How does it feel to know niggers hunted this beast till extinction? Goodbye black horned rhino

How does it feel to know niggers hunted this beast till extinction? Goodbye black horned rhino

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>extinct by niggers
Looks like whites and rhinos will have something in common soon

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>Shit tier animal doesn't evolve to coexistence with humans like top tier dogs and cats
>goes extinct

Good. Open niche for a new animal to evolve. Maybe it will taste good.

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but seriously we gotta do something

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It's sad, but ecologically it sounds like we didn't need them anyways because they fed niggers.

it was for limp dicked asian consumption! they used the horn to try to cure their micro dicks.

Ask the niggers that did it because white people stopped hunting them decades ago.

nah, I'm gonna blame this one on the chinese

Black on black crime is rising

They didn't eat them user. They just killed them for their tusks.

the guy's in pic related are white.
that mountain is buffalo skulls
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this, fucking chinks/vietnamaese and their crazy weird ass """medicine"""

They're not extinct.

this, they then left them to rot

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Bison* aren't extinct though.

This, nobody even eats the meat. Take the horns, smuggle them to Asia to either be carved or turned into aphrodisiacs

3 subspecies are.

Blame niggers AND chinese

Chinese subhumans are the most superstitious rats on the planet. They create the market for the rhino horn becsuse they actually think that rhino horn powder can do all sorts of things from curing cancer to getting a limp dick up.

Same reason tigers and other shit are being huntes. Chinese literally think that things from a rare animal have magical properties. They are driving this hunting market of rare animals, them pretty much exclusively

Dirty chinese are literally the most barbaric subhumans on earth. I honestly believe they are worse than niggers.

yeah because whites never drove entire species to extinction

the weak shall fear the strong. if a species is too weak to survive humans it deserves to go extinct

>Chinese subhumans are the most superstitious rats on the planet. They create the market for the rhino horn becsuse they actually think that rhino horn powder can do all sorts of things from curing cancer to getting a limp dick up.
>Chinese literally think that things from a rare animal have magical properties
>magical properties
>muh gorillion IQ
well, top kek...somehing doesn't make sense here kek


Learn how to fucking read you dumb cunt.

Tbqh if they legalized the ivory trade people would just farm rhinos and the price of horns would go down, and poaching would be the least effective way to get ivory.

They actually lifed the ban on ivory, but a guy who had millions in illegal ivory sued the government to have the ban overturned, and he won.

so you say we should kill everything then? bison endangered

>but they're not extinct

you're technically right you edgelord sperg.

honesty I feel like trying to save all endangered species isn't worth the huge amount of effort it takes. Some species are super important to the ecosystem but I feel like people only place importance on these rhinos because theyre rare. There's other rhino species still around anyways

>black horned rhino


You mean china?

the only problem with your approach would be hordes of niggers. People owning a certain number of rhinos might help curbing the traffic ut niggers having 7 kids and nogging nonstop would eventually lead to chang or li convincing them to keep hunting them down. This "MUH DICK AIN'T FUCTIONING AIYA! " is a big thing over there.

no but you should stop bitching about it

Make niggers extinct in response.

We can't save them all.

Fucking Chinese I bet sharks will go extinct next because of them.

lack of empathy for animals is a sign for autism. but you are swiss. autism lies in your genes

What effort? All they had to do was stop shooting them for their horns.

i don't think so, at this rate the next ones to go would be eastern black rhino and then tigers

rhinos actually dindu nuffin wrong though.

niggers are a blight. they should go extinct.

give me a single reason niggers shouldn't go extinct instead of rhinos

Don't blame the nigs. They're just trying to make a living. Blame the "muh aphrodisiac" chinks for creating such a massive demand for rhino horns.

Also this is from brucella in Yellowstone national park, not hunting.

>All they had to do was stop shooting them for their horns.
The people who did this are sick, and sub-human. Personally, I would have shot poachers on sight, and let their bodies for the wildlife to find.....I might have gone out of my way to kill their families also. It is a shame. It would be one thing if they died because of human encroachment, but they died literally so a chinaman could have his placebo.

Hopefully they wise up and start slaughtering poachers.

It's claimed that Chinese cheat on tests including IQ tests. I suppose if you spend a long time practicing the type of questions IQ tests have, you could probably score higher than you are.

