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Thank god, maybe now the department of Education will get destroyed

Bummed me out desu


I love how conspiracy theorists will tell you without a second thought that the government is pumping chemicals into the water and releasing chemtrails in order to make the American population less intelligent and easier to control.

But purposefully putting a moron with zero experience in charge of the DoE? Just another brilliant move by Trump!

Yes, god forbide we don't keep doing the same liberal indoctrination of students that leads to low education results and maximium liberal sophistry.

DeVos isn't ideal, but she's better than anyone in decades. School choice alone with destroy the power of the left to dominate education against the interests of the students.



>he unironically supports the existence of the DoE

>(((critics))) say...

That's not what I said shill.

What makes her a moron?

Will kids still get brainwashed?

Salty leaf tears nomnomnom

Why do you guys even care, like you should have been graduated alreaddy!

>formalities keep being nothing but formalities


> takes one look at the DoE's track record over the last 30 years
> instantly stops giving a fuck

Seriously faggot, when you keep going back to the same poisoned well trying to get fresh water the problem isn't the way you're pulling the water from it... It's your stupidity plus the well.

Why would you put someone in charge of the current failed system whose only experience is within that system?

Top kek you guys are doomed

She's not from that canacucks ideology.

she can't do much worse than what we have now.

The Department of Education should be abolished. It should seriously be the first thing Trump shuts down. The Republicans have wanted this for decades.

OY VEY, she's against our beautiful brainwashing facility that we force all children in the west to attend for up to 14 years straight....

I KNOW, we'll tell everyone she has no experience, that'll shut her down.

You guys fought through history to be separated from religious in your politics, school, ect.
She will do the reverse of that
You guys just took the dumbest backward step ever

Literally this. It's all because she isn't a Deweyite.

The DoE literally does nothing to further peoples' educations. All they've accomplished in decades is dragging test scores down and discouraged people from acquiring actual degrees. This is to say nothing of the disaster that has been state-guaranteed student loans. Fucking DISASTER.

>DeVos isn't ideal, but she's better than anyone in decades.
Proof? I'd love to see your source on why she is qualified for this position.

1) has no idea what needs to be done

2) her only real thing is she hates public schooling

3) has no experience in school administration or teaching

4) her confirmation hearing was horribly cringe inducing

5) shes only here because she donated 200 million dollars to republicans.

Is it just me or does she look a bit like Sarah Palin?

But mr President, I'm getting tired of winning already!

Can you imagine the beauty?

Trump pretty much destroyed the power the mainstream media has, if this woman destroys their hold over education the west might just survive the marxist brain rot that has been slowly killing it for over a century now :D

>You guys fought through history to be separated from religious in your politics, school, ect.
The fuck are you talking about LOL you are really brainwashed...

Well fuck


moron detected

>lib nonsense

so making schools private is backwards eventhough the students in them test higher than those in public school.

Except for veganism, it seems liberals about everything.

Yes they are. I myself don't know what's going on but the public school in my city is the main reason that the kids are so cucked and the other kids from the hills and farms and mountains surrounding are just better people in general by far.

You literally have no idea what you're talking about. Literal illiterate graduate high school because our education system cuts funding to schools that don't pass pass certain percentage of black students. Schools are literally day care centers, free food centers, and places to sell drugs in the US. Segregation ruined this countries education future, and now we are fixing it.

Thanks for the input though, ahmed.

>liberals about everything.
liberals are wrong about everything*

Redditors crying about muh evil GOP

>mfw nobody knows the Department of Education was formed in 1980
>everyone thinks no Department of Education means no education

How the fuck did this get memory holed. What were boomers even up to back then?

>leaf post
It's always a shitpost

Enjoy your future corporatized welfare schools right wing retards

Like right wing retards.

The post

>literally i know you are but what am I


Typical leftist horseshit. "OMG you don't want the government to do the thing like I just can't even why don't you want the thing to get done??"

