I think your numbers are wrong.

We can ship them back if you'd like.

>100 million

is this nigga serious?

And there is no such thing as natives. Who did the natives wipe out?


>thinking africans wouldn't have enslaved themselves

It was no ban cuck it was only extreme wetting. out of 300000 ish cucks 190ish got to feel the pleasure of blue gloves.

>12.5 million slaves
were not shipped to the US

Does this negro know what modern day Africa is like? He should be thanking whites for getting him and his people out of that shithole.

Over two centuries.

>niggers would rather be in africa without the wheel or fire

I don't get it... are they arguing for an immigration ban with their counter point? It seems a lot like they're agreeing that it would save lives and preserve culture.

What is wrong with liberals?

they spent 650 years digging a trench and piling up mud around a city and act like it makes them civilized, niggers are truly useless



Ass-licking savages die by the millions from lack of hygiene and I am supposed to give a fuck

>100 million
How is that number even accurate?

>implying black people didn't BUILD this whole country

How can this Steve Hirsch guy know about the San Bernardino shooting? The media barely reported on it!

With a #WhiteBan you would have never been born and would have saved us from another shit thread

>12.5 million slaves

kek, try more like 400,000 max. The biggest customers were South American countries.

Who's we moron, you're just you no one else. Are you a prince of the USA or a me tal person?

With a white ban, the entire North American continent would still be wilderness and prairies.

Upper limit of native population estimates circa 1500


Don't let the Jews see these numbers. They'll get jealous.

Yeah, those 12.5 million slaves would have still been slaves just in africa instead of america which sounds worse to me

>from the land of 'daggering'

What's it like to have an IQ in the single digits, user?

The day of the rake approaches you scoundrel

I'm fine with having to lurk here if it means shitposters like you can't either

>black people not selling other black people during slavery
>black people not selling other black people to be slaves today in the middle east and even africa

With out black people Africa might have been a decent place to actually live in

exactly. Banning works.

They literally did enslave themselves though, that's the funny part. African kingdoms rounded up their own and sold them to europe/america. Africa, ironically, became even shittier when slavery died down due to the economic collapse it caused.

I hate libtards who don't know anything about history, but pretend to, so much.

>ugga booga bix nood

How do liberals constantly bring up the fact that a large influx of whites immigrating to North America irrevocably fucked native culture forever, as an argument in favor of unchecked immigration?

Like, is there an ideological explanation beyond white=bad / nonwhite=good? Surely not?

oy vey, hundred gorillion!

That was a conquest, you can say "with *any race* ban X amount of this race people wouldn't die"

Like, "With german ban so many poles wouldn't die in a war!"
Again, it was a conquest, not just some random people coming to a working society and breaking its rules.

Also no, those slaves WOULD have been shipped from Africa, just to different countries.
I still can't believe they think white people were just came to Africa started hunting blacks and took them with them, those were SLAVES sold by other blacks.

It's not it's what (((they use for the max possible (((which wasnt in anyway realistic))))))

Yes the railways are made of cotton.
What the fuck are you talking about jamarcus

This nigger is straight up making up numbers. Is he part Jewish?


sure,, whatever

Liberalism is literally a mental illness.

Wasn't the San Bernadino shooter a U.S. citizen?

A gun ban would have been more effective.


We did them a favor by bringing them to the West.

The second guy is right though, which is exactly why we must learn from history and not repeat the native's mistakes.

The native Americans were killing each other long before whites arrived to settle.

woah this really makes me like immigration!!!

He was a US citizen and that's exactly why the FBI could not compel Apple to unlock his phone.


wow, how is hillary still paying you leftist shills? the natives were treated exceptionally well in north america by colonists and the slave ships were more akin to pleasure cruises. in fact, white masters were so generous and kind that really they were the slaves.

Not gonna lie, former Bernie voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Bernie get more senile. But in all seriousness we can't let this guy get the nuclear codes.

With white ban that nigger would still be in africa poking ant hills with a stick for his next meal, some gratitude faggot.

Jews are black faggot.

The San Bernadino guy was from the US, how would trumps retarded ban have stopped anything?

It's STILL not a Muslim ban.