I was never arguing whether or not they were endangered you retard of fucking course they are they're delicious

That was the chinks actually. needed their horns for their folk medicine for penis growth. Not lying it's what they did.

it's the limp dicked asians damn it , see

>domesticating animals

I mean like the millions of dollars placed into conservation efforts and get rare species' populations up. Or like pic related, where the last rhino of its kind is guarded 24/7 by armed guards that follow it around

>and then tigers
In the wild of china and surrounding countries maybe but elsewhere they will be severely protected.

>Well, you see...
>Umm, yea see....
>Ok, it is like this, see...
>Alright, see...
>Now see...


Who cares?

Goodbye, majestic beasts.

>tfw that big guy is the las of his kind
fucking sad, man...rhinos dindu nuffin, they werejust grazing man, damn it all to hell. fuck chinks and fuck niggers

How do we make asians eat niggers instead?

Based Mexi bro (respect)

A few African countries are ruthless with poachers these days because they rely on the tourism the wildlife brings. Kenya is one example. Their military protects the wildlife and will shoot poachers on sight. Unfortunately it wasn't enough for these rhinos.

not a bad idea, you might be onto something here.



I wish more animals would go extinct. I hate animals as much as I hate niggers, spics and chinks.

>pic related
>implying niggers are more important than creatures that actually play a role in the ecosystem in which they roam rather than nogging and destroying everything in their path like jamal/tyrone does

Found animal

chinese ARE worse than niggers. They eat not only bugs but also their own children. They deserve to be nuked off the face of the earth.

Classify them as natural fauna like the Aussies did with Abos.

it's only one kind who cares faggot

wtf are you on about, libtard?

>chinks literally eat anything that moves
hey, you might be onto something...
you'd have to spread the rumos among asians that nigger bones have magical properties of some sort...

Every human from Africa should be anhialated. The most fucked up God forsaken place on earth.

I blame the chinks.


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I have very strong empathy, too much for my own good

but unlike you I know that whining doesnt change anything

how does it feel when billions of niggers one day wont get any food and they kill all the animals no matter what

those who "protect" the wild animals will get to them first

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>How does it feel to know niggers hunted this beast till extinction? Goodbye black horned rhino
Hunted to extinction with western made guns because of eastern demand for their horns.

We should have just left Africa alone, they would never have manged to hunt them to extinction with their weapons. They would never have tried without the chinks paying to much of the horns.

This. They wouldn't be hunted if there were no demands.

Africans make Africa shitty.
What's new?


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You mean "found the chink".

you're a fucking libtard if you think animals dont deserve to be wiped out.

that before chang showed up niggers hardly targeted rhinos for their horns. Chinks are to blame here because they pay these niggers, the rhinos are killed and their bodies left to rot

are you braindead or just liberal? I fucking hate chinks.


>muh libruls

You sound exactly like a subhuman bug chink.

Zero empathy for God's innocent creation

Start selling rhino horn dust laced with arsenic until there is no longer a demand.

Yeah the Chinese are also to blame. They'll probably cause a lot more to go extinct now that they're set up in Africa.

That's what baffles me, WHY do they need aphrodisiacs so much? They are clearly overpopulated and with the one child meme, it's obvious they're not suffering in the sex deperment because there are so fucking many of them even with female infantcide going on.

but whites have made so many other species go extinct.

take your enviromentalist shilling back to tumblr, hippie fucking scum. I'd shoot every beat between the eyes if I had enough bullets.

Lmao. What is with non whites and hunting things until extinction.
> Maoris hunt Moa to extinction
> Haasts Eagle also goes extinct because their prey disappears

niggers killed them for the chinks. Gas the niggers and chinks!!!!!!!

>If it can't suck my dick it doesn't deserve to live

Other rhinos are being born at least


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hitler was literally a vegetarian let that sink in you stupid double digit fucking red neck

Rich political party bosses and business owners who pay off said bosses like to keep a young mistress or three on the side. It's not out of the ordinary to be at a gathering of China's powerful and see old men with one gorgeous young woman at one event, and then another gorgeous young woman at another event. The aphrodisiacs are part of old Chinese medicine that they use to get their side chicks more wild. They also happen to be very expensive. A lot of traditional medicine and tea can get ridiculously expensive (as in the thousands of dollars range). Since these powerful blokes all scam the people and just get filthy rich, they use their money on stupid shit like what I just described. And don't get me started on the degeneracy of their children.

tl;dr china needs to fucking coup now

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whites literally hunted the european lion and the fucking giant bison for fucks sake. everyone in this thread needs to suck my black dick right now and get off their high horse