We really need to put a bullet in all of those fuckers' heads.

Yay now our education system will be worse!



t. alan thicke

The DOE is garbage and modern education is a perfect example of how democratic bureaucracy and leftist ideology gets in the way of making functioning members of society.

>4) her confirmation hearing was horribly cringe inducing

This was some second hand embarrassment right here, the fact that they had to explain to her basic shit. goddamn.

All the cucks here claiming she is a good pick because the system sucks and it should be destroyed, but I am sure there is at least some other nutjob who also wants the system destroyed but also has an understanding of the system and WHY it should be destroyed. Isn't that what picking the best people means?

And she doesn't care about fixing or destroying the system, she won't care if americans are coming out more or less prepared and educated as long as they believe in the baby jesus.

If you are supporting her simply because trump chose her, fine. Have the balls to say that, but don't make mental gymnastics as to why teaching the bible in school will make america more smarts

>But purposefully putting a moron with zero experience in charge of the DoE?

Well, we wanted to appoint her as Prime Minister of Canada but the position was already taken

I'm against the schools being like this but without deporting niggers and spics the schools will never get better no matter what we do.

not an argument

Let the free market handle this. We don't need the government for everything.

DeVos is the Dolores Umbridge to Trump's Voldemort.
#ClintonsArmy #IStandWithHer

But Michigan, where Devos has been pushing her education agenda, has lost ground and is near the bottom in terms of the quality of education. How do you explain that?

Why do you think schools are liberal indoctrination camps?

Why is privatizing education good?

How does a less educated populace help anyone?

I love how Canacucks overlook their own mess and get triggered by USA politics that will have no bearing on them.

devos is a highly qualified woman and will do an excellent job at managing the education of the USA.
Anyone opposing her are just misogynists who hate seeing women succeeding.

Devos is more than capable of handling the job and is a great choice by potus trump

I wish her the best and hope she makes more leftists butt hurt

Fucking leafs. The day of the rake is neigh!

who is she and why is that funny?
can someone resume her positions on education quickly?

does she support the hollohoax theory or something?

I can't wait for Germany to fall. You faggots are beyond saving

dumb Christian bitch.

Well, if you're asking if I believe in Trump. I do.

He's a smart man and has yet to do anything wrong. People are really going out of their way to slander and demonize him.

As long as she brings down the DoE, then I'm happy.

The liberal tears are so throughly delicious, I honestly love Betsy now.

She knows jack shit about school or public schools but insist they make too much money and rather make money with more charter school

She's shit

Yeah I'm a trump guy but I don't have a clue what the fuck any of this is about at all. Just that libs are on life support about every single one of his appointments.
I think private schools are good, maybe they should be more accessible, of course some schools must always be more "private" than others.
Teacher unions are a joke. The schools have what are called "rubber rooms" where teachers that can't get fired just get to hang and fuck off or whatever. Sitting around getting paid, sad.

This, it's our turn to use the pussy card. Deal us in!

Why can you not understand Trump's Objective is to gut the public ed system of its globalist /marxist/atheist programming

The argument being made by opponents completely misses the entire substance of his vision.

They stupidly presume the President will just sustain the status quo because that's what they would do .

Trump aims to remake the system and evict the liberal lunacy which has been dumbing down America's children for over fifty years.

I agree in the sense that anything that pisses off the libs is good by me.

Besides our education sucks, it can't get any worse.

>but don't make mental gymnastics as to why teaching the bible in school will make america more smarts

Is that one of her positions, or is that just an assumption on your part?

>People are really going out of their way to slander and demonize him.

How? By posting the video in which she is asked basic questions about debates in the education system and she shows us she has no idea what people are talking about?

How? Elaborate what the slander against her is.

I dislike her and I don't know anything about her. I've been brainwashed, someone tell me why she's bad.