>mexican aryans

Not gonna lie, former Hillary voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching Hillary get more depressed. But in all seriousness we can't let this lady get the nuclear codes.

sorry you little leftist cuck, but it is. Trump hates muslims as much as the rest of america.

same reason they keep telling us that borders are imaginary lines, yet lecture us about how un-American banning immigrants is.


Wasn't the San Bernardino guy driven over the edge by a coworker who was an extremely pro-Zionist kike who constantly shitposted on facebook? I seem to remember Sean Hannity reporting it like that and interviewing the dead Jew's wife

Anywhere, this ban triggers Muslims. And as every good liberal knows, every Muslim is one personal insult or perceived sleight away from a mass shooting or suicide bombing. If we create a climate in which Muslims feel uncomfortable, they either kill themselves or possibly self deport. Either way, enough triggering them and they'll be gone forever.

Lol, that proves that Trump's policy is effective

LOL if native americans could go back in time and institute a ban on european immigrants, do you think they would have? Answer: yes

So you see now how we are being smart with the ban on 7 nations with terrorist cultures?

LOL moronic liberals. Too easy to lay the smack down.

they were not

which is why you don't let in aliens

because they're here to wipe you out

you really think whites treated native americans badly? how cucked are you?

It's not the white race's fault that other races are too retarded to fight back.

>white people are evil aliens who wipe out the good pure humans
fuck off shill, go back to tumblr, fucking libtard.

When the fuck did i imply such a thing?

Has nothing to do with whites, everything to do with immigrants with different cultures.

U mad?

Islam has just long and murderous a history as us

yeah I know immigrants are all filthy savages but white men have never done anything wrong you fucking libtard.

I never said whites were evil, nor that natives were pure.

Whites came and conquered. End of story.

Muslims have come and will conquer if they're not sent back. End of story.

History repeats itself.

go away CTR

are you retarded? whites were given the land for being such nice fellows to the native americans. learn history, libtard. you're white=evil narrative is sad.

12 million slaves? it was about 1.5

Trump is winning just by being hard. Even gangs respect him.

With a #WhiteBan you'd still be on the Savanna trying to rape lions and eating your own shit.
It's happened everywhere. Happening in Europe right now.

LOL that you think im lib. Is this ur first time reading?

Do you need me to start naming white people that have done bad things? Dam u dumb son


you are so fucking brainwashed by the left. yah, go ahead and name some whites who have done something bad. This should be hilarious. I'll get to see just how braindead you liberals are.

Fucking nigger faggot cunt doesn't know shit about natives.


Again, not a liberal you fool. Ted Bundy is white, Ted Bundy is bad?

U mad?

Is your point that injuns should've stopped immigration? Let's learn from their mistake.

>Being this mad

Why don't you take pride in the military and political superiority of your ancestors?

Natives were conquered, period.

I thought they taught you white guilt in school. Where did you hear that Natives and Whites lived as if it was Eden?

>100 million
i love the look on people when i ask them what encyclopedia they read that in.

And you forgot the Arabic incursions through Egypt and the Horn.

Unless you seriously think that Africans are competent enough to enslave themselves.

^^ this guy gets it

ted bundy was not white lmao.

>their own

Rival tribes, yeah, so not "their own", unless you think they considered other blacks as their brothers or something

sounds preferable to suburban sprawl puctuated by nigger colonies

funny because they actually WHERE enslaving themselves long before we showed up.

You know what happens when you openly hate white people in a majority white country? You get Donald Trump.

You know what happens when you continue? You'll get another Hitler.

is your wifes bull a native american or something? does your jewniversity professor teach you that all whites are evil or something? White people have never done harm to anyone. You trying to paint us as war mongering savages shows just how much of a lefty shill you really are.

You have lost your mind in this maze of memes.
None of that is anything but half truths.

Top lel. White ppl best ppl. Stay mad.

General Amherst worked to spread smallpox to native americans. He was white.

U mad still?

I'm pretty sure you're just baiting at this point. You called me a hillary shill, but 99.99% of right-wing Americans take pride in their conquest of America.

You're either a troll or a very odd one indeed.

Those 100 million died of plague, and also most of them didn't exist in the first place.

Also the slaves were sold by jews and arabs.

Also there effectively was a white ban, we just killed the remaining injuns anyway.

Also that's not an argument for open borders, exactly the opposite.

Also eat shit this argument is stupid on like 5 levels.