Watch it Trumplets, your days are numbered!

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I have an irrational hatred for this woman. However, I have had to put up with her for 25 years. No one should have to deal with a politician that long. Even a good one

>first statement
Didn't she already use some guy's funeral as an excuse to warn us about fake news?


Why isn't this broken down piece of shit in jail yet?

How does it feel to know that no one gives a shit about your opinion because you're an effeminate, unemployable dipshit who worships at the feet of other men like a literal cuck?

>just look at the amazing energy we last [...]

the fuck

She's #MAGA?

jeez bro American bridge is just a job, no reason to get yourself that upset

I don't think this creature is even human.

She couldn't even speak for a minute without a cut.

snifff....this smells Soros...

Looking like she's wearing a potato sack


nice projection

Ugh, always so stiff.

>the future is female

This is how you radicalize the men, women will be crushed and put into their place again in the next 20-30 years and it will be fucking brutal.

>Comments are disabled for this video

She looks dead. Holy fuck. Did she actually die and implant some sort of animatronic in her just to "keep her alive"?

How does it feel to lash out at someone's opinion? Do you feel some kind of power by trying to silence them?

>Calls for full blown war against the presidency
>Double tap all trump supporters you see
>Maga hats are the new nazi SS armband
>ends with 20 seconds chanting RESIST

Whoa there hillary.

Sup Forums is the new reddit shit skins are welcome here.

Sup Forums is the new reddit shit skins are welcome here.

Sup Forums is the new reddit shit skins are welcome here.


Welcome back to 2012

>that robinson crusoe outfit

has she ran away to an isolated island?

Hahahaha seriously I was thinking the same thing. She looks dead inside and is only functioning because of some brain alien controlling her

>no comments

Fucking cowards. The future is female and her name is Davos

She's really inspirational, I really love how she cares about little people and especially women. USA will have female President and I love that idea.

I recognize you shill. Your attempts at shitting in an ocean of shit are futile. Imagine being you and hating yourself so much that you come here to shit instead of shitting out your shitty life story to shitty friends. Chances are you havent got any though.


>The future is female
Well, thanks. You just made an enemy of the stronger side. By saying that you put a bad taste in every man's mouth (minus the cucks)

I hope like hell every. day. that this bitch dies painfully. I seriously don't think they're going to be able to keep her going long enough to make any difference. No human body can handle so much wear.

MADAM PRESIDENT!!! She gonna SLAY Trump IN 2020!!!

Why does Hillary associate herself with some of the stupidest slogans ever. I'm with her, love trumps hate, stronger together, the future is female, etc

yes!!!! new fap material

How is this not a paid promotion?

She will go down long before that date....

Ain't nobody scared of this dried up old bitch. Soros is publically shaming her because she lost so hard to Daddy Donnie.

>wardrobe by Burlap & Burlap ltd.

First thing I noticed as well. I heard the Foundation money was drying up but wow, it's worse than we thought.


of course she's back, she wasn't allowed to leave the country to escape prison lmfao.


You can see it in her eyes. She is dead inside she had one chance to become the first female president and become an icon and a figure in the history books and Trump took it all away. The words she says are forced, deep from her throat not vibrant or self assuring how they were during the election campaign. Now she fears... deep fear in her soul about what the new administration might uncover about her... She is done user I don't see anything in her, she also lost a lot of weight due to all that stress you can see it by her more than usual protruding cheek bones and lack of puffiness in the eyes (the normal kind not the one expected from aging. She is done no need to waste coverage on her it is time for retirement.

>feet of other men
hm, strange this same expression started poping up last few days everywhere on Sup Forums
quite strange



You mean 2017? Trump will be impeached for sure.


God, 2020 literally can't come fast enough. She will thrash Donald Dumbfuck or his Jesus Freak VP if the orange slug is so hated he chooses to slink away rather than face her again.

Does seeing her again make your little dickies twitch in rage, babydicks?

Too fucking bad.

Obama isn't the real leader of RESIST. Hillary is. Get ready to see her monthly, then weekly, then almost every fucking day in the run up to her campaign to save this country from Putin and the neonazi fifth column.

Best part is, pantshitters blew their wad against her last time. BUT HER EMAILS won't work worth shit when Dumbfuck has wrecked half the country.

