. If it's a split race then of course it'll favour both equally, but if it's the wife's son then there is absolutely no guarantee that it will grow up to love the rainbow.

I understand well that knowledge is power, but you were talking about taking in to account the emotions of the others. Why the fuck would anyone or I care about the feeling of some nog and sandnog? You don't preserve your own group by hurting the feelings of the others.


>is self preservation encoded in our DNA?

>Just because something is natural does not mean it's helpful
the fact that it is natural means it either is useful or was useful. nature is all about efficiency

How does American education manage this level of inconsistency?

white brits = inbreeds

And not pure...

What did my genes mean by this???

Not pure what mate? Now, I'm pure Anglo. But if you want to get real fucking technical I'm also part African. Just as you are. Therefore neither of us a pure. Dumb cunt, don't tell me what I am.

I didn't mean to care about their emotions. Let them feel misery if they will, but like (((them))), why not use feelings for your own purpose?

Compare it to raising the price of food for hungry people, they will buy it either way.
It is all about mind/emotions control and about showing things and hiding others. A person who has never seen a luxury car doesn't want one.
It's about controlling what others want.

That's why we need to know what opposite thinks and feels, so we can use it.


Okay, you make more sense now. I understand what you're saying mate, but using knowledge of the opposite side against them is rather outside the scope of this topic isn't it. Which is where part of my confusion of what you were saying came frame. With the topic at hand, what you said came across as nothing more than "you should feel for the poor others, they're people too".

>newfag doesn't know what ID's are for
it isn't contradiction if it's two different people, retard

"I Have a Solution!"

>american education
For real this time. I was commenting on how two people who went through the American education system cam out so different. You came out with reasonable intelligence and logic, while the other one did not.

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>two people who went through the American education system cam out so different.
>two people came out different
>two people are different
so profound

You should feel how poor they are, so you know what they think. Once you know what they think, you know how to speak to them. Once you know how to speak, you can directly affect their thinking. When you can change their thinking you can change their ways and eventually put them to do what you want.

Only thing that needs to kept in mind is, this kind "understanding" and using it, needs you to keep the same level of belief in yourself when perceived by them. You can't suddenly change or tell to do some specific thing.

This is what (((they))) do too.

Ofc. You should support those who are genetically closer to you and hate those who aren't.

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>I was commenting on how two people who went through the American education system cam out so different.

The quality of our education varies greatly throughout the nation. Some of our schools are outstanding, while others are severely lacking and fail to meet even basic educational standards. There is absolutely NO consistency. It's a problem that has plagued and confounded parents/politicians for decades.

the same reason why you feel discomfort when you're near a mentally or physically handicapped person. because they are useless to the genepool, they will even waste precious ressources. Humans can only go forward, we must become better, we must spread and conquer the galaxy.

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>Humans can only go forward

Nah.. our advancement has a ceiling, like all animals.

These guys get it.

This is how children are before they get indoctrinated:


The only thing encoded in french DNA is being invaded.


It is a natural, good instinct.
Brainwashing and evil, experimental morality has been coercively forced on everyone.

Strong, critical, independent minds and personalities still have the resilience and independence to understand that just because something is denounced loudly and repeatedly, doesn't make it bad.

Your racism is a healthy survival instinct.
Combine it with anger and find your brothers. War is coming.

Fuck you, I'm looking forward to killing people like you.


It's because you know how good things are in a pure white town.
You see the contrast between idyllic white places and degenerate shitskin infested ones.

>racism as a survival instinct in 2017
One could argue that being racist and lowering your social standing in society (due to the negative way racism is shunned all across the board by almost ALL females) could hurt your chances of survival and reproduction.

I like her personality :^)

Anything that takes 50+ years of brainwashing and cultural degradation to get rid of is probably good.

>inb4 what about murder and le rape

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Thus right here

just because you're racist and stay clear of black people who are disproportionately likely to commit a crime against you doesn't mean you have to run through the streets yelling 1488 Hitler did nothing wrong bud

Fuck off faggot. It increases chances of ethnic cleansing or finding a normal white society if you don't feel like staying and fighting.

>If a baby was raised up until have it could crawl by several members of different races, then it would have wouldn't have a preferences of a particular race

studies have been done about this you know, you're wrong faggot.

>thinks that human nature has changed just because it's the current year

I take my payment in the highest quality of (You)s

No it doesnt

animals can't invent shit, we'll build an AI that will invent everything possible, robots to serve us, to assert our domination on the universe.

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I wonder why people decide that natural desire for survival needs rationalization.

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