The democrats made her look uniformed about how the current education system works in some of the hearings with her. She probably doesn't know much about the inner workings but frankly this isn't hard to comprehend rocket science and matters little in the long run. She just needs to know how to dismantle the DOE.

Yea you're going to love it when private schools start leaching off your tax dollars and you can't even vote on who becomes member of the school board you cuck

we spend more per capita than any country in the world and we test at sub-Saharan African levels. The public school system is broken and needs to be destroyed.

Keep crying cuck. I'm loving it

Verily. I went to a community college and bullshitted a 3,0 gpa. Too much emphasis on testing. i feel like i've barely learned anything.

I so hope this is his intention

The dems asked a bunch of irrelevant questions that have nothing to do with what her actual role is. She is going to dismantle the disastrous DOE and that's all that matters. The inner workings of the current education system are all trivial things anyway, especially when they won't be a thing soon.

Is pissing off liberals your primary reason for your opinions?

And sure our overall education could be better, but why put someone who is wholly unqualified in the position if we need to improve?

How does incompetence lead to progress and improvement?


the al franken one is pure sophistry, if you listen to her words she more or less claimed she supports both aspects of growth and proficiency but Al just interrupts her and spins it like because she didn't frame her answer in the correct designated jargon that she is unable to understand the basic idea of growth or proficiency.

Qualified for what? Keeping the status quo? We don't need the current system, it's complete shit. Dismantle it.

>The dems asked a bunch of irrelevant questions
What questions? You said a "bunch" so it shouldn't be hard to find one of these.

Libcucks are so mad about devos, it's ridiculous

>d-d-drain the swamp!

Children are private property, commie.

If monies must be stolen from me in the interest of 'educating' them, then their own biological parents have an absolute, inalienable, god-given prerogative to determine where that money should be spent.

Anything to keep our education system in the mess it is. Seriously our schools are one of the worst things about this country

some states have good schools, ain't that bad

She wants to give public funding to religious schools that is currently going to public schools.

She also explicitly said she wants to make Americas school system to "advance God's kingdom".

when will cucks learn that the "swamp" doesn't mean "rich people" but rather globalists who are against america. if it's pro america then it ain't a swamp you dog fucker

All of them. Read the transcripts. They just kept asking her about the current system which is irrelevant since she aims to abandon it anyway. Fuck the DOE

Dems are especially mad because its probably the most powerful institution they use to control the ideological and cultural base of america. To cripple that is the cripple leftist ideological hegemony.

Detroits grades always sucked read this article

Detroit is not only the lowest in [a] group of lowest-performing districts on the math and reading scores, it is the lowest by far. One well-regarded study found that Detroit’s charter schools performed at about the same dismal level as its traditional public schools. The situation is so bad that national philanthropists interested in school reform refuse to work in Detroit.

Read more at: nationalreview.com/corner/442522/devos-and-detroits-charter-schools

Qualifed for the position she bought. How is it shit? Why do we need to dismantle it?

> Trump aims to remake the system and evict the liberal lunacy which has been dumbing down America's children for over fifty years.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts, has one of the top education systems in the world. That place sure is dumbing us down.

Having a few select schools in a few select districts is so far from ideal.

fucking this

fuck canada as much as california. hate those fucking losers

I basically slept through school and was still able to go to college. I see nignogs who never even finished high school going to my states top colleges.

>rich people don't deserve to be successful

>is his intention
I see something like chemotherapy being needed

It'll take dramatic restructuring and a strong reduction in the influence of the teachers Unions in establishing cirriculum...

The shcools need to be taken out of the business of social programming to a liberal world view and returned to rigid fact based academics.

purging them of political correctness over the next four years can be but the beginning as it will take a much longer time to to purge to an effective degree and allow our children to receive the robust education they deserve .

Voucher system incoming

Liberals eternally BTFO

What will they do without their government mandated indoctrination camps?

Weird how you guys keep pushing conservative teaching when all the liberal states have the most money and do the best financially.