This. She's earned our hatred. There's nothing irrational about it.

why does her head look like it's been sewn on

>Watch it Trumplets, your days are numbered!

She looks so old..

this is fakest bitch on the planet

holy shit

>YES, the future IS female

a man will be in the white house for the next 8 years what the fuck is this woman on about

The lizard inside her wanted some fresh air.

I still love how she lost. It's a great feeling knowing that.

Jenny I thought this was my shift?

Hello I am a new CREW member. I seem to have deleted my notepad file with copy-paste slogans and key words. Could you post some more? I can't do my job properly without them.

>neo nazis
>a fifth column anywhere

>Watch it Trumplets, your days are numbered!
>Still this asshurt over the election result

Left wing fucktards the world over shitter-shattered beyond belief hahahahahahaha :^)

Why is it that everything the left does meme-tier nowadays?


Of course she is. She's a demon possessed zombie. Are you confused about something? Have you never seen a B-list horror movie?

Why did the shills start using trumplets instead of drumpfkins?

>Donald Trump won the election

umm, no sweetie. Hillary WON the popular vote by 3 million votes. So, as a democratic nation, we should respect the results that Drumpfy lost by 4 million votes. we can't let the 5 million votes against Zlompf go to waste. if you're perfectly fine with a candidate being president even though he lost by 6 million votes, then honestly you're a racist, sexist, homophobic, islamaphobic, rapist, child molesting, misogynist inbred piece of shit

>hillary won the election by 10 million votes
>stumpf only won because of russian hacking and fake news
>badumpf is the most unpopular president of all time
>hillary is running again in 2020

SAY IT WITH ME Sup Forums,


2018 Hillary runs for House.
2019 JAN Hillary elected Speaker.
2019 FEB Pence resigns.
2019 MARCH Trump Impeached.
Hillary is now POTUS

Say it with me


Can she not move anything below the neck?

>The women who lost so hard it allowed the anti globalist candidate to win will do exactly the same thin at the next election
Ho noooooo! What are we going to do?


This fake news is sponsored by George Soros.


The presidential line of succession doesn't work that way dingus.

why does she keep looking like this
shes rich and has stylists right?

>t. Brocklet

I honestly think she died and this is just the same software that they used to fake Julian Assanges interview.

its more demeaning and less affectionate

The hilarious thing is that after her crushing defeat in the presidential race, her team decided to turn her into a shitty feminist icon, nothing more.

Look how savagely it is getting downvoted! Total kek

"...the future is female."


>Drumpfies think they won the election.

They should 'Delete their accounts' hahahaha

I felt sorry for her, but this being her first statement:



so, yeah

>muh womyn

Fuck off your murderous cunt.

this ones for hillary...

Trump will get impeached or overthrown by force within three months.

He is the only president so far opposed by the majority of US population. It's a matter of weeks, not years. Pence will resign once the protesters get too close.

No if Pence resigns then another person is put in his place by Trump. So the new VP will be chosen BEFORE the Speaker. You're the idiot here.

Last appearance before going to jail lol. U can tell she doesnt believe any of the shit she just said too haha

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Holy shit you're triggered as fuck

I have a simple question. Unironic. How in the ever-loving hell can someone actually trust and like this person?

This bitch is so insincere

You can tell she doesn't believe a word she's saying

I always find amazing how during an election you can make all these grand statements about how you're the one to lead America into the vanguard, blah blah blah, it's your destiny and you'll do whatever it takes - and then as soon as you lose it's perfectly acceptable to just disappear into the ether and into hiding.

Makes no sense. If I was a Clinton supporter I would want her hanged for not attending the Women's March.

>unnatural head moving
>8000 views, despite being artificially put on the "trending" list
>33% thumbs up
>comments disabled



Is that sex robot they are using as a body double? Whatever that is, it's not a human being.

> Skeletor is back in business
Shit, better stock up on holy water pronto.

There's nothing irrational about hating her

She looks like a Bond villain

I could see that argue during any of her other elections, but this was her last. I'm honestly surprised she even did this video. I guess Soros and Goldman Sachs want some kind of return on their investment.

Shes just hoping women will protest when she gets arrested


The future is female! Amazon society when?